So, let us have a deeper look at Fiverr vs Upwork as a freelancer and Buyer.

I can start this article like Upwork came into being after the merger of oDesk and Elance in this year and then what the history of Fiverr is.

This is not the actual subject!


So, let’s dive into the right thing for which you are here!

The world is switching to freelancing and it is one of the most favorite career paths of the young generation. There are a lot of platforms that provide an ample opportunity to but here we are putting forward a detailed comparison which is – Fiverr Vs Upwork. Either it is outsourcing or dream to earn with the ease of home, these 2 websites have a sound place in the market.

This post will answer the following questions:

What’s better Fiverr or Upwork?

What is the difference between Fiverr and Upwork?

Fiverr Vs Upwork for Freelancers

Fiverr or Upwork – A Freelancer Perspective

Fiverr or Upwork (English)

Fiverr or Upwork (Urdu/Hindi)

1. Getting started

The way of registration on both websites is almost the same. You need to create an account with your email id and official name.


Fiverr landing page

Fiverr is an open and welcoming marketplace where you can come and start working. There is no barrier to get started. If you are a hardworking person then it would not take more than a day to set all your account and frame gigs.


Upwork Login page

Sign in process is the same but there is a barrier especially for those who have a common skill set. A writer or a graphic designer cannot create an account with ease.

You need to create an account and make the initial setups. Complete all the blocks and requirements and then submit your profile for the approval.

Best of luck!

Now, it is all about the skills which Upwork needs. This is the biggest factor that there are a lot of sellers on Fiverr as compared to Upwork.

Upwork is the top-rated website for writers. If you are a writer and want to know the top 25 websites to earn more then Read this Article with Pros and Cons.

2. Payment safety

Fiverr & Upwork: Same Payment Safety Dynamics

Fiverr and Upwork are safe places to pay to the sellers. If you have followed the whole process of project management then you will actually get paid.

However, if you have made personal contact with the buyer and all your transactions happened outside the domain of the website then it is pretty sure that you will get banned and of course, you will not get paid.

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3. Earning potential

It is a tricky area as the earning potential of both the website is the same if you have a passion to work. However, in terms of commercial worth of earning Upwork takes a lead.


Most (if not all) of the buyers come on Fiverr to but the cheapest services in the town. So, do not think that the Fiverr buyer would have a big pocket to make your living.

However, some of them may come without getting into proper pricing and you can earn more from them.

This actually happens once in a blue moon!

Fiverr buyer is well informed and they know that at what price they can purchase the best service.

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There are a lot of buyers on Upwork who come just to buy and then resell. They will definitely make informed decisions as it is their business.

However, there are some buyers (but more than Fiverr) who come to make purchases for their own work and they are not resellers.

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This is where you need to make an informed decision. They will pay higher as they do not know how the market is going.

So, yeah in terms of Upwork vs. Fiverr, Upwork can give you a better and relaxed life with (of course) more earning.

Upwork Jobs Screenshot
Upwork Jobs Screenshot

4. Ease to get employers

It is difficult at any platform but to get a buyer at Upwork it is a hard nut to crack.

Here is why!


The ability to work at an affordable price is your strength while working at Fiverr and getting new customers. So, when you make some compromises then definitely it makes your services attractive for the buyers.

Although there is stiff competition most of the projects fall in the lap of those who deliver a perfect combination of quality and affordability.

Furthermore, if you are a seller having some Level (1 or 2) then there is more possibility of getting buyers.

Being a new seller, you will feel like living in a ghost town where there is none to make purchases from you. Neither you will see a list of jobs in the “Buyer Request” Tab.


Do not take it easy!

It is easier to get jobs if you have a list of reviews and there are a lot of stars on your profile. Otherwise, being a new seller on Upwok, you will be ignored over and over again.

Remember, this is the world of competition where every person wants to compete with those who are delivering the same services. So, keep patience and wait to get some reviews before enjoying a lot of buyers in the pipeline.

5. Payment withdrawal


Fiverr Payment Options
Fiverr Payment Options

It is simple!

In the context of payment withdrawal, what serves the best? Fiverr or Upwork?

The answer is Upwork again!

So, Upwork took the points in Fiverr vs Upwork here.



Upwork takes only 5 days (is it really only?) to pour money into your pocket while Fiverr takes ages (14 Days).

Upwork Payment Method Screenshot
Upwork Payment Method Screenshot (Payoneer is also there)

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6. Minimum set limit

We are talking about the payment withdrawal limit.


For Fiverr it is $5; it means you cannot withdraw unless you have $5 in your account.

Not a big deal!

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No minimum withdrawal limit!

You can withdraw any amount provided you have an Upwork processing fee in your account which is $1 in most of the cases.

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7. Buyer retention

It depends on the delivery of services but while coming to competition between Fiverr and Upwork, Upwork is a better place to retain buyers.


Buyers keep on moving here and there to look for the most affordable option available. If you are not the perfect fit and the buyer thinks that he or she is not getting the best return of the investment then they will bounce.

Never forget that Fiverr has a lot of workers who get ready to work only for peanuts. On the other hand, most of the clients on Fiverr come only for a couple of projects; do not think that they will be back. So, in terms of buyer retention Fiverr is a bit down.


Your client will be comparatively more professional at Upwork vs. Fiverr. They will contact you to take their business to the next level and wound not hesitate to buy from you for the second time if you are the perfect fit for the job.

Moreover, they try to create a good buyer profile so they will be nicer as compared to those on Fiverr. So, in Fiverr Vs Upwork, Upwork is leading here.

8. Level System

Fiverr Level System screenshot

No Surprises!

Both the market places have a different level system but here Fiverr wins the battle.

Here is how!


There are 4 levels of Fiverr as compared to Upwork:

New Seller

Level 1

Level 2

Pro Seller

It makes a client easier to get the perfect match for the job.
Moreover, sellers have a clear idea of how to get to the next level. There is a complete detail of the Level up system in your Fiverr profile.


I must say this is probably the only place where Upwok is far more behind than Fiverr.

There is a confusing algorithm that suggests the Job Success Score (JSS) on Upwork. Most of the sellers remain confused about what exactly it is. It is basically an internal system of the website which looks into different parameters and decides it.

We are still digging deeper to know this zigzag algorithm of JSS.

It’s painful!

Here, Fiverr takes an extra edge in terms of Fiverr vs Upwork.

9. Dispute with buyer Fiverr Vs Upwork


Fiverr Resolution Center Screenshot

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Got dispute with a buyer on Fiverr?

Start compiling your account as your account is at a stack now.

Anything can happen!

After our own experience and reading and knowing reviews of a lot of sellers, we can actually say that Fiverr supports buyers most of the time (you may have different opinions as it depends on personal experience).

Fiverr can pull money back even from the completed order (within those 14 days when you wait for your earning to come in).


Upwork people are pretty better in this regard. The website provides a mediator and they decide after listening to your views. If you are right in your claims then you will get paid otherwise the client wins the battle.

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10. Negative review


Do not think that Fiverr will change the negative reviews even if the buyer has placed them as an error. (Fiverr says there are some cases when we change the negative reviews but we still could not find those “some cases”.)


Anyways, try your best to make the buyer satisfied otherwise better to refund in order to make your profile safe.

Something is better than nothing!


Here is a piece of good news!

Upwork knows that negative feedbacks are a part of work and they can spoil the whole profile. So, they have a feedback removal policy.

As a top-rated freelancer on Upwork, you can remove negative feedback. However, you have the right to do this only for once in 90 days and the other thing is that you must have completed 10 separate orders as well.

11. Commission Fiverr Vs Upwork

Fiverr Commission

20% after the completion of the order (Some websites take commission ever before the completion of the order – I am looking at you

Upwork Commission

20% commission after the completion of an order. A win-win situation and both won the toss! Woah!

(Do not ignore membership fee of both the sites in Fiverr vs Upwork.) Update: Upwork has canceled free membership plan and now you have to purchase contacts (bids) at a higher price.

12. Membership

The membership fee is the most threatening thing for the beginners in the field of freelancing. Let’s see what is the status in Upwork and Fiverr.


No membership fee


They recently made the rules strict and make membership rules expensive. Small sellers are finding a lot of difficulty in keeping their heads above the water.

Upwork Membership Plan Screenshot
Upwork Membership Plan Screenshot

13. Job availability

Job availability Fiverr

Fiverr is a big market due to its being affordable for everyone.

I think $5 is affordable for almost everyone to buy a service. Right?

So, there is an availability of more jobs in Fiverr. It is famous among the start-ups and resellers.

Job availability Upwork

Although there may be fewer jobs on Upwork but the quality of the job is better here. So, I will rate Upwork as a winner.

Fiverr vs Upwork Skills List
Upwork Skills List

14. Community activity

Community activity Fiverr

Fiverr community is more active and you can find the answers to most of the questions here. Whenever you type a question about Fiverr, you will get the first link from the Fiverr community in most of the cases.

Community activity Upwork

Upwork community is not that much active as that of Fiverr. So, it is a bit difficult to find questions and answer platforms for Upwork but there are a lot of other platforms where you can find the answers.

15. Customer service Fiverr Vs Upwork

Customer service Fiverr

It does not provide live support and the quality of ticket support is also not of very good quality. (In our experience) they keep on scratching the surface without going into the detail. If you are lucky then you will get some good representatives.

Customer service Upwork

You get live support which is quick and listens to you with open ears. So, do not worry if you found some problem at Upwork; their friendly staff will always be there to help you.

16. Account Blockage

Account Blockage Fiverr

In most of the reported resources, we have found that Fiverr blocks account without a solid reason even. We think that some reasons which Fiverr gives to block some account are ignorable and should be treated with a mild policy.

Account Blockage Upwork

Account deactivation is an issue here as well but the policy is not that strict. Again, it depends on personal experiences. However, both the sites have their terms and conditions which are good to read and understand.

Fiverr Vs Upwork for Buyers
Fiverr Vs Upwork for Buyers

Being a Client – Fiverr Vs. Upwork

1. Legitimacy Fiverr Vs Upwork

Upwork: Legitimate

Fiverr: Legitimate

Both of these companies are legit are NOT scams. The worth and popularity of these freelancing sites can be estimated by visiting their portfolio which consists of a huge client base.

They do not hold your payments and do not steal your card details. So, it is pretty safe to buy form both the sites. (Some people might have faced problems in terms of payments but we are putting forward the overall public view about the websites.

2. Service Quality

The quality comparison is although difficult to measure as it depends on the personal experience of the buyer or seller.

Service Quality Fiverr

Overall, you can find better quality sellers on Upwork as compared to Fiverr. There are some reasons for it. First, Fiverr is overly saturated and anyone can create an account over the website. Second, Fiverr is a place that is famous for providing cheap services.

Yeah, cheap is not always a low quality!

But, it tells a lot about the service or product you are getting.

Service Quality Upwork

On the other hand, Upwork has certain barriers for the sellers and they accept only those profiles which match their needs.

So, you will find better sellers on Upwork.

3. Ease for buyer

Fiverr and Upwork both work to give the maximum ease to the buyer but our 3 years of purchasing experience from both the platforms suggests that Upwork wins the battle here too.

Ease for buyer Upwork

While purchasing from Upwork, you will not have a bombardment of applications or bids. There are two basic reasons behind it:

First, Upwork tries to control the number of profiles created in those fields which are already saturated. (It actually makes sense and is beneficial for both clients and sellers.)

Secondly, Upwork has recently introduced a new membership patter which most of the sellers are finding expensive to buy. They are paying a lot to bid only on a single project.

Ease for buyer Fiverr

If you are purchasing from Fiverr, the get ready to receive a lot of bids and it is difficult to find the right person for the job. Most of the time it was very confusing who would be the best match for our job.

Also, you will receive a lot of bids from those who know only a little about the filed and start selling. So, in Fiverr Vs Upwork, Upwork takes points!

However, $5 is the biggest attraction on Fiverr.

4. Types of Services offered

Fiverr and Upwork provide almost the same type of services with a bit different. In fact, these are two competitor websites and there are similar types of services which you can buy.

  • Website Interface

Services offered Fiverr

Fiverr provides filters where you can squeeze down your selection and navigate the best seller according to your needs and budget.

All the categories and tabs have been well designed and are easy to understand.

You can also get into the website as a guest.

Services offered Upwork

The same is the case here. You can choose different filters to get the best seller. Upwork interface is more decent as compared to Fiverr and you will not see cluttering of images all around just like in Fiverr.

5. Level System

Both Upwork and Fiverr have a seller level system but there are some clear differences between both.

Level System Fiverr

It has 4 seller level systems:

New Seller

Level 1 Sellers

Level 2 Sellers

Top Rated Sellers

This classification is pretty much understandable and anyone can hire the person according to the needs. There are some parameters which decide the levels such as:





Level System Upwork

Upwork also works on the same pattern but the level system is not reliable.

Yeah, we must say it!

Basically, the website has a Job Success Score (JSS) rating which is alien to most of the sellers. They do not know the exact parameters which Upwork considers while giving them a JSS.

Most of the buyers use a filter of JSS above 90 but they do not know that they can hire better talent and get better quality in some lower JSS.

However, there are different badges that help see the level of a seller on Upwork. You can make a better a more informed decision of hiring here.

6. Speed of Hiring

For all your projects, you definitely need swift hiring. So, this is one of the important factors you should focus on.

Speed of Hiring Fiverr

It provides ease to hire a person without communicating with the person.


It is a mixed blessing.

Here is why!

There are certain jobs that are pretty straight forward like having a 4,000 words article on the topic “Upwok vs. Fiverr – What is the Best for freelancers”. You can give an outline of the article and send some samples and get your work done without communicating with the seller.

On the other hand, certain jobs like website designing or logo designing need something more. You cannot just write in the instructions to make a website that can sell any of your services or products.

In fact, there is a complete set of instruction which you need to discuss with the person. If you have something else in your mind and the delivery is different then it will cost you a lot of time.

You may end up canceling your order and the seller is also feeling sad for the same reason.

Let me say one thing!

Seller will be sadder as on one hand he/she lost the expected earning but on the other hand, order cancelation leads to profile degradation in the Fiverr Search Engine.

Speed of Hiring Upwork

I put both in the same category for choosing sellers live but if you palce a job then upwork does not take time to approve.

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You place live job but Fiverr takes time to review your placed job.

7. Affordability


Do not think that either of them is affordable!

Either Fiverr or Upwork may cost you a lot of money or time or both.

See, Fiverr has got fame due to its being a $5 marketplace but actually, you can but form Upwork in $5 as well but not as much as on Fiverr.

Is Fiverr Really Affordable?

Services can be bought at $5 but there is a big question mark on the quality of the services. Overall, there are a lot of small business owners who do not recommend buying from Fiverr as they faced issues with the orders due to their being cheap.

But, yeah!

If you can invest some time to look deeper and make some analysis then you can make a better decision to save your money.

Is Upwork Really Affordable?

Most of the sellers will agree to work in $5 as being new they need reviews and ratings. But it is maybe a thing of past now as the website has changed its membership policy and sellers have to pay a lot to bid on a single project.

So, Upwok is not more affordable than Fiverr.

8. How to Pay

There are different payment options which each of the websites offers.

How to Pay on Upwork

You must have PayPal, Visa, MasterCard to pay on the website.

There is a 2.75% service fee.

Availably of invoices

In-house tax payment system

Escrow service

How to Pay Fiverr

Supports PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard

Take a look and understand the service fee.

I am good at maths!
Availability of invoices

Escrow service

9. Work Monitoring

This is one of the important features which every buyer will want to compare between both the websites.

Upwork Work Monitoring

It gives a well-framed set of milestones where you can monitor your work and see what is going on and up to how much extent the work has been completed.

It keeps both the seller and the buyer comfortable. You can communicate and set different milestones with the seller and things will be smooth.

Fiverr Work Monitoring

Work management is a bit ambiguous. You just place an order and make a full payment. There is a limit of certain days in which your project will get completed.

If you do not stay in touch with the seller, then there is a possibility that your work quality will not be as good as expected as the seller must be doing it in the last hour.

Here is a complete guide on How to Start a Blog within 30 minutes

10. Dispute Resolution

Where there is work, there is a dispute!

Take my quotation!

If there is not a proper dispute management system in any platform then your money is not in safe hands. So, let’s see how Upwork or Fiverr resolve the disputes!

Upwork Dispute Resolution

You get a mediator who will take an unbiased decision of the whole work and will try to understand what actually happened.

So, if you are on the right side and your claim is logical then you will get a money-back. Otherwise, Upwork will pour that money into the account of the seller.

Fiverr Dispute Resolution

As compared to the Upwork, Fiverr does not provide you with a mediator.


Fiverr is very notorious among sellers as they say that it actually supports buyers in most of the cases.

It may be a piece of good news for you but truly there are a lot of sellers who face this problem and complaint about the buyers and do not feel like justice is being done.

Fiverr holds the right to pull money out of the sellers’ account and give it back to you as a buyer. It can happen even with those orders which are complete. (within 14 days of payment release in seller’s account)

Final Verdict

Fiverr VS Upwork

Upwork got 9/10.

Fiverr VS Upwork

Fiverr got 7/10.

Upwork is for intermediate to advance level freelancers.

Fiverr is for beginners to intermediate level freelancers.

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