Finding the right website builder for a non-profit organization is a crucial task. You have to consider every point of the web hosting like speed, traffic, price, and most importantly, the pros and cons.

You will find a lot of web hosting providers on the internet. However, you can’t distinguish which one is best for your nonprofit organizations. 

The good news is that google web hosting for nonprofits has also been launched. It will provide you with free tools for your website.

This article will help you to find the best web hosting for your non-profit organization and also a web hosting for nonprofits in Australia. Let’s begin!

1- In Motion

Best Web Hosting

Motion is among our best hosting companies, and with the extra benefit of a charitable price, it is a deserved recipient of the title of “greatest individual nonprofit hosting service.” Take a glance at how it did in our tests.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of In-Motion

  • Supplier of sharing and virtual private server hosting that is highly regarded.
  • There are no limits on how many email accounts you can have.
  • Nonprofit organizations can get a rebate if they ask for it.
  • From all plans, there are no extra charges for backups.
  • Hosting plans options have a weekly visitor limit.
  • Hosting is only offered on Linux servers.


One can get a Bluehost plan from InMotion for as little as $3.99 per month when you sign up for a 2 contract. InMotion’s hosting provider option costs $7.49 to $22.99 per month, however, if you expect to handle a lot of contribution transactions, we advise switching to VPS hosting.

2. AccuWeb Hosting

Accuweb Hosting has been providing hosting services at affordable prices since 2003. They provide hosting services based on both Linux and Windows servers. Till today they have hosted 1 million websites across the world and still counting. One of the best services they are providing is fast technical support which is 24*7. 

Additionally, they have 15+ server locations worldwide. Their web hosting plan begins at 2.99$ which is the cheapest and affordable. Other than that, AccuWeb is recommended by reputed brands like PCMag, Techradar, Microsoft, and many more.

They offer many plans that include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Forex VPS, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and many more.

Advantages of AccuWeb Hosting

  • Uptime 99.9%
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24*7 technical support 
  • Free Website Migration 
  • Renewable at the same price 
  • Two-layer DDoS Protection 
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Free domain registration

3- A2 Hosting

Best Web Hosting non profit

A2 offers amazing features at a moderate cost, with a special discount for organizations. This is how it fared in our nonprofit study:

Advantages and Disadvantages: 

  • Nonprofit groups receive a discount.
  • Excellent customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Cash promise for any reason at any time
  • Setup of a secured shopping cart is provided free of charge.
  • There are no free domains available.
  • The average uptime is 99.95%.


A2 offers lower prices to certified NGOs based in the United States. A2’s hosting provider options, on the other hand, run between $7.99 to $18.99 per month, so you’ll save at least a few dollars per month.

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4- iPage

web hosting for non profit

Although iPage does not offer a nonprofit discount, with promo prices starting at $1.99/month, you are unlikely to hear. However, iPage has a lot of good features as well:

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • $1.99/month is a low introductory rate.
  • A domain name, SSL certificate, and supermarket trolley setup are just a few of the many features available.
  • The fact that there is only a single plan limits expansion.
  • Backup tapes aren’t provided; you’ll have to pay $1.14 each month extra.
  • Site migration is not free. It will cost you $150 to have iPage perform this for you.

In a nutshell, it’s an expensive host provider.

5- HostGator

non profit organization web hosting

HostGator outperforms iPage in scalability, with only yet another plan to choose from. Whether you’re making plans for huge campaign groups and fast development, HostGator is an interesting candidate. Here’s how it fared in our studies:

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • With a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, you can rest easy.
  • There are numerous plans to choose from, making it simple to upgrade as needed.
  • Most plans include free site transfer.
  • The beginning package does not provide a free shopping cart.
  • There are no regular backups, so purchasing CodeGuard as an add-on is suggested.

6- Weebly

Weebly is a perfect choice for a website builder since some nonprofits, such as amateur sports leagues and recreational nonprofits, require websites that emphasize interactivity.

Weebly templates provide built-in social media integration, making it much easier for visitors to share photographs, events, and material on your site with a single click. 

Admittedly, Weebly’s plans do not come with a lot of bells and whistles. However, the Weebly Application Center has a plethora of 3rd apps & plugins almost for every extra functionality you might require.

However, this implies that sites built using Weebly, such as WordPress, may need a little more code than sites built with Wix or Squarespace. 

Weebly, on the other hand, may be the perfect site-building system for you unless you only require a few core features and personalization possibilities for your site.


  • Domains are simple to obtain.
  • Page management is simple.
  • Terms & pricing are simple to grasp.
  • Ease of Dragging and Dropping


  •  For mobile devices it is nearly useless.
  • There have only been a few themes from which to choose. When a theme is changed, items become jumbled and distorted.
  • Only Scribd may be used to insert any document, which displays the advertising and therefore is difficult to read.


Weebly offers four different plans, starting from $0 to $29 per month. You have the option of paying monthly or annually:

  • Performance plan: $29/month  or $26/year (billed monthly)
  • Professional plan: $16/month  or $12/year (billed monthly)
  • Personal plan: $9/month or  $6/year (billed monthly)
  • $0/month for the free plan.

7- Wix

Looking to create a stunning website that complements your nonprofit’s mission and community? Wix includes all of the features you’ll require.

Wix has a drag-and-drop system and a tonne of church and nonprofit-specific templates. 

This makes it simple to add photo galleries, customized forms, articles, and even contribution form button connections to your site’s drop-down list in only a few hours.

Of course, that’s only the start. 

Wix also has a variety of tools and activities that will help you modify your site to meet your users’ demands. 

You can construct fundraising sites with features to measure your progress towards your goal, post-event calendars to show meeting hours, and provide downloaded courses online as well as other materials to help your nonprofit’s objective. 

The platform also includes options for live streaming video, which is ideal for sharing lessons or sermons among students and congregants who are unable to attend in person.

However, while I believe Wix is a fantastic fit for the majority of non-profit organizations, not everyone is like that. 

The majority of features were available mostly on the Wix platform or even in the Wix app store, however complex features like such a discussion group may require significant code.

Wix is an amazing choice for web hosting non-profit organizations.


  • The site loads quickly.
  • Drag and drop interface that is simple to use.
  • A large number of templates
  • There are numerous other features.
  • Make it simple to promote your website.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Wix App Market lets you add new features to your website.


  • Premium Plans are only available for a single site.
  • There are no templates that can be swapped out.
  • Your website isn’t portable.
  • Forces with a free plan The Wix brand is well-known.
  • A subscription package is required for tracking and analytics.


With its own cheapest connected domain option, Wix pricing starts at $4.50 per month. 

Wix also has a free tier, but somehow it comes with a lot of restrictions. 

Finally, Wix charges $24 per month to set up an online store.

  • The cost of a Connect Domain is $4.50 per month.
  • US$8.50 per month for the Combo.
  • US$12.50/month for Unlimited.
  • US$24.50 per month for VIP.

8- WordPress

A perfect web hosting for your non-profit organization is WordPress!

WordPress is your friend if you manage a nonprofit that relies heavily on blog postings and photos.

WordPress is amongst the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the internet. 

In other words, the platform is ideal for nonprofits that will need to create, publish, and distribute a lot of material.

The sheer quantity of customization choices available with WordPress is one of our favorite features. 

You have several alternatives for getting going because there are (literally) thousands of nonprofit customization options for WordPress websites. 

You’ll then have full access to your site’s code, allowing you to completely customize your design and build the ideal site for your users.

However, considerable customization has the unintended consequence of making WordPress a bit intimidating for these first builders. 

Sure, you can incorporate third-party services and forms into your website, but if you’re unfamiliar with CSS coding, you’re unlikely to get very far.


  • WordPress is the most popular platform that provides you with total control over your website. 

You own and manage all of the files and information on your website. 

You are still not bound to a web hosting service and are free to migrate your website wherever you wish.

  • Because you are the one in charge of your site, you may keep it basic and add features as needed. 

You may speed up your WordPress website and employ all of the useful SEO best practices to attract new visitors.

  • It provides you access to a large number of extensions, add-ons, including plugins that you may use to customize your website. With so many professional programs at your disposal, you can create anything you desire.
  • Because of its popularity, practically all prominent third-party solutions already have WordPress integrations. As a result, WordPress will integrate with your email marketing campaign, lead generation firmware, SEO tools, CRM systems, and merchant accounts.
  • Thousands of responsive websites and themes to pick from make it incredibly simple to personalize. Each one offers a variety of customization choices, allowing you to construct genuinely one-of-a-kind websites. Simply said, it simplifies the process of creating a website.


  • WordPress does not even have a frictional pressure website builder built-in. Most newcomers will need some time to become acquainted with that and understand the fundamentals. You could, though, utilize one of the many WordPress frictional pressure bootstrap framework plugins.
  • Your website is under your control. This means you’re also in charge of security, backups, and software updates. Each of these chores can be automated, however, if you use either of these WordPress Hosting firms, they will still demand your care.
  • To utilize WordPress, you don’t need to know how to code. A rudimentary understanding of HTML and CSS, on the other hand, will make things a lot easier. Because they use WordPress, most newcomers pick up these fundamental abilities.

Pricing plans range from $4 per month (for a total of $48 per year) to $25 per month (for a total of $300 per year). 

Varied price plans provide a variety of website management capabilities and tools, as well as different onsite storage amounts.

  • Free: $0
  • Personal: $4
  • Premium: $8
  • Business: $25
  • eCommerce: $45

9- Squarespace

Squarespace outperforms the majority of competitors in terms of blogging functionality and customer service. They provide over 100 customizable mobile-friendly themes. 

Although significant gains have greatly enhanced the platform, becoming used to it would take some time due to several usability difficulties. The first month’s fee is $12.

Squarespace bills itself as “THE” website builder for blogs, portfolios, and online stores.

Squarespace can enable you to develop the right site to connect your followers, even if you’re running an academic establishment, a cinder block organization, or merely an internet nonprofit.

The design of Squarespace websites is well-known. Squarespace has a tonne of nonprofit-specific layouts, as well as the platform has a frictional pressure interface that enables customizing your website, down close to the give button, a breeze.

While Squarespace does not provide a free version, its plan, which costs $12 per month, contains a slew of advanced capabilities such as additional storage, customized forms, and rudimentary email. 

With both the Business plan ($18 per month), you could also use Squarespace’s leading e-commerce website to sell academic materials, courses, or items.

However, there is a drawback. Squarespace has a lot of equipment and possibilities for organizations, but if you need something unique, you’ll generally have to pay a premium. 


  • It appears to be fantastic.
  • For websites, there is a great convergence of marketing and SEO.
  • For marketing mailings, this is a fantastic combination.
  • Sites were responsive towards mobile devices without the need for a separate mobile site.


  • Changing the sites might be a bit of a pain.
  • Editing the website can be complicated and unpleasant to navigate.
  • Squarespace has several versions, and it’s difficult to tell which one you’re using. You won’t be able to switch once you’ve started building a site using one version.


It includes four monthly price options ranging from $12 to $40, and therefore a 14-day risk-free trial.

  • Advanced Commerce costs $46 per month and $40 per year.
  • $30/month & $26/year for basic commerce
  • $26/month & $18/year for a business
  • Personal: $16 per month and $12 per year

10- SiteGround

The Most Efficient Way to Receive Donations. You may rely on SiteGround as a stand-alone platform. Its two key advantages are, as you’ll see, availability and support and help:

Disadvantages & Advantages:

  • 99.98 percent uptime is excellent.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a free service that allows you to load your pages faster.
  • There are no free domains available.
  • Storage area is limited.

11- Bluehost

Although Bluehost no longer provides free domain names to organizations, it does have a lot to offer. Bluehost for nonprofits is a wonderful choice. Examine how it performs in the following areas:

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • 99.98 percent uptime is excellent.
  • Running backs and unlimited email
  • Excellent customer service through chat sessions and a phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • For more costly Web hosts, this theme is best suited.
  • Nonprofit web hosting is no longer free.
  • Nonprofits can get a discount at Bluehost.
  • Bluehost would be top or second on our set of suggestions a few months earlier if you had asked us. Sadly, free hosting for organizations is no longer available. 


Don’t let that happen. Initial pricing is $7.99 per month, but if people join up for three years, the price reduces to $2.95 per month.

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12- InterSever

Well, we can’t ensure you free site hosting, but how about even just a penny for the first couple of days? InterServer is an excellent choice for people who are new to web hosting yet are on the cheap. Unlike many of its rivals, the firm does not believe in binding clients to big wages, preferring to win your money month after month.

Also, don’t be put off by the low costs or lack of stability. Your homepage is a data center created, built, and maintained by the company’s major on a daily basis. Perhaps one of them may even be handling a ticket number for you. It’s a great web hosting for charities. 

13- HostPapa

HostPapa is number eight on the list. Green Hosting is the best. 

Notwithstanding its eighth-place ranking, HostPapa may be the ideal alternative for environmentally sensitive NGOs, as it offsets all of its carbon dioxide emissions. It’s free web hosting for ngo.

Advantages And Disadvantages:

  • CO2 emissions are offset to the tune of 100%.
  • There is no support and assistance available 24 hours a day, the whole week.
  • For the first term, there is a smaller marketing discount.
  • Nonprofits can use HostPapa at a reduced price.

HostPapa will not provide a charitable discount, but its standard shared hosting pricing is comparable to those of the other companies on just this list, starting at $7.99 per month. The advertised ‘first term’ offerings, on the other hand, aren’t quite as helpful – you’ll begin at $3.95, which is much more than $1 per month higher than other suppliers.

14- Hostwinds

In Windows and Linux, controlled or uncontrolled. Hour or month charging for cloud hosting. Without any interruption, upgrades can be made immediately.

Monitoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for no charge.

Nightly backups are accessible automatically.

Starting at $4.99 per month, with a liabilities promise.

30 GB – 750 GB SSD N/ADisk Space. Sell or Register a Domain

Hostwinds has the most private virtual server packages of any web host. 

Only for controlled Linux server sectors, the company provides ten options.

15- LiquidWeb

Guaranteed connection and energy uptime of 100 percent. Instant deployment and customized setups.

  • True surveillance, backup, and vehicle.
  • Add-ons for load balancing and square storage.
  • With 100% commands, choose Windows server.

Starting at $149.00 per month money-Back Guarantee 480 GB – 2 TB SSD from N/ADisk

Move or create a new domain.

The customized server-managed hosting service is Liquid Web’s forte. 

The business operates and maintains five cutting-edge data centers in the United States and Europe, but it works diligently to create and maintain specialized solutions for increased privacy and scalability.

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16- Dreamhost

Web Hosting

DreamHost has been the only top-rated supplier that offers nonprofits free sharing web hosting. Check out how it fared in our tests below:

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Web hosting that is 100% free
  • Backup systems and domain registration are both available for free.
  • Setup of a secured shopping cart is provided for free.
  • The average uptime is 99.95%.
  • There is no help available 24 hours a day, 7 days.

Features Of DreamHost:

Let’s have a look at some of the things DreamHost can offer you Unlimited internet transfer, a hassle-free, free backup, an SSL certificate that keeps your data safe, and using more visitor limits are all included with the hosting plan. 

Not-For-Profit Web Hosting Australia

The below list is for Australians especially. As the following web hosting for nonprofits are easily accessible in Australia:

Do your research on the above list and choose the appropriate one for your non-profit organization. Some of them are free community websites that offer free web hosting.


So these were some of the best website builders for nonprofits. You can select either of the aforementioned sites for your non-profit organization.

Besides these platforms, there is another well-known web hosting provider which I didn’t mention above, GoDaddy. Take a look at free nonprofit web hosting godaddy for your website.

You know that WordPress hosting for nonprofits or profits is very effective. Therefore, you will have to select a specific host for your website.

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