What Is Break Free Academy?

Break Free Academy is a live training event valued at $10,000 per attendee. It is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners identify unique selling propositions, or UPs, target markets, revenue streams, and additional referral sources. 

Some of the tactics Ryan uses include Facebook ads and webinars. You’ll see some of his funnel strategies in the Hardcore Closer FB ads.

He uses the same techniques as other social media marketers. He captures messages and trains viewers on how he can help them.

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Becoming A Better Salesperson: The Break Free Academy Entourage

Ryan created a sales training group named the Entourage. The Entourage provides subscribers with proven strategies, practical insights, and tips into the making of exceptional marketing and sales campaigns. 

Among other things, Entourage helps identify unique selling propositions and target market segments.

Sales are important, but talking to customers is even more important. Make sure you talk to people every day. Your product should be great, and your marketing should be consistent. You need to create quality content and share it everywhere.

And if you want to sell something, you need to use Facebook Messenger and other social media channels.

This academy offers free online training videos about sales. It teaches you proven methods and techniques for closing more deals.

Who Is Ryan Stewman?

Ryan Stewman is the owner and founder of Break Free Academy. He is also the author of the book, Hardcore Closer. He was sentenced to two years in prison when he was caught selling cocaine at age 21. 

After being released from prison, he worked at a carwash and then got a mortgage brokerage job. He developed a skill in selling.

This man was an entrepreneur who had many businesses before he became successful by using social media. He used social media to create his own marketing firm.

He created an online program that allows people to learn how to do their own social media marketing. This product was very successful, and now he makes six figures every month.

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What Is Break Free Academy About?

Break Free Academy is a live educational event where entrepreneurs gather to learn how to sell more effectively. Ryan shares some of his strategies using Facebook ads and webinars to convert products or services. 

He also discusses ways to diversify revenue and income streams.

Apart from that, there are some sales tactics for email campaigns. These emails are designed to educate the readers and make them perceive your product or service as a solution to their problem. 

To help the members learn more about sales, Ryan has a sales team that he calls the entourages. The Pricing Structure Of Break Free Academy

The price you pay depends upon what you want. The 3-day seminar costs more than the video course but provides more information about your options.

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