If you want to publicize your blog I’ll probably need a web host provider. A site never operates without web hosting. 

Hosting may charge you some dollars. However, if you can’t afford charges there are a lot of free web hosting and domains for you!

11 Best Free Web Hosting For Personal Website

This is a great opportunity for you that you are nowhere! Just read the whole article and you will find the best free web hosting for personal websites.

11 Best Free Web Hosting For Personal Websites.

1) GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy is the best website firm as well as the world’s biggest domain registrant. They have a sliding website with premade layouts called GoDaddy site designer. 

After such a 30-day trial, users can switch to one of their premium services that start at $5.99 per month. It is inexpensive and simple to use. Nevertheless, when your site expands, you might find the features of GoDaddy Web Host to be limiting. 

Moving the GoDaddy Website to WordPress or another system is equally tough. Also, see our comparison of the top GoDaddy website builders.

2) 000Webhost

It’s free web hosting with CPanel.

Powered by Hostinger, 000webhosting is a free web hosting provider.  They offer a lot of free features which are appreciated by users. 


It offers:

  • Free web builder.
  • Free control panel.
  • 1GB disk space.
  • 10GB Bandwidth 
  • Free domain hosting.

000webhosting is providing free web hosting for students.

3) Wix Free Web Hosting

Have you ever tried Wix? It’s a free web hosting site. It’s free website hosting also offers you safe and secure web hosting services. 


  • Enhanced Protection Checking: The information on your website is safe and protected, and it adheres to the strictest global requirements.
  • Installation Is Automated:

Once you’ve launched your site, your free website hosting will be organized instantly. There is no need to install anything.

  • 99.9% High availability:

Their safe and reliable networks provide enterprise-level uptime, ensuring that your site is always available. 

4) Awardspace

Awardspace has been providing web hosting services since 2004. As they reduced their offerings that year, they will have to change their custom writing offer and stay competitive at this period.


  • The amount of storage network bandwidth available to free customers is limited to 1 GB and 5 GB, respectively.
  • In their Terms of Service, there are some concerning legal language that appears to allow the authority to sell you access to various sellers.

5) x10hosting

X10hosting is a website hosting + site-building system that works together. Its offered SEO tools assist users in launching a website and optimizing their site’s rating.


  • Support is available around the clock.
  • Web designer add-on
  • Backups are made automatically.
  • SEO Tools for Free


  • Their limitless broadband and storage, as well as their immaculate changing consumer or above speed, are fantastic.

6) Bravenet

Bravenet, which has over 15 million users, includes a complete web host for those who want everything. The Canadian firm is among the few free online hosts with an email campaigns system, in addition to a sliding website and cloud platform. 

Internet forums, email lists, blogs, group chats, polls, or other tools are among the society capabilities provided to people.

  • Storage: 500MB
  • Bravenet subdomain is available for free.

Ecwid’s supermarket trolley, skills and decision, and item listings are all included in the Ecwid eCommerce platform.

  • 1 Gigabyte (GB) of bandwidth
  • Upgrades are required to unlock email.
  • Website Developer: A slide website builder is available for free.

The online marketing tool from Bravenet allows you to create an address book and design emails using templates or engage effectively. In addition, the firm’s processing elements dashboard can assist you in determining your performance.

According to Founder and CEO Dave Shworan, Bravenet is overhauling its growth factors and getting ready to give out 400 top-level names to users who wish to switch from their registrations.

The company provides a painless entrance into premium web providers, with options ranging from as low as 99 cents monthly.

7) BlueHost

Blue Host is a small, family-run web design company. Web hosts, virtual private browsers (VPS), and hosting providers are all available. 

They do provide free commercial sustainable growth as well as general familiarity.


  • File management and an FTP account
  • PHP support and MySQL databases
  • Dashboard
  • Technical assistance is provided free of charge.
  • Access to the general public is free (Forums)
  • Servers in a group

All web hosting domains come with an HTTPS SSL certificate. (a certificate that has been self-signed)


  • No professional technical help is available.
  • Windows isn’t supported.

8) SiteGround

Siteground is yet another excellent free website hosting option. They are well-known for their outstanding customer service and lightning-quick efficiency. 

In addition, SiteGround is a Web hosting provider that is professionally approved. WPBeginner customers can save up to 63 percent on maintenance. Essentially, you’ll be ready to initiate for $6.99 per month.

SiteGround’s host options include a website, WordPress and Joomla 1-click installers, limitless email accounts, and other features.

For Educators and Pupils, SiteGround has a unique deal. 

For $1.99 per month, you may obtain Student Hosting Services.

Instructors can sign up for the free hosting plan for teachers through SiteGround. 

See in-depth SiteGround review for additional information, including performance advantage and reliability tests on their official site.

9) Just Host

A low-cost option for web host hosting services is Just Hosting. They provide dedicated hosting services that are ideal for launching a new website.

For $3.95 each month, you can essentially get begun. Every plan includes a free web domain, limitless email addresses, heads of state, and 1-click installation of a Proposed system such as WordPress.

Check out our full Just Hosting review, replete with advantages and disadvantages, to discover more.

Sites That Provide Free Web Hosting

Whenever it comes to web maintenance, although free is appealing, it’s often limited. With all that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top free site hosting sites for you to try.

You are completely free to use such hosting sites. When making a final decision, we strongly suggest you review our complete guide on where to get the best WordPress host.

With that being said, those are the world’s greatest free hosting businesses.

10) Kamatera

Kamatera is a great option for individuals who require greater computational power. The 30-day trial period allows site customers to take advantage of up to 1TB of Storage space or 32GB of RAM, as well as 5TB of speed — simply modify your web server as required (up to $100), and get a professional hosting services product for free for the very first month.

Kamatera has 13 data centers around the world, guaranteeing that your application will be accessible to visitors no matter where they are.

We can’t see impressive things about that kind of powerful web server when it relates to the power network and the freedom to customize it as you see fit.

Kamatera also provides round-the-clock service, unlike almost every inexpensive web server on just this list.

11) FreeHostia

Freehostia’s free web hosts and domains system provides enormous scalability, which implies that in addition to selling hosted slices, it also acts as a web server. 

This is one of the greatest domain registration and hosting providers, having maximum solutions including such data centers for free web hosting.

Tested By Freehostia

Freehostia, our testing facility, has consistently maintained an uptime of above 99.97 percent. Hostinger’s availability in June 2019 is depicted on the right.

Hosting Performance:

Our Infinity-hosted test site has consistently maintained availability of greater than 99.9%.


  • In terms of space and speed, Freehostia’s free hosting involves a lot of limitations.
  • Uptimes that are unpredictable and painfully slow speeds.

Benefits Of Web hosting:

I think you all are aware of the benefits of web hosting. That’s why you are here to look for the best web hosting for a personal website. I’ve listed some of the common benefits of web hosting which may help you a lot to know more about web hosting. 

They are:

  • Website quality has increased.
  • The functionality of your website is extremely important when it pertains to virtual success.
  • Exceptional Technical Support
  • Domain-Related Email Address.
  • Superior dependability
  • High availability
  • Enhanced website protection
  • Provides you unlimited space.
  • Your website data is managed. 
  • Search engine optimization opportunities.
  • You can recover your website data
  • Time and money saver.
  • You are allowed to create more beautiful themes and designs for your website.

It’s the end, there are unlimited benefits of web hosting. These were just the important and common benefits of web hosting.


These were all the best web hosting for personal websites. Try any of them and give your feedback. How was it? 

Bluehost is my favorite among the above-mentioned list. It is also recommended by WordPress.  WordPress has listed it in their “WordPress free website hosting“.

Bonus: Google web hosting is another great way to host your website. It’s completely free and you’ll find different themes and features for your website. 

Not everyone is aware of google’s free website hosting but it’s free and safe.

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