Buying a typewriter is worth it for those who want to keep their files safe and also for those who cannot afford to buy a computer or internet connection.

A typewriter is a simple machine that works manually by typing the characters of a typewriter. so, there is no need for electricity for work.

Reasons To Buy a Typewriter history


If you ever want to buy a typewriter, these are some reasons behind this.

1- No Need Of Wifi Connection

If you are living in an area where a local area network or a wide area network both are not available, then typewriters are the best choice.

Also, typewriters work manually, so there is no need for electricity. It will save time and money, both of which you have to spend on expensive supplies.

2- Hold On To a Track

While typing on a computer, sometimes your mind is not active at that time but working on a typewriter makes you more active because if you are not paying attention you can create a mess and there is no backspace key in a typewriter.

3- No Need To Download Updates

As we know that computers always need an update of software or install anti-virus updates to keep the windows safe.

And also the reminder of updates makes you feel irritable. That’s why people used a manual typewriter and avoided the disturbance created by the updates.

4- It is Inexpensive

If we are talking about technology, the first thing that comes to mind is that it may be expensive.

Secondly, technology is multiplexed so there is always a need for repairing, upgrading, and power cords so it will be costly.

But in the typewriter, you don’t need this. No tension of expensive repairing and upgrading. Typewriters are cheap and work manually so just ink and papers are needed. 

5- Retain The Work Safe

A laptop can carry easily, but also it is unsafe because if it falls from somewhere it will be damaged and all your data will be lost.

Also, there is a fear of hacking data. According to research, more than 30,000 websites are hacked daily, and 47% of adults’ computers have been hacked. So, if you want to keep your files safe then, a typewriter is the best choice to keep your files safe.

There is also a benefit that all your information will be safe until and unless you type it out by hand. So, Your mind will be relaxed so that your worthy documents are safe.

6- It is Worthy

Typewriters are considered to be old, but they have a vintage charm. Over the period, the importance of typewriters will increase.

Sometimes there will be a sale offer for old typewriters up to $1000 or more. Manual typewriters can be sold easily for thousands of dollars.

It is easy to turn this into a profitable industry quickly. That means buying a typewriter is a great chance of spending money.

If you want to change your old model typewriter, you have a great chance to sell it for more than the money you bought and get the new one. Overall, this is a great opportunity to invest your money.

7- Flicker Innovation

When you are working on a typewriter or start writing about a new project then you have an image or characters of your work in mind.

While working on a computer, your mind may not focus on the work because you have different tabs to search, find new ideas which leads to smashing your creativity.

But with a typewriter, there is no second choice to erase your words, so you have to go with the same works, whether you like them or not.

So, when you are working on a typewriter, your mind will be active and have a flow of new ideas with no comparison.

8- Feels You Satisfied

Working on a manual typewriter is fun in comparison to typing on a keyboard. Those who felt great to work with a typewriter always enjoyed working on it.  

9- Being attractive

Those who are homesick to working on a typewriter have a pleasant feeling to work on it because it makes a person creative and satisfied. Typewriters are also used for dramas and stage plays.

And when you are not working, you can keep the typewriter on a shelf or a countertop that gives you a vintage feel.


Benefits To Still Buy A Typewriter-Shop

1- Have a Physical assistance

While working on a typewriter, you can make photocopies of your work so you cannot lose your data. As working on a computer is a little risky like sometimes windows in a computer may get corrupt so there is no backup to recover data.

2- Improve Your Work

By working on a typewriter, you can improve your work skills. Typewriter makes you think deeply and personally attached to your work. So, you can give artistic work. 

3- Easy To Carry

The typewriter is light in size and weight that makes them easy to carry for all. Always sold in suitcase-style bags or handled bags. You can take it with you everywhere easily.

Places Where You Can Find Sale Of Typewriters- Shipping

Typewriters are available everywhere. You can buy typewriters from shops or online stores. So, if you want a buy typewriter, here are some shops:

  • Antique Stores
  • Typewriter Repair/ Sales Shop
  • Flea Markets
  • Yard/Garage Sales

Going and personally looking for a typewriter to buy is good because you can test its working. You can pay its price or you can order online for shipping. But in the end, you are just satisfied. 


Questions To Answers: Buy Typewriter

*Can you still buy typewriters?

Electric and manual, both types of typewriters are still made in the companies and supplies worldwide. So, if you want the continuity of work, a typewriter is the best choice.

*Is it worth buying a typewriter?

Yes, because if you are a writer and you want to work without any disturbance then, a typewriter is the best choice. And it will never get as old as humans.

*How much do typewriters cost?

Older typewriters in good condition were sold for about $200. If you want a non-working vintage typewriter it must be sold for $50 or less. Reconstruct typewriters sold for up to $200 to $800.

*Do any companies still make typewriters?

Yes, many companies still make typewriters. There are many examples like a new and well-liked model typewriter is “Royal Classic” but it is not affiliated with the original Royal Classic company because it is made by China.

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