To delete Teespring account, write an email to Teespring’s private service email,

Use a headline such as “Request to Delete My Account” or “Delete Account Request” for the subject of your email.

The sooner that Teespring is able to see what your request is, the sooner they can remove your account.

Email Template to Reuest Delete Teespricing account

Subject: Request Delete Account from Your Database

Dear Teespring Team

I have a registered account in your database. My registered account name is Nic [Your Name] and my registered email address is [Your Email Address]. As I am unable to use my account for sometimes, I would like to request the deletion of my account from your database totally. If there is any notice or marketing communication email registered with this account, you kindly aid me to delete them totally. I would appreciate if you can provide me a confirmation after the deletion of my account from your database is done. Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards,

Nicky [Your Name]

Deleting your Teespring Account 

Now that your Teespring account is all set up, let’s dive straight into how to delete the Teespring account we have been talking about. 

There is no such option on their website to delete your account, you need to do it in a quite simple way.

First login to your account and see which one of your emails is attached to your account.

 Now after knowing your email that is attached to your account, you will then need to address an email to Teespring’s private service email which is 

Now write an email to the above-given email address and use a title such as “Delete My Account Request” or “Request to Delete My Account” for the subject of your email.

Make it clear in your email that you want your account to be deleted as soon as possible and all your information in the account removed as well.

Now as soon as your email will be seen by Teespring, your account will be deleted completely.

Deleting your Teespring Storefront

In case you don’t want to delete your entire Teespring account but only your Storefront, then follow these steps mentioned below:

1- Open the homepage of your Teespring account.

2- Click on your email on the upper right side of the webpage.

3- Now choose Storefronts from the menu.

4- After opening the Storefronts, select the Storefront that you want to delete.

5- Now you will see a pencil icon in the upper right side of the Storefront that is Edit Storefront, click on this icon.

6- Then the Edit Storefront page will be opened, where you will see another menu on the left side which says, “Settings”, below “About”, “Products”, “Banners”, & “Headings”.

7- Click on the settings, the last option you will see is to delete your Storefront. Tap on this option.

After completing all these steps, your Storefront will be deleted along with all the listings in that Storefront.

Deleting your Teespring Listing

Now when it comes to Listings, it is very common for the creators to delete it as they do it mostly. 

It is quite simple to delete your Teespring Listings if you don’t want to delete your Teespring Storefront. 

All you need to do is to follow some of the same steps.

  • Go to the same menu from where you chose “Settings” to delete your storefront.
  • Now instead of choosing “Settings”, choose “Products”. 
  • When you open up the products menu, you can see a pencil and a trash bin next to each listing in the storefront.

Now click on the trash bin next to a list, then your listing will permanently be deleted from your storefront and products list. 

Why Teespring?

Teespring is the leading E-commerce website for custom-made products.

Teespring tends to provide the sellers with an easy-to-use product publishing platform.  It allows its users to make their own designs, publish them on various available products and also sell them without getting bothered about the production and customer services.

How can you sell on Teespring?

Teespring provides a huge variety of products for its sellers to use where sellers upload their designs and choose which product to sell with that design on them. 

It provides over 60 different products with over 320 variants to sell on your store but as much as this process sounds good so far yet Teespring does not provide a public marketplace for its sellers as each seller gets a private store by default and to make sales the sellers must share his store link with others directly. 

Whether by advertising it on his or her YouTube channel or by usual social media advertising. 

And once an order is placed Teespring takes care of the printing and order handling and shipping. 

How much profit can sellers on Teespring end up with?

The standard payment system on Teespring is based on fixed commissions of the main price. 

Unfortunately, Teespring allows its sellers to determine each product price, but it’s highly advisable by their expert sellers to make your commission profit between, “Four” to, “Six” dollars on average. 

Payment Methods

When it comes to the options you will have to withdraw your earnings through. 

There are two ways to withdraw earnings. 

The first one is Payoneer and the second is PayPal

And once a withdrawal is requested and is initiated, it will take from 24 to 48 hours for the payout to reach your chosen receivable account. 

That is all the needed details you should know when it comes to the payments.

Main Products on Teespring that do well when it comes to sales

We got various products but some of the best are the following: 


1- Tees

2- Stickers


1- Hoodies 

2- Mugs


1- Tapestries

2- Phone Cases

3- Laptop Cases 

4- NoteBooks

Make sure to include the best-selling products in any of your design’s publishing processes.

Can you make good money on Teespring?

One of the biggest realizations that you need to understand, especially if you are just a beginner or just getting started with Printful, is most of your effort, most of your creativity, and most of your energy should be focused on Designs. 

Because Teespring does everything for you. 

All your responsibility as an entrepreneur or as a person just getting started or someone that wants to make a hundred to seven hundred dollars a day is literally to upload Designs. 

If someone goes ahead and buys from Teespring that’s what you get paid for. 

So if you understand that you could cut through the noise in the BS and just focus on Designs.

The problem with most people is they don’t know what designs sell. 

This is why the first step is finding the designs that will work. 

So the first thing you gotta do is of course pick a niche that you want to sell t-shirts to. A good example is very passionate people, people that are kind of crazy, people that have money so Golf, people that like cats, people that like beagles, people that like snowboarding, people that like cows like you’d be surprised how much absolute money you could make with different niches. 

So once you understand the niche the second thing you gotta do is find winning items and design them. 

After you have designed all the products then just upload it on Teespring and then focus on how it could go and sell. 

Now selling is very interesting because there are a lot of different ways. 

For more advanced people, people like Facebook Ads because you know you put a dollar in you get two dollars out, you take the two dollars you put it in, you get four dollars out. 

It’s constantly reinvesting in it, but most people don’t have money to burn for advertising. 

So if you don’t want to burn your money in advertising then the following method is definitely for you. 

How to get free traffic to your Teespring website?

A good example of this is fan joy which is essentially like an E-commerce platform that sells t-shirts and print-on-demand products, but they use influencers to make money. So you could see that this is a concept that works well, and you have to figure out how you can leverage Teespring.

 Now what you need to do is to find out all the influencers that are undervalued meaning they have high views but very few subscribers because these are the people that you would want to do business with. 

And when you work with an influencer to advertise your products and if one of those videos goes viral promoting your Teespring t-shirt, you can make a bunch of money especially the fact that you know all the top sellers that are already working, and you have modeled it with the graphic designer that gave you high-quality work. Now, this is huge because now you are building a good business. 

So now let’s go a step further and grab people’s email addresses so that you could send them more designs when you have new designs. 

Isn’t it great? Because now you don’t have to depend on other platforms or Facebook or YouTube to make money whenever you want to sell a new thing. 

Now when you have their email you can sell them anything that you found on the internet that is related to the thing that they want. 

This is the easiest and cheapest way to promote your products without investing so much money on advertising because when you have a new design that you upload on Teespring, instead of you paying for it to get people to see it from Facebook Ads, from Pinterest, from Twitter, from Instagram, from YouTube and all other social media platforms and getting more influencers to go ahead and do it. 

But by using this easy method you are building an asset that you could send emails to any single day of the year. 

That’s why it is huge and vital when you start a Teespring business store.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Delete Your Teespring Account

As we know that all websites have their pros and cons. 

And we have talked about all the pros of Teespring above so now let’s talk about its cons.

Many people are having trouble with their Teespring accounts after its update but despite all the reasons, the main reason for deleting Teespring accounts is surely their payment threshold. For a creator on Teespring to be paid, they must meet a minimum deal demand of $100. 

With the multitude of designs and larger generators, new generators’ designs get lost in an ocean of further popular wares.

The other reasons that lead creators to delete their Teespring account are their poor customer service, bad quality of products that they deliver, and not meeting the delivery dates.

Now for deleting your Teespring account, you need to follow the steps as stated:

1- Account Creation 

Before diving headfirst into deleting your Teespring, you need to first create an account on Teespring. 

The process is quite simple and hassle-free. 

You can navigate through it without any issue.

Now go to on your search engine of preference. 

After getting into the website you will see the two options on the right side of your screen, “Start creating”, for if you are a newbie, and “Login”, for if you are already having an account.

Choose the first option which is “Start creating”. And follow these next few steps:

  • Fill In Your Profile Information 

This is extremely easy to do. 

Now you need to fill in your profile information.

Enter your Name, Email, and Password with utmost care. 

Then tick on the box below that says, “I’m not a robot” and click on the “Sign up” down below.

  • Name Your Store

Now after clicking on the “Sign up” button, this window will pop up on your screen.

Enter your “Store name” now. 

You can give any name to your store; it’s totally up to you.

  • Select Your Niche

Now you need to select anyone from these options that describe you the best.

After that, you need to connect your account with any of your social media platforms OR you can skip this part. It’s totally up to you.

Then you will be asked to choose the products in which you are interested in making designs. 

There is a huge variety of products, you will need to explore each one of them and select according to your interest or niche. 

After this, you are good to go! Your store has officially been set up and now you will be able to make designs and sell them.

On A Final Note

Teespring is a good platform for people that want to do business, or for merchandisers. But at the same time, it has its flaws, which are mentioned above. 

Now you will need to decide whether to use this platform or not. 

All its pros and cons have been mentioned above.


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