How To Become a Wedding Planner: Among the most difficult tasks in the relevant organization is wedding planning. It’s still one of the most crucial and is now one of the most satisfying. 

Nearly every part of the marriage timeline is overseen by wedding planners. They’re in favor of creating a bride’s wedding all they hoped for — and much more.

Are you interested in learning how to arrange a wedding? Please continue to read. We’ll go over how to get started in this piece, as well as what you could do once you’ve gotten your toes wet. 

We also address a few common wedding planning concerns. If you’d like to become a wedding planner, you’ll need to learn all that you can about the business and get some palm knowledge. 

To be a wedding planner, follow the procedure below:

1) Get a diploma or degree In event management 

Although this is not essential, an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Event Management may be very useful in your position as a wedding planner. 

A bachelor’s business degree or communication may also be beneficial.

An event planning degree, for instance, might cover topics like special events, hospitality business strategies, organizational behavior, and preparing food for different events and festivities of which are relevant to your function as a wedding planner.

2) Acquire experience

Putting any knowledge you’ve received to use in this profession is a terrific method to develop your abilities. Consider doing an apprenticeship at a design firm or offering to assist friends and family with wedding planning. 

Whenever it comes to wedding planning and management, this will help you figure out where you’ll have to improve and what roadblocks to prevent.

3) Become a member of an organization for professional wedding planners.

Connecting is a terrific way to grow your business, meet different friends, and draw insight, just as it does in any other field. It also helps you to network with potential suppliers for future events.

4) Think about becoming certified

One approach to broaden your wedding planning skills is to become qualified. It shows potential customers that you’re up to the challenge and competent in pulling off a great event. 

Multiple trade organizations or trade organizations frequently offer certificates.

5) Consider where you’d like to work.

You must think not only about where you’d like to live and the demand for wedding planners within this region, but also whether you’d like to work for yourself or a company. Think about whether you are self-sufficient, ego, and knowledgeable about the commercial side of the sector. 

You might certainly begin your profession by working for an organization to get expertise before launching your own new company. Nevertheless, whether you’ve recently finished college, beginning your job at such an event planning organization is a terrific way of gaining valuable experience.

6) Keep learning

Continuing your knowledge is an excellent method to remain current on the latest wedding planning ideas. This can be accomplished by visiting industry-specific lectures or participating in schools. 

This could help you expand your network of connections, comparable to socializing. It’s also a terrific method to hone your talents and ensure that you’ll do everything you can to make your customers’ occasions unforgettable.

Wedding Planner Courses

1) Wedding Academy Global

Wedding Academy Global is indeed an online credential program that has assisted over 5,000 students in becoming wedding planners. They have a novel goal description that reimagines wedding training as “fun, instructive, adaptable, and most of all “genuine.”

Small, mini, and vacation weddings; wedding style; marketing and sales; flower design; and much more are among the topics covered in this book program. The majority of the programs last about 12 weeks and contain lectures, sound, and workbooks to assist you to communicate more efficiently.

2) QC Event School’s Wedding Planning Course

You can become a wedding planner online on this platform.

This digital wedding planner course teaches children “how to assist couples in achieving their perfect wedding.” The plan is intended for students who want to study how and when to plan events, create their wedding planning agency, or operate for a well-established wedding planning firm.

The program is divided into several parts, each covering a distinct area of wedding planning. The wedding timeline and remaining within cost are only a few of the topics discussed, as are process improvement techniques and wedding planner business models.

Basic earns a certification and is accredited as an International Wedding Planning Professional (IWPP), which “illustrates your reputation as a wedding planner and will assist you in enhancing better connections with customers and experts.”

3) Wedding Etiquette Tips

A comprehensive wedding planning course is available on the social protocol advice website. Wedding costs, timelines, wedding designs, honeymoons, and delivering questions are among the subjects covered in this participants ’ self program.

The basic wedding planner training is geared toward similar couples, but it could be used to make that commitment by everyone.

4) 1Training

One of the venues that you may get available internet wedding planning lessons is 1Training. In the United Kingdom, this program has a strong track record of delivering vocational and technical training, with a focus on preparing learners for the workforce.

5) American Academy of Wedding Professionals

An American Academy of Wedding Professionals is a site where users looking for wedding venues can get the latest news and training. While this AAWP pays for its program, you can enter to offer a prize course by registering for many of its monthly promotions.

Wedding Planner Jobs 

There are a lot of job opportunities for wedding planners. I’m sharing a few jobs you can research.

1) Event manager

And those are the individuals in charge of planning and executing the events. Because they are in charge, they receive compensation when everything goes well, and they may even bear responsibility if things are going wrong!

2) Meeting planner

You’ll need to find out just what your customers need to get out of the conference and how to set it up in the best possible way so they’ll have a good meeting.

3) Theme development

To make them stand out, most events have such a unique theme. If you have a knack for spotting them, you may assist people in selecting one of these and figuring out where to make it a part of the overall plan.

4) Wheelhouse Event Company

It is headquartered in Ontario. This is a very professional platform for wedding planners. You can apply for different wedding planner jobs on their site.

5) Online Websites

ZipRecruiter, Freelancer, Glassdoor, Indeed, Flexjobs, and Upwork are some of the best forums where you can find different types of wedding planner jobs.

Wedding Planner Salary 

Wedding planner salaries depend on their work, location(where they work), experience, and ideas. In the United States, a wedding planner can earn $16 per hour. While a normal wedding planner can make $7.25 to $35.10 per hour. 

When you become a wedding planner and get enough experience, you can establish your wedding planning organization. And thus as a wedding planner, you’ll earn more income. 

How To Become A Wedding Planner For Free?

You can become a wedding planner for free by learning free courses online.

You can get experience at your home by planning wedding ceremonies in your family. 

So in this way, you will be expertise in wedding planning. Moreover, if you don’t have any idea about planning wedding ceremonies, you can get ideas from YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where you will find videos and photos of weddings. 

How To Become A Wedding Planner In Ontario?

Wedding planners are in high demand in Ontario. That’s why there are more job opportunities in Ontario. 

If you are a wedding planner and want to get a chance to be a wedding planner in Ontario, get expertise in this field and then apply for different companies that organize a wedding event. 

There are a lot of organizations in Ontario where you can get a job as a wedding planner. Few are mentioned below:

1-Impresario Events

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Impresario Events is an organization that plans wedding ceremonies. It’s a certified company and pays well. 

2-The Dream By NLJ

Located in Ontario, the Dream By NLJ is an excellent organization. They are professional wedding planners. 

3- Birchbark & Pine

It is also located in Toronto, Ontario. They are providing services as a wedding planner and event planner.

4- Velvet Bordeaux Events

It is located in Ontario. Velvet Bordeaux Events provides services of events planning as well as wedding ceremonies planning. 

In this organization, you can also get training as it is an institute for wedding planners. 

Final Thoughts

Wedding planning is an interesting job. You can interact with different classes of people. 

You can visit different locations and also abroad for jobs. Earning more money through this job depends on you and your hard work. 

You can also become a wedding planner book writer by sharing your experience and ideas in your wedding planner book. This book can help as a guide for freshers who want to become wedding planners.

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