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Being a writer and blogger, I keep on hiring graphic designers from different freelance websites. 99designs is a website that I often visit and hire freelancers to get the job done professionally. After getting an enormous buying experience from the platform, I decided to share my honest experience with the world.

This is an honest 99designs review of the website and their services and you will feel the dedication in presenting true views so that you can take an informed decision.

Let’s keep it simple and understandable for everyone!

What is 99designs?

Well, I think you already have the idea of what exactly it is but in case you don’t know it’s all about digital designs.

How works?

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Before getting into 99designs review, take a look at the interface below.

This is the interface where you land after adding in the search bar of your favorite search engine.

99design review

How to hire a designer on 99design?


Go to

Search what you want in the red box below (image) and hit search. Red arrows show the services which they offer. After clicking on those red arrows, you will get all the plans and packages related to those services.

Step 2

Below is one of the packages for logo and business card design. You can either start a contest or find out more.

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Step 3

After clicking start a contest, you will land on a page like this.

How to hire a designer on

Step 4

You can either select any design or skip it altogether. Next, they will ask you the style of your brand.

how to hire a freelance designer

Then, choose your color or skip it. See the image below!

Step 5

how to hire a designer online

Step 6

Enter your details in the next tab and then the next page will have a plan and package details.

Step 7

After selecting the package, you will be asked to add details of the contest and then you are required to login through your email ID.

99designs Plan and Pricing

Landing Page Pricing Comparison

See the landing page price here and select your favorite package according to the needs of your business.

There are two major differences between the plans. First, it is the number of revisions or modifications and secondly, it is the level of the seller to get your work done. However, prices are exceptionally different $299 and $499.

99design landing page pricing comparison

Logo design Price Comparison

They have different pricing systems bases on the service you need. For example, they offer a price range of $599 to $2,499 for a logo (in the above screenshot).

For website design, 99design has $349 to $1,349 in packages.

99Designs Review

According to my personal experiences on 99designs, there are some pros and cons to hiring a freelancer here. I have listed the pros and cons down below:

99Design Review which they claim!

Here is a screenshot of the claims which 99designs make in terms of their reviews. It says 4.8 average rating is what they got from 37216 clients.

It is in fact a big number so looks like most of the things are fine.

99design claims about reviews

99design Reviews on some other sites

First Review

This is the screenshot got from SiteJabber; here the site got a lot of 5-star ratings. Bingo!

99designs review screenshot

Second Review

Second Screenshot we got from TrustPilot. Again 66% of the clients rated them well. You can see that there are fewer ratings in the middle of the levels and the second-largest rating is at the bottom.

What clients say about 99designs

Pros and Cons of 99Designs

99Designs Review: Pros


Everyone has a different viewpoint about the pricing as it depends on the affordability limit of a specific person.

I will say that 99designs is an affordable service and the type of work you get will not be available on cheaper services like Fiverr or Upwork or the other freelance sites.

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99Designs is a specialist in designing and they have.

A big designers’ pool to entertain the targeted audience. Think about it! A service that provides everything VS. some niched down professionals.

Who wins the battle?

So, in terms of professionalism, I will review 99desgins as excellent.
If you want to hire a professional writer, then here is one of our most recommended writers. We searched her after having numerous bad experiences but she is the best in terms of affordability, professionalism and is enjoying nearly 5-star rating as well.


Even if you think that 99designs is expensive then calculate the time which you will spend in navigating the right talent from some inexpensive platform.

Time is money. The more you save, the higher the productivity is.


In this article above, we have added how to hire a designer on 99designs. You can see you can get your digital design in just a few clicks.

The interface of the website is quite straight forward.

Yes! None of our hiring managers got lost in the interface.

I would like to say it as one of the most liked features of 99designs. Of course, you need something straight and smooth.

Refund Policy 99Designs

money-back guarantee on 99designs

Well, it is highly recommended to read terms of use of any platform before processing your payment. Here, you can see 99designs terms of use.

Now, refund policy!

It does not look complicated as once we had to use it and it was pretty straightforward for us according to our case.

Below is a screenshot of the refund policy support of the website.

This link will take you to the page. They have clearly added that they provide a 100% money-back guarantee on the designs created on 99designs.

But there are some exceptions to the money-back guarantee. See the details in the image


Here is a further explanation of the money-back guarantee of

The thing which we learned after claiming a refund on 99designs is that they do not offer it for those contests which have guaranteed price. However, you can get your money back if the contest doesn’t enter into the final round.


A hassle-free, customized and controlled hiring of designers is another pro of 99designs. You start getting submissions within 24 to 48 hours after submitting a brief.

They also provide an exclusive link to check the updates. So, all this process saves you tones on time and you can focus on marketing or content management efforts in a better way.

99Designs Review: Cons

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Communication Barrier

As it is an international platform so at times you find yourself between the devil and the deep sea. It is difficult to explain your needs in the most concise manner if the graphic designer is from some other culture or part of the world.

We actually faced this issue as everyone who knows English cannot understand the intent of a native speaker with a 100% precision.

We had to make more and more clarifications to get the best design for our business.

Explanation Deficiency

Design brief which a buyer submits to the graphic designer is not the perfect expression of the intent of the buyer. It gives some areas to select like color and design type.

The most difficult part which we faced difficult to handle is “what our design should communicate”.

We had to describe the visual look in worlds. I think 99designs should work on it and should come up with some better ideas so that clients can navigate the best graphics.

Designer Dissatisfaction

It is a con in terms of freelance designers!

When we launch a contest then it is happiness that we get a lot of designs (either we like them or not).

But what about the sellers who invest efforts?

Most of the designs go in the trash which causes dissatisfaction among designers.

Availability of Experts

It is one of the most annoying features of 99designs and I want to add it in the review!

You cannot hire an expert graphic designer in the basic plan. They are available only in Gold and Platinum ranges.

So, you need to make more investment if your business needs an expert designer.

Risk Factor

If there is a guaranteed price contest then the buyer ends up having nothing if he or she does not like a design.

It is pretty straight and poses a serious risk as y0u cannot get your money back.

Tips to Hire the Best Designer on 99designs

1. Write Detailed Brief

Make your needs as clear as possible to avoid problems at the end. Use all the options which 99designs provide to make your viewpoint clear.

2. Prefer Blind Contest

A blind contest means designers will not be able to see other’s work. They will come up with their own ideas and you will get some creative designs.

3. Give Invitations

Freelancers like invitations. Give them invitations to take part in the contest. They will be able to connect and invest more effort to make your design stand out.

4. Provide Feedback

Never leave your design unattended. Provide feedback to the designers so that they can improve and you can get all that you want.

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99Designs: FAQs


For how many days a contest runs?


7 Days


Should I have a pro account?


Yes! If you have a big business and want some privacy as well.


For more 99designs FAQs, Click here.

Botton Line: Take Away

99design is for every business from below average to advance. However, if you are a very small start-up then we don’t recommend this platform.

We love to hear your kind comments. So, if there is some question or suggestion, kindly write them down.

Author: Adila Zak

“A freelance writer, traveler, blogger, and entrepreneur – she has completed 300+ projects in different online fields. Owing to her 4 years of experience in buying and selling in the freelance world, she is an authority to writer a 99designs’ review.”

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