What Is The Digital Veteran Blueprint?

Digital Veteran Blueprint is an online marketing company that sells digital products. They sell training courses, ebooks, and other digital products. 

They do not disclose any information about themselves. Their sales funnel is very unclear and confusing. Their sales tactics are unethical. You should avoid them.

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Is It A Scam?

Digital Veteran Blueprint is a scam site. They refer you to another scam site called OPM Wealth. You’ll be asked to pay $49.95 for a program called OPM Weath.

The sales video on the sales pages of OPM Wealth uses fear, doubt, and negativity as selling points. It tries to push people into acting out of fear, which isn’t something I’m comfortable with. I recommend this alternative instead.

Quick Report On Digital Veteran Blueprint

This program is a scam. The first thing you see when you open the website is a big red button saying “Schedule A Call”. Clicking on that leads you to a page where you can select your time zone and then enter your phone number. 

You also get an option to buy a package of calls or a single call. When you make a call, you get a recorded message asking you to press 1 to talk to someone now or 2 to be connected to a real person. 

Pressing either number connects you to a recording of a woman who says she works for OPM Wealth. She tells you that you need to purchase a package of calls to receive a free consultation. 

She asks you to give her your credit card information. Once you do that, she will send you a link to download a software application. After installing the software, you will be asked to pay $50 for access to the program. 

Then you will be given a link to download another piece of software. That software costs $99.95. Finally, you will be sent a link to download yet another piece of software. 

This last software costs $199.95. All told, you’ve paid $399.95 for something that should cost $0.00.

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