Do you want to earn some extra cash without having to spend hours looking for clients or spending lots of money on marketing? 

Then Fiverr might be perfect for you.

In recent years, Fiverr has become a popular way to get paid to do things such as write articles, design logos, create ebooks and even sell items. 

The site allows freelancers to post their services and then customers bid on them.

Fiverr offers a variety of services from $5 to $500+.

  1. What are Fiverr Gig Ideas?

A gig is your personal advertisement on Fiverr, where you can present the type of products you can provide. 

You should remember that you need to have expertise on the category you select.

You should use Fiverr to make money online by selling your skills as a writer or designer.

  1. Easiest Fiverr Gigs examples

There are many such Fiverr examples to create.

But you should be clear about the best way you choose. 

Let us talk about few easiest fiverr gigs examples that can really help you make a decent amount of money

  • Proofreading and Editing

You should use this service because it helps you make money by providing this service.

Pricing should be based on your experience and skill set. 

A portfolio shows what you’ve done and how much you’re worth. 

Big companies pay more because they trust you.

Proofreaders get paid per word. 

So if you do 10,000 words you could make $33 or $100.

  • Design Book Covers

This could be done online or offline.  can make up to $100 per book cover if you’ve already designed several book covers. However, you’ll need to design more than 10 book covers before you can make over $250 per book cover.

Freelancing is a great career choice for designers because you get paid to create things that people want. 

Graphic designers make money by selling services such as cover design and layout. 

There are many freelance graphic designers who offer these services.

You can design anything from eBooks to logos to posters to clothing to websites to apps. 

You’ll need to know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. to create your designs. 

You should also be familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web development languages.

Self publishing has exploded in the last 10 years. 

Thousands of authors are using eBooks to make money from their work. 

There’s a huge demand for digital cover designs right now.

  • Ad Campaigns

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of any company. 

Companies that generate sales in the industry use these services to get more leads. 

These services are used by businesses to generate more leads.

Companies prefer hiring individuals over agencies because it saves them money plus it is easier to get things done instantly. 

Different kinds of needs exist when it comes to advertising: 

You can wear a watch and take a picture of yourself wearing it. 

Or, you could prepare a campaign or a model for which you’d need to come up with creative ideas.

Marketing is done by using various methods such as social media marketing, radio ads, television commercials, etc.

  • Graphics Design

Graphic designers create websites for businesses. 

They also create logos and other graphics for companies. 

Graphic designers work closely with web developers to make sure that the site works properly. A good graphic designer should be able to understand what the client wants and how to communicate effectively.

  • Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in high demand on Fiverr. 

You can make some extra cash doing simple tasks online. 

These tasks are similar to micro jobs and freelancing.

The price ranges from $5 to $15 an hour depending on how much time you spend working and what kind of job you do.

  • Digital Marketing

Today’s era is a digital age. 

If you’re an online marketer, you should consider this category. 

There are many large companies who need great digital marketers to promote their product. Sponsorship allows you to earn more money by promoting the product. 

Your work must be good if you want to receive orders. 

This way, the possibility of getting more orders is even higher.

  • Logo Designing

There are a lot of companies who use Fiverr for getting an attractive and beautiful logo designed for their business.

Everyday a new company comes up with a request for getting a new logo or making some changes in existing logo.

A logo design is a simple process. 

You need to create a logo using your creativity and imagination. 

There are many tools available online to help you make a great logo.

All you need to show in the field is creativity. 

Thus if you have it in yourself then there is no stopping you in it. 

In truth, learning logo design is very easy and can take place in a brief time. 

You can earn a great deal of cash by selecting this gig, everything relies upon your portfolio. 

If you’ve got experience and previously designed a logo for some huge organizations then you can earn around 75 to 100 dollars for one logo and thus it is one of the most effective Fiverr gigs to earn money.

  • Creating Video Greetings or Intros

You can make me some cool animations. 

You should know how to use Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere Pro, and other related programs.

  • Business Expert –

Business experts hire expertise to provide a J curve (a graph showing how a company grows over time) for businesses. 

This may be a great opportunity for someone who knows what elements play a role in a successful business.

  • Article Writing

Article writing is a great way to make money online. 

It is not an easy job. 

Not everyone can do it. 

Hence, if you have great writing talents, this can be one of your best gigs on Fiverr. 

There is a lot of money involved, and it has become very popular recently due to its increasing demand.

You can write about anything you want as long as you know what your audience wants. 

Writing articles takes time but it pays off.

  • Website Testing

People who create websites and apps can be hired by others to help them out. 

This is an easy job that requires minimal skills. 

You can earn money by helping others make their websites better.

A website builder is a tool that allows users to create their own web pages by dragging and dropping components onto a page. 

There are many different types of website builders available today, but most require some level of programming or coding knowledge. 

Some website builders allow users to create custom designs without any programming knowledge. 

These tools are called drag-and-drop website builders.

  • Designing Flyers Leaflets Business cards and Postcards

Flyers are very useful for advertising purposes. 

Companies use them to advertise their products and services. 

People also use them to promote themselves and their businesses.

Business Cards Design – $5

  • Freelance web research

Web research can be a great time-saving gig that pays well. 

You need to pay attention to details, investigate things thoroughly, and report them back in concise reports.

Persistence is the ability to continue working despite obstacles. 

In this case, persistence means finding email addresses, images or brands mentioned online, or figuring out how the competition is performing.

  • Sell your social media skills

To create an effective content strategy, you need to know how to use SEO effectively. 

You should also understand how to engage customers by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube.

You need to be able to understand how to generate engagement on these platforms. 

You also need to be able to adapt content and tone to different social platforms. 

Finally, you need to be able to build a following on social media.

You could also do picture sourcing / editing tasks, or even offer to start up social media profiles from scratch. 

Plus, especially if you have a strong social media content on your social profiles then its another great way to make money by charging businesses a fee to share their content on your social profiles.

But please note – if you do share sponsored content,remember to follow the ASA guidelines.

  • Diet Plan

Dietitians are hired by people to guide them on what foods they should eat. 

People need to know how much exercise they should do to lose weight. 

Some people have health problems, and others want to gain weight.

This job pays well because of the high demand for these services. 

One must be knowledgeable about nutrition and health.

  • Teach your hobbies

Freelance gigs are great because you get paid to work on something you enjoy. 

You can teach yourself anything if you want to make money doing it. 

  • Giving Tips to new Parents

New parents should consult a professional counselor before having children. 

A counselor can help them deal with the stress and anxiety associated with parenting. would be responsible for answering questions about childcare safety of toddlers. 

Theiranswers would include information about their general habits, breastfeeding and other such things. 

They could also offer advice on how to deal with these issues. 

This job requires a lot of patience and time management skills.

  • Business Plan

The business plan agency provides more than 1000 positive reviews. 

Their plans include an executive summary, opportunity, solution, growth, key factors, and more.

Market and Competitive Analysis Summary, strategy and Implementation Summary. 

  • Photoshop Editing

This service has been very successful because many people need help with their photos. 

There are plenty of things you can do with your photo editing skills.

There is an image Photoshop editing software used by professionals to edit photos. 

There are many features available in the premium version of Photoshop. 

You can use these features to improve the quality of images.

A portfolio is an excellent way to show off your work. 

Customers can see what you’ve done and how much you charge. 

  • Market Research

Being a professional market researcher you can provide comprehensive research gigs. 

You can offer competitive analysis (pricing, revenues, marketing strategies) as well as industry trends and customer segmentation.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an effective way to promote your business. 

You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, etc. to advertise your products and services.

Freelancer is a website that helps freelancers promote their work online. 

You can use it to grow your business by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • Business Cards

Business cards are an important part of most people’s lives. 

People use them to show off their professional image. 

This gig offers a wide variety of designs that can be customized to fit your needs. 

You can also check out others’ portfolios and see what they have done before.

  • Product Description Writing

Product descriptions need to be creative and informative. 

This gig requires a lot of creativity and expertise. 

Writing product descriptions is a very lucrative job. 

Almost every product that we see online needs a product description. 

So if you have some knowledge and experience in writing product descriptions then you can also opt for this gig on Fiverr.

This job requires no prior experience or education. 

You can get paid up to $5 to $50 for each description. 

Try it out now!

  • Making Video Tutorials

You should learn how to create your own tutorial videos. 

This is something you should do if you want to earn money online. 

You can earn a lot of money by creating your own video tutorials. 

People love watching these kinds of videos because they get to see things they wouldn’t normally be able to see.

  • Website SetUp

Website setup may be simple or complicated depending on what you want. 

  • Viral Promoter

You can earn money by sharing others’ content online. 

If you have a large number of followers, you can promote them and get paid for it!

This gig is very simple. 

You just need to post videos or photos about topics that people love. 

People will follow you if you do something they love.

You can make money by posting videos on Youtube or Instagram. 

However, you need to promote other products too. 

This means that you should post videos about other products as well.

  • Proofread student essays

Students should always double-check their work before submitting it. 

Having someone else proofread your work can help you spot mistakes and improve your writing skills. 

You can make money by offering to proofread student assignments.

  • User testing

User Testing is a great way to get insider access to future trends. 

You can get paid to test products, but you’ll probably want to do some research first. 

Be confident when presenting your opinion about products. 

Try out different products before buying them. Write well-written emails to companies. 

Record yourself talking about products.

User testing is a task that involves giving feedback on anything from websites, games and applications to customer service and complaints. 

You could be asked to test any type of product including tech, stationery and more. 

However, it is worth bearing in mind that by specializing in certain areas, you may get an opportunity to gain early access to products before they go public. 

This means you could help shape their development.

  • Teach Language

People who are bilingual can make money by teaching other languages.

Short courses can be sold to those who want to learn a new language. 

Students can buy short language courses to help them learn a new language.

  • Whiteboard Animation Video Creator

Animation videos are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and marketers. Whiteboard animation videos are a great way to attract views and capture the audience’s attention.

  • Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for creating content and engaging audiences across different platforms. 

They also work closely with other departments within an organization to make sure that the message being sent by the brand is consistent across all channels.

Social media manager gigs are great ways to make money online. 

You can use them as a side hustle or even a full time job.

  • Illustrator

Illustrators produce illustrations for advertising, books, magazines, packages, greeting cards, and newspapers. 

Working as a freelance artist is a fulfilling way of utilizing your artistic abilities to communicate through pictures

 Anyone who has a large amount of talent, the ability to show off their skills, and knows how to connect with clients could make a great deal of money on Fiverr.

  • Resume writer

Due to the unemployment rate, freelance resume writers are at an all time high! 

A freelance resume writer helps people turn their boring, bland resumés into well-crafted marketing materials that showcase their skills and experience. 

Resume writing for individuals offers you the chance to help them get hired, as well as earn money from your writing skills! 

Don’t know how to begin? Start by looking at yourself.

Check out these Resume Writing gigs on Fiverr for some inspiration.

  • Mobile app developer

Mobile apps are becoming more popular every day. 

Developers are needed to create them. 

There are many different types of jobs available for mobile app developers.

There are many mobile app development gigs available for you to choose from. 

You can start by creating apps for Android or iOS devices. 

After that, you can create games for mobile phones. Or maybe you want to develop an application for a specific business. 

Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get started.

Digital Marketer

A freelance digital marketer helps companies promote their products and services online. 

Their job is to reach out and engage with their target audience, drive them towards their client’s website, and convert them into paying customers. 

Digital marketing is everywhere – they’re involved in online communities, join conversations in LinkedIn, share great content in Facebook, and try to do everything they can to ensure their clients reach their goals!

You can get some great gigs on Fiverr. 

Some of them include: Logo Design, Social Media Management, Website Design, Business Card Design, and more.

  • Infographic Designer

People are drawn to visuals. 

  • With the advent of digital marketing the demand to hire infographic designers has been rising significantly, the search volume has increased upto 500%.Voice Over Service Provider

Great ideas need great voice overs! Voice talent may be needed. 

Any number of reasons may include phone recordings, virtual answering service, or video creation. 

  • You can do this by yourself or hire someone else to help you. Podcast Related Service Provider

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. 

More people are listening to podcasts every month. 

People who produce these shows get paid well.

  • WordPress Designer

WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system) used by millions of people around the world to create and maintain web pages. 

This platform allows you to easily manage and publish content on your website. 

In 2020, there are going to be a lot of new features added to this platform. 

  • Infographic

Infographic design is an art form that uses graphics to present information visually. 

Infographics are often used to represent large amounts of data or statistics. 

Companies use infographics as part of marketing campaigns, and many blogs and websites use them to share interesting facts about topics such as technology, politics, science, etc.

Infographics help in compressing and displaying the information in a visually appealing manner. If you are familiar with how to create infographics, then it can be an excellent source of income for you! 

There are many tools that can be used to design an infographic.

  • Game developer

The gaming market is growing every day. 

You should work hard to make your portfolio complete. 

  • Sales funnel creator

A sales funnel is an organized process that leads people to purchase products or services. 

In this case, we’re talking about selling digital content such as eBooks, courses, software, etc.

  • Canva designer

Designers should use Canva to create professional-looking graphics. 

They can use Canva to create simple graphics, logos, and posters.

  • Writing Reviews

There are many ways to earn money online by writing reviews. 

You can write reviews for Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, etc. 

You can also write reviews for other people’s products. 

You can write reviews on different topics such as movies, music, games, apps, and more. 

You can earn money by writing reviews for these products.

  • Language translator

Freelance translators must be fluent writers who know how to write well. 

They also need to understand the style of other languages.

These language translation gigs are great! You could make money by translating English into Spanish or vice versa. 

You’ll need to be fluent in both languages though.

  • Travel Planner

This gig sounds really interesting! I’m sure many people want to know more about travel destinations and how to get the best deal on travel packages. 

You can help companies decide where to go and what to do while traveling. 

Traveling is fun but it can also be expensive. 

So if you’re interested in helping others out then this could be a great opportunity for you.

This is an interesting profile because it requires you to think about a lot of different things. 

You need to be prepared for everything that could happen during the trip. 

You also need to know what kind of people are going to be there. 

There might be some cultural differences that you need to consider.

  • Audio Editor

Freelance sound editors use a variety of skills to create sounds for movies, television shows, video games, commercials, and other media. 

Sound editors also work closely with directors and producers to make sure each project is completed successfully. 

A bachelor’s degree in audio engineering or production technology is often required. 

Experience working as a sound engineer is also helpful.

  • Financial Consulting

You should be an expert in finance. 

You must help your clients to make a budget, give them advice on alternative business financing options, analyze risks in investments, etc.

  • Creating Gifts out of Recycled Materials

A lot of people can make cool stuff out of trash.

You can  make some new products from old stuff.

You can start by creating a free account on Fiverr and start selling your products.

  • Social Media Page Setup

Social media is an important part of today’s world. People use social media to connect with each other, promote their businesses, and even sell their products.

This gig is about creating and setting up pages for your business on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

You’ll be paid $5 for every page created.

This is an easy task where you just need information about your client’s profile. 

You can make some money by doing this. 

There is huge demand for this kind of work.

  • Transcribing Audio Files

A lot of people use this service because they want to make money online.

However, there are many people who do not know how to translate or record audio. 

Therefore, they end up wasting time and money.

  • Website Tester

There are loads of website and app owners who need users to try out their sites for usability or bugs. 

They don’t wanna get their visitors confused when faced with their website because they already know that’s one of main reasons why people hit the back button and look for another more conducive site.

  • Website Designing

Websites are becoming more popular than ever before. 

People now use the internet to buy things or do research. 

  • Businesses want to reach potential customers by having an attractive website. Consultant

Consultants who write well get many clients.

They provide freelance services to people who want to make money online. 

You can hire them to do anything from writing content to designing logos or even creating videos.

  • Jewelry 

Jewelry design is an art form that requires skill and creativity. 

People who make jewelry love doing it because they can express themselves through their creations.

Fiverr offers many different ways to earn money by selling jewelry designs.


People around the globe want to buy handmade jewelry. 

So, if you have a flair for design, you can start your own jewelry business. 

You can also make good money by selling your products online.

sure there are many other ways to make money online. You should try them out!

are some of the other skills in everyone, all you have to do is discover them. So, whatever skills or talent that you have, you should go ahead and select your gig on Fiverr. That would not only earn you money but also boost the self-confidence in you.

  • Web 

Similar Web is a market intelligence company that helps you discover insights about traffic, engagement, search, and more. 

You may have heard or seen some news stories online claiming that making money through stocks, ETFS, and other investments is a great way to earn extra income. 

Today, Instagram biography has become an inevitable part of anyone who wants to make money online.

  1. How to earn money from Fiverr?

To make money from the Fiverr website, you need to be an expert in some of the fields listed above. 

You can make a large amount of money by doing jobs for people on the site. 

However, they will start out paying $5 for your first work, and later if you prove yourself, you can get paid more.

First register on this website with your email id and unique username. 

Then, you must create your personal profile, including your name, expertise, etc. 

In order to get more clients, you must upload your own image. 

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be asked to request work. 

It will then begin working after that.

  1. What things can be done to earn money from Fiverr?
  • A review video of a website/app. 
  • Designing the logo 
  • Share a link to someone’s site on social media
  • Write an article or blog post
  • Create an eBook cover 
  • Make an app 
  • Market through social media
  • Create a website for someone
  1. Description for Fiverr Checklist
  2. Proper Research

Fiverr doesn’t like or approve copied or modified descriptions. 

You will have a hard time ranking your gigs high in the Fiverr Search Engine. 

Besides all the algorithmic rules, the original, unique and user-friendly description has an upper hand over the copied ones.

b. The Right Keywords

Fiverr gig SEO is very important when selling gigs. 

You should always select and use the right keywords in your description. 

Using too many keywords might make your gig look spammy.

c. An Introduction

Your introduction must be in simple English because most people who buy gigs are non-native English speakers. 

Keep the intro clear and concise. 

Don’t use too many long words or complicated phrases. 

Stick to the important facts and write about what you know.

d. Animations

Animation is an effective way to get people interested in your product or service. 

You can use this technique to promote your company by creating a short video advertisement.

e. Your Experience

Buyers like to work with people who are experienced with the service they offer. 

You should provide a brief description of your experience and what makes you unique among other sellers in your field. 

You should also share some examples of your previous work.

VI. The Unique Selling Points of Your Service

1. Format the whole description nicely. 

2. Make use of bullet points and highlight features to emphasize the important parts of the description so that  the buyers can contact you or place order.

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