What is Fb candy?

FB Candy allows you to extract email addresses from any website. It is fast, accurate, and ideal for professional marketers. Using FB Candy, it is easy to gather email addresses from any Facebook page, group, or profile.

  • FBCANDY is an essential tool for professional marketers to extract real email addresses from any website. It’s fast and accurate.
  • It retrieves all valid email addresses from FACEBOOK by Subjects Keywords Interests.
  • FACEBOOK GROUPS extracts valid email addresses from all groups that you join or Any Public Groups.
  • It extracts all valid email addresses of your friends in Facebook accounts.
  • It retrieves valid email addresses from any website by Keywords using GOOGLE. It intelligently removes false email addresses and automatically removes duplicates.
  • FBEcom tracks and delivers the latest trends in products, including Last Week’s Best Sellers, Today’s Best Sellers, and Just-launched Bestsellers. Display daily LIVE revenue and sales numbers.
  • Trending just launched a list of the newest products that bring in high revenues. These are the most profitable products you can sell, even if there is little competition.
  • In seconds, millions of products are found. Use powerful filters to quickly find your niche.

How FBCANDY can help us

  • FBAds Spy + FBEcom = Game Changer for people who are doing DropShipping/Ecommerce Shopify, Amazon, eBay These updates help you make more money with your store and huge success with Facebook ads. You can spy on any sponsored Facebook ad and see the performance of your competitors ads LIVE! !
  • Email addresses of all members who are vendors, affiliate marketers in a group. => Even they can sell Database for you => MONEY Again!
  • Email addresses of people who are interested in losing weight, Keeping fit => Promote health, Keeping fit ,… Products=> MONEY AGAIN!
  • WarriorForum.com has many email addresses for membes! WOW = A fantastic opportunity to promote Making Money Online Products From Jvzoo WarriorPlus, ClickBank as an affiliate marketer=> MONEY Again
  • All Linkedin.com Entrepreneurs and Merchants can get their email addresses! WOW => This is a great opportunity to promote many LOANs CPA offers from Maxbounty and Peerfly => MONEY

Exclusive Bonuses by Fb Candy

These are some of the exclusive collections by fb Candy.

  • How to extract REAL email addresses of all your FaceBook friends => This will allow you to make money if your friends are in a specific niche. MONEY!
  • How to write KILLER EMAILS using psychological methods
  • How to send unlimited email messages for free again and again. (Inbox will be GUARANTEED. Follow my Instruction.
  • How to send unlimited email messages for free again and again. (Inbox will be GUARANTEED. Follow my Instruction.
  • 700 Email Subject Lines from Successful Marketers
  • Liste of 5,000 FaceBook groups with over 1,000,000 members
  • Here are 100 shortcuts to perfect ad writing
  • List Of 20 most ACTIVE Facebook Groups in 10 most popular niches
  • 200 Examples Emails in the Most Popular Niche

Plans & Pricing

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