There are many groups out there for freelance writers to belong to. But have you ever considered that maybe not all these groups are for the same thing? And maybe some of these groups are better than others, too. So, in order to get yourself sorted out and into one of the best groups for freelance writers, here are the different types of groups that you can choose from.


This group is for writers who write primarily for the web. The writers are those who work with website design or content development in order to make their job easier. They may also do a bit of copywriting as well. Production writers will need to be versatile, since they must also be able to do interviews, write SEO-rich articles, and so on.


This group is for writers who are good at editing. They do have to be very well versed in English grammar. The editors for this group must be able to “think outside the box,” meaning they should be able to come up with ways of structuring a piece of writing that will appeal to readers, no matter what the subject matter is. In addition, editors in this group must also be excellent at proofreading, although their primary focus is to edit.

Editing is typically not included among the list of job skills for freelance writers. However, the majority of freelance writers usually find themselves in this group, since editing involves the removal of unnecessary words and passages from a writing sample in order to make it fit an intended audience.


A copywriter is one who actually writes the copy for online content. If this sounds like the type of writer that you want to hire, then this is probably the best group for you. Writers in this type of group are most often used in marketing efforts, where they need to be sure that the message that they are trying to convey to prospective clients is as clear and concise as possible.

Writers in this group may also be required to create web pages or blogs that are informational in nature and geared towards a specific audience.

This group specializes in creating new writing material. This could include creating advertising copy, brochures, sales letters, emails, reports, manuals, websites, and other written materials. A copywriter’s ability to present information in a visually appealing manner is extremely important, as his or her job requires the writer to think on their feet.


These are the types of writers who design web pages, blog posts, and other print materials. Designers must understand how to effectively present information in a format that is search-engine friendly. Some designers specialize in graphic design while others may have a background in content creation.

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Web designers generally have the responsibility of creating websites that promote certain companies. Some authors may focus on copywriting and web content, while others may focus on the actual design of the website itself.

These individuals are responsible for creating and designing all the elements of a graphic advertisement or website. An artist may only be in this group if they are actually making the drawings or art, or designing the overall look of the website.


Translators are people who can effectively handle the task of translating written materials from one language to another. Freelance translators are required to be highly skilled in their chosen field, and should be able to create a unique set of skills that sets them apart from other freelance writers.

The types of languages that these authors typically work with include German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic. Although they are primarily required to do translation work, some translators also do web design or translate other languages.

There are other smaller groups for freelance writers, but these five groups provide some great places to start looking. The groups can then be broken down according to individual responsibilities. For example, freelance writers who focus on copywriting may only do SEO writing or press releases.

Freelance Groups to Support Writers

Group NameMembersDate Created
The Write Life Community28,100 March 2021
Writers Helping Writers286,000 March 2021
What’s Your Plan B?16,200 March 2021
Inner Circle Writers’ Group9,000 2021
Creative Freelancers Unite5,700NA
Ask a Book Editor7,600 March 2021
10 Minute Novelists Group15,9002020
Beta Readers and Critique Partners18,7002021
Calls for Submissions66,300 2021
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