What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people sell services for $5 or less. You can buy anything here, including web design, logo creation, video editing, writing, etc. There are thousands of sellers on this site, and you can choose any service you want. All payments are made via PayPal.

Withdrawal Through PayPal

A notification will be shown, letting you know that the withdrawal has begun. You’ll also receive an email. Click the link in the mail to continue the withdrawal process. 

Note: The email is sent to the email associated with your PayPal account if you don’t have a PayPal account associated with your Fiverr account. 

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you’ll need to create one. See PayPal for more information on how to set up your PayPal account.


The minimum withdrawal amount is $1, but there is no charge.

Withdrawal Through Payoneer

The availability depends on the withdrawal provider’s coverage. You can make withdrawals once every 24 hours. The maximum daily withdrawal amount is $5000, and you can withdraw any amount below in full.


No fees are charged for processing withdrawals. You must confirm the currency and amount before withdrawing. 

Your withdrawal amount includes the conversion fee, so the amount may appear to decrease after the conversion fee is applied. 

To avoid this issue, you can change your currency from Settings—in the confirmation window. 

How Do I Get Paid On Fiverr?

  • First, you need to check if you have enough money to withdraw. You can do this by logging into your Fiverr account and selecting the Selling menu. 
  • Then choose Earnings. Next, you need to choose one of the four different ways to withdraw funds from Fiverr.
    • Bank transfers are easy to use. 
    • PayPal is also easy to use. 
    • Direct deposit is another option. 

How To Withdraw Money To Your Fiverr Revenue Card

Once you’ve earned enough money on Fiverr, you should be able to withdraw your Payoneer card. 

You’ll see a list of available funds. Below this, there will be buttons allowing you to withdraw money to your Paypal or Payoneer accounts. Click ‘Payoneer revenue card.’ Withdrawal begins now. You will be notified when you can withdraw your funds.

What Is The Fiverr Payoneer card?

The Fiverr Mastercard is provided by Payoneers and powered by Mastercard. It’s completely flexible and makes getting to your money easy. You can use it to buy stuff in stores or online, and even withdraw cash from ATMs. 

If you have a payoneer account, you could also go to your payoneer account to transfer funds from your card into your normal bank account.

You must use a Payoneer bank transfer to receive money from Fiverr.

How To Get A Fiverr Revenue Card

A new Payoneer account is created automatically when you sign up for Fiverr. Your Fiverr revenue card is sent to your inbox as soon as you create it.

  • Open your email and click on a link you find there. 
  • You’ll be brought back to Fiverr, where you’ll see a button marked “Get started’. 
  • Follow instructions to create a new Payoneer account for your Fiverr Card.

Fiverr’s Revenue Card Fees

A Fiverr revenue card costs $5 to set up. You’ll get a Payoneer freelancer account that’s free too. 

You can use your Fiverr revenue card as a debit or credit card, but you’ll be charged 1.5% per transaction. This means that if you spend $100, you’ll get back $105.50.

You can use Payoneer to get money from your bank account without any fees or charges. 

But if you want to withdraw more than $500 per week, you’ll need to pay a fee. Withdrawing less than $500 per week doesn’t require any additional charge.

Withdrawing funds from Fivver to Payoneer really works out well if you need to convert money into a different currency, because Payoneer doesn’t take any fees. You can also use Payoneer to send money directly to a bank account in another country without paying an extra fee.

You should avoid using Fiverr if you want to get paid in foreign currency.

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