Today I would like to introduce you to DiagnosUs, an interesting small app. It’s a free health care gaming app that allows customers to grab up to $50 each day simply to play for a few hours.

If you’re familiar with the game, you obviously understand it’s a fun and rewarding app.

And yet, when you’ve never learned it, I’ve published something here to explain what it really is, how this can help you to earn serious cash simply by trying to play, and why it’s a should-play app.

What is DiagnosUs, and why should you care about it?

Centaur Labs developed DiagnosUs, an essentially free healthcare game app in which players from all over the globe analyze medical situations in an organization.

Modulation index to healthcare machine learning (AI) studies, improving their abilities and earning financial awards in the process. Diagnos Us for android and IOS is exclusively available on the Google Play Store.

Who is allowed to play DiagnosUs?

Anyone from any nationality or academic background is welcome to participate. Surgeons, nursing, healthcare workers, other healthcare workers, and medical researchers have a clear edge due to the scientific pace of the sport.

But if you’re not any of these, this app is for you even if you enjoy trying new skills while playing with others from all over the globe or making money when gaming.

How do you go about playing DiagnosUs?

DiagnosUs members compete by labeling and analyzing several different videos and photos. To recognize melanoma basal cell carcinoma, for example, you can be presented with dermatological photos. Psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin problems include squamous cell carcinoma, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

X-rays of the chest to check for pneumonia, TB, lung cancer, and other abnormalities; ultrasonic photos of the gall to check for problems or to determine if a fetus is men or woman, and so on. You may be asked questions via text as well. 

Radiological, dermatological, USMLE preparations, ultrasound, neurologist, cardio, ophthalmologist, and critical care are only a few of the medical topics covered in these instances.

General health, surgeries, family medicine, pediatrics, and orthopedics pathology in gastrointestinal and pulmonology are also included. The accuracy and correctness of the responses are used to rank the competitors. Awards are awarded to the top-ranked teams.

Why should I bother DiagnosUs?

You can put your professional skills to the test, develop your skills, and discover new stuff. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to compete against people from all over the globe. And, most of all, by spending a few hours each day, anyone can earn cash rewards up to 50 dollars per day if you are good.

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However, on a much more similar note, Diagnos Us customers help to promote intelligent healthcare research, which is a far higher and worthy goal. The clinical situations inside the game are based on larger data submitted by medical AI businesses and research organizations.

Players compete to properly identify and classify them. The outcomes are then given to the database holders so they can educate and develop their AI.

How much money can you make with Diagnos Us?

Cash awards are based on the competition, and if you’re lucky, you may earn up to $50 a day by participating for a few hours. Whether you’re amazingly good, you’ll be able to win a lot extra.

PayPal is the method for cashing out your winnings. So, you should probably give DiagnosUs a shot. It won’t make you wealthy, but this will help you win money in your free time while also contributing to a worthwhile cause.

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