Are you seeking a superb web hosting service that meets your requirements? 

You may know about EIG web hosting that’s why you are here and want to learn more about it so let’s discuss!

1. What Is Eig Hosting?

The EIG is a major provider of website hosting services across the globe. Endurance International Group, or EIG, was the parent company of some of the most well-known hosting companies, notably Hostgator and Bluehost. 

Those hosting firms, on the other hand, were not founded by EIG. They got them over time.

2. EIG Hosting, Why Should I Bother?

One of the major factors for this prospect is the huge accessibility of viable WebHost options available today, for any business scenario and budget assumption.

So, Why should you bother? 

1- Owned Many Hosting Companies

The explanation for this is that, despite the appearance of many prospective hosting companies, most of the well-known web hosts, like Bluehost, Hostgator, as well as iPage, are controlled only by the firm, EIG.

2- Hosting Infrastructure

Another issue is that because all hosting platforms are distributed among all hosting firms, EIG has experienced multiple huge breakdowns over the decades. 

The most well-known, and possibly most eye-opening, happened on August 2nd, 2013. 

The EIG infrastructure in Utah was attacked, and thousands of HostGator, BlueHost and HostMonster users suffered access.

There was a slew of additional minor disruptions as well.

Because several significant hosting businesses were all within EIG’s control, it was clear why they all fell off at the same time.

3- Customer Support

They are well-known for their technical difficulties and restricting speed, interfaces, and other resources.

 Consumer service is also plagued by high waiting hours & slowdowns in delivering the assistance you require.

4- Price Fixing

Finally, this is a single cost strategy in which one firm dominates the cost of a broad range of hosting services through a plurality of hosting providers, which appear to be completely unrelated at first.

It’s referred to as price, so with this dominance, EIG firms will be allowed to establish any cost they want without giving you a choice since you now have a web-hosted on their platform, and transferring is a difficult operation.

3. What Happens for a Hosting Acquired by EIG?

If history is indicating, EIG will proceed to grow its business and acquire ever more hosting companies.

EIG often performs various modifications to a hosting firm after purchasing it, like modifying the control panels, devices, data center sites, organizational modifications to current personnel, and starting to move clients with their infrastructure.

In addition, following EIG’s buying of a hosting provider, most users have experienced a considerable decline in the quality of technical/customer service.

Many users have been dissatisfied with the service reliability when HostGator was purchased. 

When reporting issues, some people have observed a slowdown in reply duration. There has also been an uptick in unhappy customers as clients have been migrated from SoftLayer to the EIG data center in Provo, UT.

Most of EIG’s previous purchases, like HostGator, have been mostly unchanged on the surface, whereas all of the modifications have occurred on the administrative and technological fronts. 

It’s conceivable that HostGator isn’t the same firm we used to know as dependable and performance-oriented. 

As a result, sticking to hosting businesses that aren’t controlled by EIG is a wonderful option.

This is why you should double-check that the hosting you’re going to use isn’t an EIG type. 

Consider DreamHost’s non-EIG and fully protected hosting solution.

4. 20 Hosting Companies And Brands Under EIG 

2slick ( April 2010 or earlier, it has most likely belonged to EIG.
Athenix Corporation, Athenix Inc. ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
AptHost ( at least June 25, 2015, it has been owned by EIG as part of
BigRock ( January of 2014, the company was purchased.
BlueHost ( purchased the company in November 2010.
BlueFur ( at least June 25, 2015, it has belonged to EIG.
BlueDomino ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
Dotster ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
iPage ( July 2011 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
IdeaHost ( May 2007 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
Cloud by IX ( is the owner of this property.IXWebHosting was acquired by EIG in Q4 2015.
VPSlink ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG. ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
HostGator ( June of 2012, the company was purchased.
NameZero ( 2011 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG. ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
HostADay ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
HostCentric ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
EntryHost ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.
DomainHost ( April 2010 or earlier, it has been a member of EIG.

Not all EIG brands are the same

Whether you favor them or not, it’s crucial to recognize that not all Endurance companies are created equal.

Every purchase carries certain danger & ambiguity, and as you might anticipate, certain EIG companies were “put out to pasture” whereas the firm proceeded to expand and develop in other sectors.

During its current administration, BlueHost, for instance, has managed to grow. 

The firm has updated its websites, introduced more hosting providers to its portfolio, and maintained its position as one of the prominent brands in the hosting market. 

eHost, IX Web Hosting, and HostClear on the other hand are no more in business, and their customers have been migrated to other providers.

Are EIG’s hosting companies any good?

The organization does, however, have some distinct advantages, such as an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

However, because I am linked with a variety of Webhosting companies managed by it, I will allow the decision to you.

Non-EIG Hosting Brand’s Alternatives

Hostingerthe most cost-effective option
Rocket.netWordPress platform that is all-in-one.
WP EngineThe best WordPress plans for businesses.
InMotion HostingWeb hosting can be used for a variety of purposes.
Liquid Weba completely managed service company
DreamhostThe greatest option for new businesses.
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