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Some organizations swear by cheap web hosting, whereas others refuse to use it. The problem with the cheapest web hosting platforms is that they have a lot of bad ones.

Cost Effective Web Hosting
Cost Effective Web Hosting

Reliable hosting firms, on the other hand, hold a strong position in the website hosting sector, since it is a wonderful way for the business to obtain trustworthy, safe, and economical hosting.

Are you in a hurry? Here’s a list of top 10 cheap web hosting you will like for your site:

1) Domain

The beautiful thing regarding pricing is that this is simple – no matter how long the term is, the price remains the same in. The disadvantage is that the cost is slightly more often than the other low-cost web hosting solutions on this list — $3.75 per month. The renewal fee is $4.99 each month.

Similarly to, you can’t merely buy a web host without also purchasing a domain name through them, which costs $9.99 per year. The essential functionality is included, and you can control anything through an industry-standard settings menu (cPanel).

You may create email accounts on this setup as well, despite what the sales page claims.

The following is the current price for their cheapest plan:


Plan for the Month a one-year plan, a two-year plan, and a three-year plan This item is not available. $45.00 (renewal: $4.99 per month) $90.00 (renewal: $4.99 per month) $135.00 (renewal fee: $4.99 per month)

2) InterServer

InterServer is on the higher end of the low-cost website hosting market. They do, though, try to keep costs consistent over their whole range of agreement lengths and alternatives. 

InterServer also offers a $5 month-to-month introductory package, which is among the most affordable in the industry for this type of service. InterServer’s low-cost hosting options include everything you’ll need to get a new website up and running.

Unmetered disc space and bandwidth are included, as well as limitless email accounts.

The following is the current price for their cheapest plan:


Monthly Plan1-Year Plan2-Year Plan3-Year Plan First Month

$5.00 (renewable at $7.00 each month) $54.00 (renewable at $7.00 each month) $102.00 (monthly renewal: $7.00) $144.00 (renewal fee: $7.00 each month)

It offers the cheapest web hosting per year plan.

3) DreamHost’s 

The mix of DreamHost’s high storage capacity and unrestricted traffic limit is ideal for a larger, media-heavy enterprise on a cost.

Advantages And Disadvantages:

  • There is plenty of storage space.
  • Visitors are not limited in any way.
  • There is no personal or 24-hour help.
  • There is no industry standard for cPanel.
  • Pricing for DreamHost Shared Hosting


If cost is your primary priority, DreamHost is the right choice for you. Its Shared Starter plan starts at just $2.59 per month, but you’ll have to sign up for a three-year contract to receive that price.

Monthly pricing is $4.95 per month for annual plans and $3.95 per month for month-to-month plans. You can alternatively pay $10.95 per month for the company’s Shared Unlimited plan.

4) InMotion

InMotion Hosting provides both low-cost hosting services and low-cost managed WordPress hosting. However, for the purposes of this article, we’ll concentrate on shared plans because they’re the cheapest.


Lite – $2.49 per month with one site with unrestricted email and internet, 10 GB of disc space, and a free SSL certificate.

Pro – $12.99 per month gets you a free domain, 100 sites, unrestricted email and internet, 200 GB of disc space, reliable speed, and a free SSL. You’ll also get pro-level support with this package.

5) HostGator 

HostGator is among the most cost-effective hosts on this list, especially if you take advantage of the special offers. It’s also noted for its quick loading times and straightforward WordPress connections.

When you join up for additional months with HostGator, you have a lower monthly price, similar to Bluehost.


Hatchling costs $2.75 a month for just a single domain with download speeds and a free SSL certificate.

Baby – $3.95 per month gets you an unlimited number of domains, free version, and a free SSL certificate.

Business – $5.95 per month gets you limitless domains, free version, a free SSL certificate, an unique IP address, and SEO tools.

6) GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is still a low-cost hosting company, but also an environmentally aware one.

Advantages And Disadvantages:

  • The greenest hosting company, with a carbon impact that is offset by 300 percent.
  • GreenGeeks provides free site transfer to their servers.
  • Just after the initial discount time, it becomes prohibitively expensive.
  • There is just one complimentary back – up each month; else, it is $25 per restore.

Price Comparison For GreenGeeks Shared Hosting

GreenGeeks’ shared hosting price appears to be quite competitive at first, however if the reductions are removed, the price range drops to $9.95 – $24.95 per month, which is somewhat high.

Features of GreenGeeks Shared Hosting

GreenGeeks invests in renewable sources of energy to offset its environmental impact by 300 percent, making this the most environmentally friendly hosting company. It also provides a completely free site relocation service.

Another significant drawback is that you only receive one complimentary backup each month; further backups will charge you $25 each, which is inconvenient for any site with often changing material.

7) iPage 

If you sign up for three years in advance, iPage boasts one of the most affordable plans on the market, with a monthly fee of $1.99. The notion that you may host limitless websites on this affordable plan is the highlight aspect of iPage’s offering.

In addition, you have real possibilities for emails, a free web address during the first year, and unlimited hard disk and bandwidth. This makes it an excellent choice for small specialised sites.

The following is the current price for their cheapest plan:


Plan for the month, a one-year plan, a two-year plan, and a three-year plan. This item is not available.

$35.88 (renewable at $9.99 per month)

$59.76 (renewable at $8.99 per month)

$71.64 (monthly renewal: $7.99)

8)’s cost structure is straightforward, and it’s also startling in a couple of ways. The first surprise is that you can’t just buy a hosting package without also purchasing a domain name from them. 

To put it another way, if you already own a domain name, you won’t be able to utilise it with While appears to provide all of the essential functionality that a website owner could require, there are certain elements that are missing.

There have been no other installers for website programmes like WordPress, and its website builder is limited to only five pages.

The following is the current price for their cheapest plan:




PlanNot available


(renews: $4.99/mo)

9) Hostinger 

Hostinger is a complete web hosting solution. Hostinger, regardless of pricing, provides a high level of uptime. 

Over the last three months, our test site has had a 99.99 percent uptime. Hostinger is considered as cheap web hosting India


When I mention cheap hosting, Hostinger is one of the few providers that can keep costs around $2. The entry-level plans are currently $1.39 per month. 

Long-term subscriptions are offered at these affordable rates. Hostinger’s plans are as follows:

Single – $1.39 a month for up to 10,000 monthly visits, 30 GB of storage, or one website.

Premium – $2.59 a month gets you 100 websites, 100 GB of SSD storage, limitless email, and unlimited bandwidth. $3.99 per month for 100 websites, 200 GB of storage, 100,000 monthly visits, and etc.

10) Bluehost 

Since it was one of the first providers to be recommended by WordPress and because it has always managed to keep hosting reasonably, Bluehost is among the most used-reliable.

Bluehost is the best choice of cheap web hosting for small business


Bluehost’s pricing is solely determined according to how many months you prepay. A 36-month contract, for example, is less expensive per month than a 24-month contract.

The 36-month plans are outlined below:

Basic: $2.75 a month includes one website, 50GB of space, and 5 email addresses.

Plus: for $5.45 per month, you get an unlimited number of websites, storage, and email addresses, as well as spam protection.

Choice Plus costs $5.45 a month and includes unlimited sites, storage, personal emails, spam assistance, domain anonymity, and website backup.

Cheap Web Hosting Kenya

Here’s is a list of cheap web hosting services Kenya writers: 

1- True Host Kenya

2-  Move Host Kenya

3- Webhost Kenya

4- Kenya Website Experts

5- Movetech Solutions

Finally: Most Cost Effective Web Hosting

So folks! These were some of the top rated low cost web hosting. As enticing as it may seem to pick a web hosting service fast and go on with your life, taking your time is unquestionably preferable. 

You’ll be able to select a cheap hosting service you can rely on in the long run if you do so.

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