Tips To Write Best Fiverr Profile Description With Examples 

A great description should include a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the end. Your CTA should be something that makes people want to buy your service or product. 

For example, if you sell ebooks, then your CTA could be “Buy my ebook now!” You can also use an incentive such as a discount code.

Don’t worry! Today, I’ll share some tips and tricks to help you write a catchy description to make your Fiverra profile stand out. Let’s go!

How Fiverr Works

Gig workers are known as sellers of services on the Fiverr marketplace. Sellers can sell anything from graphic design to software programming. Buyers can purchase any service offered by sellers.

Fiverr is a website that lets people sell their services online. You can use it to make money by offering different kinds of services. 

To get started, you need to create a free account. Then, you can start selling your services to other users. When someone buys your service, you will receive payment.

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Why Fiverr Profile Descriptions Matter?

We’re here to help you find the right freelancers and companies for your projects. We’ve checked out their profiles and portfolios, and we’re confident that they’ll do great work!

Whenever a buyer lands on your profile, the first thing he/she usually reads is your profile description. So, it’s very important to make sure that you write an effective profile description. 

Your profile description must tell people about yourself, what makes you different from other freelancers, and why they should hire you instead of others. You need to include your photo in your profile as well.

Use Basic English

Always write your profile description in plain English. Most of the sellers on Fiverr are native English speakers. They understand complicated writing styles and complex sentences. So you should make your description clear and understandable. 

Avoid using any kind of slang or abbreviations. Proofread your description once again before posting it on Fiverr!

Get To The Point Right Away

Buyers are spoiled for choice in the FIVERR marketplace. They have all of the options and hold all of the power as they bring cash to the table. 

Sellers are also in your gig category – competition is fierce. You should assume that your buyers have no time to read every word.

You can’t afford to start with a friendlier introduction than a gig description. The image example shows what to do when starting your description.

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Speak About Your Experience Specific To The Gig Category

Everything you do on Fiverr must align with one gig category. You can’t sell t-shirt design gigs on a profile focused on English lessons. 

Technically,you can, but it won’t work effectively because Fiverr considers your profile as a profile while ranking your gigs as too.

Sticking to the above example,the algo will show on the first page only those t-shirt design gigs that are supported by a t- shirt design profile.

Stick To Your Niche

You should focus on one gig because it helps you direct all of your energy into making more money on Fiverr. Your gig title, description, images, and other profile content all work together to help you make more sales. 

Make sure your gig title includes your approach to your niche. What new things do you bring to the table? And how does the buyer’s life change when he or she buys from you?

Enlist Your Clients 

As a part of it‘s new feature, FIVERR has provided some top sellers (who have been listed as “Top Sellers”) with an option to add new widgets of their client base. This image example shows one such brand. 

However, most new and level sellers do not have this option. But that does not mean you can’ t add your clients. You may mention that in your profile description.