Dan is an online marketplace for domain names. Our goal is to make buying, selling, and transferring domain names easy and seamless. We help you get your own.com,.net,.org,.biz,.info and other domain name at the best price possible.

Dan.com is a global marketplace for domains. It provides a platform for individuals and businesses to buy and sell domain names. 

The company offers a suite of products and services, including Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, SEO Services, Mobile Apps, Email Marketing, Website Design, and Digital Marketing. 

Dan.com also provides tools for entrepreneurs to start their own websites, including web hosting, website design, and marketing. Dan.com is headquartered in San Francisco, California, the United States.

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Transformation Story

Dan.com started out as a simple idea. We wanted to create a marketplace for unused domains. We knew there were lots of unused domains floating around the internet, but finding them wasn’t easy. 

So we built a platform that could help us connect buyers and sellers. But we didn’t stop there. We also wanted to make sure that every domain name sold on our site was actually available. 

That meant we had to verify each domain name before putting it up for sale. And since we couldn’t manually check every single domain name, we decided to automate the verification process using blockchain technology.

Dan.com recognized that blockchain technology could help them solve the problems associated with transferring domain names from registrars to users. 

Technology Used

There are thousands of registrars that manage domains, each with their own processes and lock-ins, making these transactions complicated, expensive, and time consuming. To accomplish its goals, Dan.com realized it had to use blockchain technology. Smart contracts allow for automated execution of agreements and transactions, while a public ledger allows for transparency and auditability. 

These features make it possible for Dan.com to automate and scale processes that are currently done manually, ranging from legal contract generation to actual domain transfer to delivery.

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Dan.Com works with IBM and Unchain. They were able to get the blockchain working on IBM’s services. “I don’t even want to imagine what kind of trouble we would have had to deal with if we had had to set up our own servers,” says Sardeha. 

With IBM Blockchain technology, Dan.Com automates the process of changing the owner of a domain without the need for intermediaries. “This automation allows us to offer more complex transaction types, like leasing or renting a property, in a scalable way.” 

The solution can also automatically handle situations such as the end date of a domain name lease or the return of the domain to the seller.

How Does It Work?

Dan.Com uses the blockchain solution‘s public domain transaction verification ledgers to replace the outdated WHO IS database. 

Users can access this public blockchain explorer to check whether a domain is registered under an agreement and see the number of owners a domain has. 

This information allows them to avoid the legal challenges associated with offering rentals and domain leases because the ledger acts as an indisputable notary that tracks who actually owns what domain and who should be responsible for the content published on it.

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Dan.com Summary

Dan.com is a company founded in 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their goal is to help others get access to unused domains and to make sure domain owners get paid for them. 

They offer a marketplace where domain owners can sell their domains at fair prices. Domain names are unique pieces of information, and they are very valuable. 

However, many people never register their domain name because they think there is nothing useful to do with it. Dan.com wants to change that.

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