Having a kid is a major life change on all levels: physically, mentally, and, of course, financially. Many parents are naturally concerned about the costs associated with a new baby.

If you’re worried about money and are scared about having a baby, this post will perhaps calm your nerves and help you plan for a baby on a budget.

Many people believe that having a kid is costly, however, this is not the case. Babies require a lot of items, but this doesn’t mean that they must buy the most expensive baby equipment or the most luxurious furniture.

I’ll explain to you how to save money while still getting the essentials for your baby. I’ll tell you what goods you should spend money on and where you may save money on baby items. You can prepare for babies on a budget with a little forethought!

1) Use Separate Diapers For Day And Night

Many moms advised buying generic diapers throughout the day and keeping the more expensive types for nighttime sleeping when great absorption is more vital. Using off-brand diapers or cloth diapers every day can help you save money.

A mom estimates that wearing cloth diapers throughout the day and consumables solely at night saves her hundreds of dollars each year. It needs a one-time investment of roughly $150 to purchase the waterproof diapers.  You can save more money and the environment by using washcloths rather than disposable wipes.

2) Take Advantage Of Any Financial Support That May Be Available

Do sign up for the Child Tax Benefit in the hospital, and you will get a $700 monthly allowance that will help support your family.

The Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) is indeed a tax-free monthly payment given to qualified families to assist them in covering the way of managing children. 

It allows you to spend up to $81 every month on nutritious items for your pregnancy diet.

Check out what facilities are offered in your province by contacting your local or provincial health care department.

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3) Consult Your Doctor Before Buying A Breast Pump

Most new moms are unaware that even with prescriptions, insurance companies will cover the whole cost of the breast pump or at least a part of it. 

Before you leave the hospital with your baby, talk to your doctor about if you will need a breast pump or not. See below table for the price of breast pump.

Single Breast pump$20 to $60
Single-electric$40 to $185
Double electric breast pump$60 to $3500

4) Purchase Only The Necessities For Your Infant

The children’s clothing industry is a multibillion-dollar business. You don’t need to have a baby item just because something is available.

It doesn’t make you a bad parent if you don’t buy it. If you’re on a tight budget, stick to the fundamentals for a newborn, such as:

5) Diapers

We prefer Pampers diapers since they prevent blowouts, although this is dependent on the infant. The Pampers Clean Diapers and Honest Company Diapers are designed from hypoallergenic fabrics if your baby does have an allergy.

6) Cream For Diaper Rash

Vaseline was suggested by the hospital where it is used to clean the meconium (dark green substance in an infant’s 1st poo) and severe diaper rash. It worked for a time until they developed severe diarrhea, at which point we concluded the Vaseline was insufficient. We have used a natural diaper balm that works quickly! Unless you’re a cloth diaper wipes family, I’ve read it also works with cloth nappies.

Low cost baby rash creamExpensive baby rash creamPremium baby rash cream
Aquaphor baby diaper rash cream: $6The Honest Company, Diaper Rash Cream: $21.98CJ’s BUTTer baby diaper rash cream: 34.94

7) Baby Clothing Must-Have Include

Here’s everything you need for your newborn during the first year.

Here’s a cost checklist of the other baby supplies and you’ll see what you need to buy.

8) Wipes

We prefer reusable Baby Wipes since they’re affordable and long-lasting.  You can make your baby wipes at home by using a paper towel.

If your child is hypersensitive, Mix 99.9% distilled water and 0.1 percent fruit extract, these wipes are indeed the purest in the market.

9) Purchase Used Baby Items 

10) Take Equipment From Friends

Ask from friends, if they have kids too for baby equipment they do not need further. Exersaucers and bouncing chairs shouldn’t be used for very long, and I believe a lot of folks are pleased to lend them out.

11) Toys

I rarely purchase expensive toys since plastic is incredibly easy to clean. Hard toys should be washed with soapy water, rinsed completely, and then dried, according to Robert Macgregor, professor of Pharmaceutics at the University of Toronto.

Buying old items is not a bad idea! You’re reducing your baby’s current budget wastage and saving money!

You should generally buy used baby toys and clothes which could be disinfected easily.

Bath Toys And Musical Toys Average price: $12Low Price: $5High Price: $20
DollsAverage price: $16Low Price: $6High Price:$27
Toy FurnitureAverage price: $64Low Price: $19High Price:$130

12) Cloths

You may bring a lot of goods to home, clean all the clothes and fabric toys, and properly lubricate all of the children’s toys with a baby wipe or cloth soaked in hot soapy water. 

The majority of the baby items you purchase from a used baby market will be either new with tags or could have been new with tags because you will find them in wonderful condition. 

Babies outgrow their clothes quickly – often even before they can use or wear them out!

Several baby items were purchased through yard sales, baby consignment businesses, and thrift stores. 

Visit Facebook Marketplaces, Facebook purchase and mother groups, Letgo, and Varagesale to buy and sell items of babies.

Online stores nowadays also offer used items that include clothes, shoes, toys, baby chairs, old books, etc. You can visit AliExpress and Alibaba for used items. 

13) Budgeting For A Child’s Upbringing To Save Money

Our Recommendation: Taking the help of a financial coach can also help you set up your budget.

Mom’s Advice

Examine the stroller’s wheels. Is it made of rubber or plastic? You should not buy a stroller with plastic tires if you live in a region with snowy weather or if you frequently use the stroller on rough terrain.

14) On A Limited Budget, How Do You Afford A Child?

Yard sales can provide you with the best bargains. We received 12 cartons of baby clothes and accessories for $50 at a one-yard sale! 

You’ll have the finest prices and possibly even obtain things for free if you go to the garage sale at the same time of the day when individuals wouldn’t want to bring their belongings back into their homes.

And you’ll save even more money, contact folks who are selling used things and see if they are willing to trade.

It will be simple for any of them to explore and see whether they require all that you have access to if you do have things listed on the same site.

15) Sell Baby Products To Save More

Here are some tips:

  • After you’ve used your baby items, sell them. 
  • Baby items are updated regularly. 
  • You can obtain a greater price if you sell them quickly.
  • You can put them up for sale on the internet. 
  • You’ll get far less money if you sell them at a garage sale or via a children’s discount store.
  • If it was a used item, you might also be able to recoup your entire purchase price or even profit! 
  • Declaring that your products were bought that are used in the sale ad is a smart strategy.

16) Receive Free Baby Items

You may acquire a lot of free baby items just for being an expectant or new mom.

You can obtain Free birthday gift bags as well as registry achievement discounts by signing up for baby registers like Amazon Baby Registry, Target, or buybuy Baby. You must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the Amazon Baby Registry.

17) Baby Food

Babies in their first weeks only require breastfeeding. Don’t rely on kids’ powdered milk, they are just a waste of money. 

Babies at the age of 8-10 months are required to have some soft food so give them bread soaked in milk. You can give them Cerelac too. 

Baby foods can be cost-effective too. Give your baby healthy foods. Keep them away from junk foods. 

Once your baby is ready for digesting any kind of food make the following recipes for them:

  • Banana Omelette (average cost: $2.68 per week)
  • Banana purée($1.2 per week)
  • Pumpkin purée($1.00 per week or more)
  • Homemade fruit jam($1.75 per jar)
  • Homemade soups($2 per bowl)
  • Avocado purée($4)
  • Oats

And so on! Cook the food that is your child’s favorite food.

18) Checklist For Baby On A Budget

There seem to be a lot of companies that give away free baby items. Here is a checklist

  • Diapers, 
  • moisturizer, 
  • baby soaps, 
  • wipes, 
  • rash cream
  • Baby clothes storage bags
  • baby ointment 
  • Baby lotion
  • breastfeeding drink mix
  • a bottle
  • and a pacifier.

Mom Advice

Go to the library! The library is a fantastic place to go for children’s books and programs.

At some public libraries, get participation in numerous free infant circle time and cultural events. Some libraries also have a children’s play area, which would be excellent for you because you just wanted to get out of the home and go somewhere kid-friendly!

19) Some Good Books

When a mom reads books during her pregnancy, this makes the baby sharp-minded! However, if you think it’s a myth then you may be wrong!

What to Expect the First Year as well Baby 411 are good books you should purchase.

20) Pro-Tip!

Start putting money into a savings account dedicated to having a child. In this way, you can save money easily when you plan for a baby.

Saving about $50 per month accumulates up quickly if you begin these specific savings soon sufficiently. For instance, if you keep saving 2 years before you give birth to a baby and put down $20 every month, you’ll have nearly a thousand dollars to support yourself when the time comes.

21)  Low-Cost Child Care Centers In USA:

ChildCare Aware Of AmericaCheck current price
Small world learning center Check current price
Kids center Check current price

22) FAQs: Babies On A Budget

How Much Should You Budget For A New Baby?

Babies are so small—yet they have seemed to come with that kind of a hefty price tag. Thank goodness they’re adorable. The average middle-income parents spend about $12,000 and $14,000 on kid expenditures each year, as per USDA research.

How Much Do Babies Cost Per Month On Average?

According to Care.com, the average cost of “in-center” daycare is nearly $10,000 per year or $830 per month. These prices vary by state and each family’s agreement with both the provider they select, but if you ever need to keep the baby for work, you must have a budget.

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