20i is a newcomer to the hosting business, although they have the backing of both the two creators of 123-reg, Web fusion, and, most lately, Heart Online.

Because of their recent software and hardware investments, their platform now uses the most up-to-date stack accessible.

It also indicates that their server competition rate (the number of websites with which you share a server) will be low, which is a desirable thing.

20i’s reseller hosting package is their main focus, however, they also provide:

I. 20i WordPress Hosting 

  • Web hosting on a shared server
  • VPS
  • Website creator
  • Domain names are the names given to websites on the Internet.

Instead of just relying on an off-the-shelf option like cPanel, 20i has created its own settings menu, dubbed “My20i.”

The control panel is designed similarly to cPanel and Hearts Internet, which the organization 20i creators set up previously.

20i has its own unique control panel, which is simple to use once you become used to it and allows you to complete routine activities quickly. If you need to migrate Cpanel from one server to another, this isn’t ideal. It is founded on Cpanel and enables you to use all of Cpanel’s core features.

Stackcache, 20i’s proprietary caching plugin, is included in the WordPress Limitless bundle in both resellers and specialist WordPress hosting. I’ve tested the plugin with both on-off settings, and the statistics favour keeping it on.

The 20i WordPress Hosting system is made entirely of solid-state drives (SSDs). As a result, servers may access information more quickly than traditional discs, leading to a much more secure and quicker website.

II. Plan 20i Hosting

The Personal plan from 20i WordPress hosting starts at £5.99 per month, with both the Professionals plan costing £14.99 monthly and the Agency plan costing £34.99 a month.

The amount of WordPress blogs you can host, your cloud-based platform limitation, and monthly bandwidth are indeed the main differences between the different options.

01. Professional

10 WordPress installations, 100 GB of SSD storage, and 500 GB of monthly bandwidth

02. Personal

1 WordPress installation, 10 GB of SSD storage, and 50 GB of monthly bandwidth

03. Agency

Limitless WordPress installs, SSD web host, and monthly bandwidth are all included.

A minimum of one Free Wildcard SSL Certificate, StackCache Optimise Plugin, Wp Stage Site, Wp Management Systems, Free CDN, and Site Performance Suite are included in all three tiers.

III. 20i Hosting Money Back Guarantee

For shared hosting and resellers hosting, 20i offers a 30-day refund policy. This assurance does not apply to the following items, presumably because they have actual expenses for 20i in their setup:

  • SSL certificates for VPS
  • Renewal of domain names
  • Registration of a new domain
  • Virtual nameservers 20i

Here is more detail on it.

IV. 20i Hosting Customer Service

20i only provides text-based assistance; it does not provide phone service. This makes absolute sense to me; live chat & ticket-based assistance make technical concerns simpler to discuss. All of their support staff is based in the United Kingdom.

They have such a physical location, as well as a variety of contact options, including an email, a mobile number, and a contact list.

Customers can use a ticketing system as well. One of their customer service choices is a live chat. It works perfectly fine, but this may not be accessible at any time. Nonetheless, it provides technical assistance.

V. 20i Hosting Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

There are five 20i VPS options to choose from, with prices starting at £9.99 per month. Each plan can indeed be modified to an extent, including software selection, cPanel additional paid extra, and pre-installed web apps such as WordPress. WordPress, as well as your billing cycle.

VI. 20i VPS Specifications And Prices

  • £9.99 per month for a 1 GB VPS: 1 GB DDR4 RAM, a single-core CPU, and a 25 GB SSD
  • £14.99 per month for a 2 GB VPS: 2 GB DDR4 RAM, a 2-core CPU, and a 50 GB SSD
  • £24.99 per month for a 4 GB VPS: 4 GB DDR4 RAM, a 4-core CPU, with a 75 GB SSD
  • £49.99 per month for an 8 GB VPS: 8 GB DDR4 RAM, a 6-core CPU, with a 150 GB SSD
  • £79.99 per month for a 16 GB VPS: RAM: 16 GB DDR4
  • CPU with 8 cores and 200 GB SSD storage

All VPS plans include high internet, SSD storage, complete root access, a 99.99 percent because through, hardware RAID, the out console, and 1 Tbps DDoS protection. 20i also offers paid VPS add-ons such as snapshots backup & cPanel.

VII. 20i Shared Web Hosting

Though some servers are getting acquainted, 20I’s shared hosting system has two factors that keep it substantially special in the hosting industry: Scaling and provisioning.

01. Autoscaling

The term “autoscaling” refers to the autonomous scaling of resources. Depending on the product, bandwidth, storage, and computing power are quickly added or removed.

The concept is that even if traffic spikes, your website should maintain to provide the same speedy experiences to all users.

02. Speed

It has no effect on the speed of your website if demand spikes & your shared hosting “neighbors” get busy. According to their own servers, popular websites are segregated from everyone else.

Task scheduling distributes traffic among servers by evaluating traffic load and distributing it among various servers as needed. Load balancing prevents backups: if one server fails, your website will be relocated to the other, ensuring that it remains online.

20i provides 3 shared hosting plans, each of which has different webspace and bandwidth limits.

  • 1 x website, 10 GB SSD Web Spaces, 50 GB/Month Bandwidth, 1 MySQL Databases, 1000 x 10 GB Mailboxes, starting at £4.99 a month, Premium subscriptions start at £8.99 per month. 
  • 2 websites, limitless SSD Web Space, unlimited Bandwidth, limitless MySQL Databases, & limitless 10 GB Mailboxes are included.
  • At £14.99 per month, you can get 5 websites, infinite SSD Web Space, download Speeds, limitless MySQL Databases, and limitless 10 GB Mailboxes for your business.

All three options include 70+ one-click installations, spam filtering, a web developer, free site migrations, a free CDN, and a web speeding suite. Daily backups are included in the two top packages.

03. 1 Click Installation

Most hosting plans include 70+ one-click install programs, including WordPress, Joomla, and Magento, according to the website. Excluding WordPress, the reality is that if you’re probably to use some of these.

04. Unlimited Hosting

A word about ‘unlimited hosting.’ Site hosts that actually offer shared web hosting plans with unlimited webspace, such as 20i, can be found on occasion.

Actually, nothing could be restricted in a literal sense, so what they’re arguing is that they’ve had many other assets that they can’t actually be exhausted.

Should You Buy Shared Hosting?

This is already true for 95% of consumers who pick shared web hosting. Difficulties arise whenever a website outlives shared web hosting, but when a client who should be using a server interprets the term “infinite” properly and sees this one as a cheaper option.

If you’re a shared web hosting client with a small and medium website and few database needs (e.g., a blog), do not be frightened off from the limitless claim; it merely means you’ll get a wealth of material and won’t worry about running out of them.

VIII. 20i Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is 20 i’s major product, and it’s evident that they’ve put a lot of effort into it. With only one plan to pick from, 20i takes a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Our 20i reseller hosting plans start at £34.99 per month and include a 30-day 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can host as many websites, programs, emails, and databases as you like. There are no limitations on how many clients you can have.

  • Framework for cloud hosting.
  • Transferring from Heart Internet, Fastshosts, and any other server host is simple.
  • SSL certificates with wildcards are available for free.
  • HostShop, a straight WHMCS competition, was developed by 20i.

It’s for clients who want to manage customer hosting setup, which is particularly beneficial if you want to start your own web host. Everyone from the control panel’s design and looks to URLs may be modified to match your corporation’s branding.

To assist you to enhance your profits, 20i reseller customers receive exceptional discounts on the majority of 20i’s products. You’ll save money on domain names, virtual private servers, and SSL certificates.

IX. 20i Hosting Domain Names

20i had some of the most comprehensive domain searches I’ve seen. It’s lightning-quick, and they have about any extension you could want.

Their costs are really inexpensive, and they don’t use short-term discounts to get you in before slamming you with high-cost renewals.

X.Who Is 20i Hosting For?

  • According to the marketing strategy, 20i is aimed primarily at hosting resellers and clients of Heart Internet. I fit into the first group, but I don’t resell hosting; instead, I enjoy hosting many websites with their own control panels.
  • From single-site users to resellers and VPS customers, there are a variety of options available. Companies distinguish between website and WordPress hosting because the latter is treated differently and includes additional benefits including such caching, making it solely ideal for WordPress websites. 
  • You can move platforms among WordPress, Linux, and Windows with such a reseller account. As a UK web server, 20i caters primarily to the British market. 
  • If the majority of your visitors come from the United Kingdom, it makes more sense to host here instead of on a less expensive server in the United States or Europe.

XI. What Makes 20i Hosting Different?

  • Laboratory testing has shown that sites hosted with 20i load up to 48 percent greater than those hosted elsewhere.
  • Greater powerful than cPanel: The My20i control panel gives your site access to the information of a complete hosting platform, instead of just one server. Your website will remain speedy even if traffic surges.
  • Continuous innovation: Because we do all of our programming in-house, we can come up with unique solutions such as our free CDN and Site Speed Suite. You’ll have always had access to the most up-to-date technology thanks to ongoing enhancements.
  • Specialists in hosting: The 20i UK Support Team is hosting a slew of enthusiastic customers. Instead of prefabricated responses, get support from actual people who genuinely care about what they’re doing.

XII. Recommendations To Others Considering The Product

Everybody’s business has its own set of requirements, but I think that 20i’s reseller hosting will meet most, though not all, of those requirements. 

I’ve been with them for almost a year but have been extremely satisfied with the service they provide and also how they react to any queries or concerns I may have.

Wrap Up: 20i Hosting Review

20i.com was ranked 7th inside the top ten websites in 2018 with a 9.4 HRank ratings, and 8.6 HRank, and 10th place in 2019.

This service joined our monitor list in November 2018, therefore we simply have little data on it, but its efficiency was near-perfect.

Except for a few instances of a minor outages, they enjoyed faultless 100 percent uptime for the majority of the time.

The domains with the shared IPs (hosts) were rarely unavailable for significant periods of time, as the average wait time from the domains was already in the 800ms range.

During the time we monitored, the corporation’s quantity of domains grew, and we can now suggest it as a consistent and solid hosting provider.

Additional Resources:

FAQs: 20i Hosting Review

Q: What is 20i hosting?

20i is a new hosting firm situated in the United Kingdom. They provide affordable costs and offer auto-scaling servers as well as lightning-quick WordPress hosting. They provide separate hosting, reseller hosting, plus VPS hosting, which they recently debuted.

Q: Is InMotion hosting legit?

InMotion Hosting is a very well-known industry name that provides business-class hosting with sustained success. They are indeed a user favorite because of their award-winning tech assistance and 99.9% uptime. Their unrivaled support team in the United States is always willing to assist.

Q:What is 20i Database?

20i makes it simple to keep track of and see the sizes of all MySQL databases in your My20i account.

To view the MySQL Database Size Reports, go to: http://mysql.com/sizereports

Please log in to My20i.

Choose MySQL Database Sizes from the Analysis reports of the home page.

You’ll be seeing a complete list of all of the other databases associated with your 20i account, as well as their capacities. You’ll also be shown which domain they’re linked to, and then you can update the MySQL database if necessary.

Q: What is StackCP?

Every hosted site is managed with StackCP. You can use StackCP to create and manage email accounts, browse your web’s File Manager, view and enable FTP access, manage data, perform virus scans, and connect directly to all of your site’s various hosting capabilities.

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