Can tabs are reusable plastic tabs used to seal beverage containers. They are made out of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic and come in different sizes. They are usually found inside the bottom of soda or beer bottles.

Aluminum cans are made out of metal. You can use them to store things or throw them away. You can sell them if you want to get some extra money. But you won’t make much money because they’re really cheap.

You should sell your tabs at the lowest price possible. This means you should try to get rid of them as soon as you buy them.

Where To Sell Soda Can Tabs For Money

Local and online places to sell soda can tabs for real cash include:

Local Recycling Centers

Recycling centers won’t pay as much for your tabs, but they’ll give you some money for them anyway. You should try to get more than 1lb of tabs per week.

Find Places On Earth

Not sure where recycling centers are nearby? Use, a website that helps people find recycling centers near them. Enter your zip code to see if there are any recycling centers in your area. You can also search by city or state.


eBay is the biggest platform for selling soda pop can tabs, and you can make money by listing them. You can buy them for around $10 each, and you can sell them for more than $100. You can also sell different colors of tabs, but the prices vary widely.You make about $9.50 per week after taxes.


Amazon is another place to sell aluminium tabs, but the market is not as robust as eBay. Prices are actually a little lower than eBay. You are looking at roughly $9 per bag when you add in fees. Selling on Amazon is more profitable than selling on eBay.


You can buy pull tabs on Etsy. There are many sellers who list them on Etsy. Pull tab art is very popular among artists. You can buy pull tabs for about $10 each. However, you can get more if you buy in bulk.

You’re making a little less on ETSY than on Ebay. But if you can get your product listed on Ebay, you’ll make a little more money after fees.

How  To Get  Soda Can Tabs 

You can sell pop cans if you want to. But don’t think about making lots of money off of it. Instead, befriend people who enjoy drinking soda or other beverages. That’ll bring in more cash than selling pop cans.

There are many ways to make money. You can collect cans from your friends or neighbors. You can sell them online or at local stores. You can even sell them at flea markets or garage sales. But there are some things you should know before starting to sell soda can tabs.

Why Should I Recycle Pop Tab?

Soda and beverage pop tabs are aluminum, which is non-biological degradable. They are also toxic to humans.Selling soda cans and their tabs helps reduce environmental degradation. The amount of aluminum used to manufacture soda cans decreases when people recycle them. Learn how to make money from recycling by reading this article.

Learn How To Store The Pop Tabs Properly

Pop tabs are useless and bulky. You should get rid of them.Make sure you store your soda pop tabs in boxes or bags. Don’t put them in plastic bags. Keep them in zip lock bags. You should also have a steady amount of tabs in each box.

Sort The Pop Tabs

Buyers should sort the pop tabs into different bags based on their colors, sizes, and materials. For example, if you want to sell more red tabs, then you should put them into a separate bag.

You should also make sure that your customers know what kind of tabs they’re buying before they place an order.Aluminum tabs are made of metal. Metal does not react to magnetic fields.

Simple Ways To Sell Pop Can Tabs For Money

You can sell your pop tab collection for $20 per box. This is enough to buy yourself a new pair of shoes.You should be careful when selling your pop cans. You should store them properly. You should sort your pop cans before selling them. You should know where to get pop cans.

Where To Sell Your Pop Can Tabs: Summary

Pop cans are used by people who craft items and sell them online. These people like to use pop cans as decoration. They also like to use them when making jewelry or crafts. People who craft these items often use pop cans because they are easy to get and inexpensive.

You can also sell colored pop cans on eBay. Prices on these items will vary. Sometimes, they go for more than normal pop can tabs, and sometimes they go lower.

There are some tricks you can use when selling pop can tabs on eBay, but here are some tips for getting more money for them.

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