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It was founded in 2012. It was not that popular in the beginning but gained popularity in a few years and helped a million web developers and designers for building websites. Now it has gained much name and fame among WordPress users because it offers several services and features to its customers. 

It can be used by developers who want to build sites for their clients or themselves. Today it has millions of satisfied customers and different sites trust flywheel as a provider of exceptional hosting services. 

Services provided by Flywheel

1. Managed WordPress Hosting

It helps you to manage all the back-end tasks along with the development, maintenance, and security of the site easily. By using this managed WordPress hosting, there is no need to worry about the site’s updating i.e.,Plugins or themes, etc. All these updates are managed by the dedicated professional team.

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2. Log in Just Once

It is quite hectic for the users to log in again and again into the WordPress sites. They might get fed up especially when they are running short of time. So to tackle this problem, Flywheel offers an easy one-time login service. It helps in saving time.

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3. Free of Cost Site Migration

By using this, users can easily transfer their data from the host to the flywheel. Before the site goes live, the data will be transferred to the flywheel within 24 hours. For doing this, only a migration form needs to be filled. 

Moreover, if you want to do things your way and already know how to migrate your site, you can easily do it. In case you are stuck at some step, you can watch the video guide that Flywheel has provided. And it is all free of cost.

4. Demo Sites

Flywheel also provides many demo sites. You can create and style your site and design them according to your interest to get the perfect results. These demo sites are also free of cost till you go live.

5. Login Credentials

To work efficiently on a project, many people need login credentials. While others may feel a bit insecure to let the developers work on their site because they have the same credentials as them. 

Therefore,flywheel offers a collaboration in which different accounts can be created and appointed to the developers. And after the completion of work, those accounts can be easily deleted. So there is no need to worry about handing out the very login credentials.

6. Caching Service

The plugin and caching enhance the user experience and overall site performance. But paying for it feels a bit expensive. So flywheel provides a built-in caching service which is included in their hosting plan.

 It provides better performance and full optimization to your site i.e.,quick loading up of the pages. Even this is all free of cost if you have signed up for flywheel hosting.

7. Backups 

The biggest issue a webmaster confronts is losing his content. It can be due to multiple reasons like malware or hacking. But using a flywheel will solve this problem because it backs up all the data automatically into an off-site location.

 It is done regularly. It is a great way to save all the data and precious time without you being worried about backing up your hard work yourself.

8. Billing

If your clients want a site, you can easily create it and transfer the bill by using Flywheel’s billing transfer option for developers. There is no need for you to pay extra charges for the completion of your project as it can be paid using a flywheel.

Flywheel Analysis


It is the most important factor for a site to be considered in the selection of well-managed WordPress hosting. Moreover, the prices for such services are steep so the users expect better performance. Therefore the Flywheel hosting plans have inbuilt caching at the server level.

 It assures the best performance along with great speed. Furthermore, you do not need to install third-party caching plugins. Flywheel hosting gives great results in terms of page loading time. For example, the Pingdom test results showed that Flywheel’s page of 904kb loaded just in 1.57 seconds and there were 48 requests received. 

Here is another example of the GTMetrix test results. When the fancy themes were tested out on GTMetrix, it was found that a page of 882kb size with 40 requests received, was loaded in 2.0 seconds. Therefore excellent results of page speed were recorded on the page speed score box i.e.,93%. 

The high speed enables one to attract more customers and generate more traffic to the site.


It is also a crucial factor to be considered for examining the performance of a site under heavy traffic. Most of the sites get slowed down when there is a heavy load or traffic.

 It causes a significant loss of viewers and subscribers. But flywheel users would not face this problem even on the busiest days because the site would perform at the same speed.

Features for Better Performance

1.It provides cloud hosting infrastructure from Google Cloud.

2.For the improvement of performance and scalability, it has an Nginx server.

3.There is no need for using a caching plugin because it provides a built-in server-level caching.

4.It also offers a built-in content delivery network (CDN) which is powered by Fastly.

Features for Security

1.To prevent the site from DDoS attacks, it provides WAF i.e.,a web application firewall.

2.Flywheel also provides SSL certificates which are free of cost. These are powered by letting us Encrypt.

3.It also offers free malware removal in case anything makes it through/remains.

Features for Convenience

1.It has an extremely well-designed custom hosting dashboard.

2.There are automatic backups regularly.

3.There are single-click staging sites available.

4.The Blueprints help you develop a new site by using the previously packaged template of plugins and themes.

5.Local integration for automatically deploying your local development site to Flywheel hosting (either the live site or staging site).

6.Only one-time login is required to access all the sites of yours.

7.Several users can be added to your Flywheel account as collaborators without you having to hand out your credentials to them.

8.Plug-in updates in a managed way.

Features for Agency Focus

1.It provides a billing transfer service to send the sites to client’s billing accounts in an easy way.

2.There is a unique feature i.e.,Growth suite that enables you to manage and bill your clients.

3.Also the access to all StudioPress child themes and Genesis framework is free of cost.

Pricing and Hosting Plans

Flywheel offers a diversity of hosting plans and pricing is quite suitable. The money you pay is effectively used i.e.,there is no compromise on the overall performance and speed of the site. Therefore we can safely say that your money is spent in a reliable place.

Following are Some Plans

A. Tiny Plan

It is $15 per month. This plan includes 5000 monthly visits, 5GB disk, 250 GB bandwidth, SSL support (+$10/mo), and CDN (+$10/mo).

B. Bulk plans

It includes 2 different packages: 

i. Personal Plan

It costs $30 per month with 25,000 monthly visits, 10GB disk, 500GB bandwidth, SSL support (+$10/mo), CDN (+$10/mo) and multi-site (+$10/mo).

ii. Professional Plan

This plan costs $75 a month with 100,000 monthly visits, 20GB disk, 1TB bandwidth, SSL support (included), CDN (included) and multi-site (included).

C. Custom Plan

1. It includes millions of monthly visits, custom disk, custom bandwidth, SSL support (included), CDN (custom), and multi-site (included). You can easily visit the Flywheel’s custom plan tab and customize the disk, bandwidth, and monthly visits according to your requirements. 

2. All these are the reasons why flywheel is rated among the top hosting sites in the market.

Flywheel Support Services

1.It offers a great support service that is available 24/7. It gives an option of live chat and ticket support through a user-friendly widget. 

2.On custom plan or agency plan, there is access to phone support from Monday to Friday (9 AM to 5 AM CST)

3.Flywheel has friendly and efficient agents who can help in resolving the issues.

Pros and Cons of Flywheel

Pros of Flywheel Hosting

1.It provides the best performance in hosting the sites with Flywheel.

2.The help and support services are available 24/7.

3.For higher-tier plans, phone support is available.

4.The custom dashboard is extremely well designed with several attractive features

5.For the agencies and freelancers, flywheel provides several purposeful development workflows e.g. collaboration, local integration, and billing transfer, etc.

6.It uses a cloud-based infrastructure that helps in the performance of websites to the best level.

7.Almost 10 data centers of flywheels are present all over the world including Asia, America, and Europe. It helps the users and site to perform its best at a high speed.

8.There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the web host.

9.The WordPress hosting plan is quite affordable.

10.Flywheel has also partnered with Sucuri (a well-known provider of WordPress security solutions) and provides the best security to its users for their sites’ safety.

Cons of Flywheel

1.For the premium support and performance, you have to pay the premium price.

2.Unlike many other managed WordPress hosts, it does not provide email hosting services. If you still want to create an email account then you have to pay some extra charges for enjoying services like google workspace or MXRoute.

3.Even though it has its database management tool, it does not provide phpMyAdmin. it is not compulsory but some users might prefer it.

4.The SSL certificates can be installed but cannot be bought.

5.The managed security and performance provided by Flywheel make it impossible to access SSH.

6.One of the major cons of flywheel hosting is that it does not sell any domains which can be troublesome for some users.

7.Also it does not provide any email hosting.  

Performance Tests of Flywheel

For choosing the best WordPress host, performance must be taken into consideration. It is the most important thing to know before selecting a WordPress host. 

There are two types of tests i.e.,webpage test and load focus test. The webpage test is used for one-off tests and for testing the load, the load focus test is used. The firewall of the flywheel blocks the usual load testing tools including the load focus test. So it was not possible to do such testing.

Flywheel is built in a way to prevent your site from DDoS attacks. It means not too much data would be collected as compared to normal data collection. The prevention of DDoS attacks can be considered as load testing.

Flywheel showed an excellent performance in webpage load testing. And the personal experience using a flywheel for hosting the high traffic sites showed that it can do very well even under scale. 

For FIOS connection usage, a webpage test was configured and nine separate tests were run. And the overall performance was good enough that the users will not be disappointed. 

Site Dashboard

Flywheel offers its customized hosting dashboard. Therefore instead of using cPanel or any other off-the-rack hosting management, you can easily use this customized dashboard. It is designed in a way to help its users to create and manage their site. 

For the organization of your websites (if you have many), a flywheel can be used to do so. It has a tagging system that helps its users to filter and tag sites. After your site’s selection, you’ll be provided a dashboard to help you manage your tasks i.e.,backups, plug-ins, etc.

The main dashboard enables the users to see the collaborators i.e., the people that have access to the site. The plugin tab helps you see the plugin list of your site and the updates if available.

There is a stats tab. It is helpful as it enables the users to track the billing and also monitor the usage of the site. 

The backup tab helps the users to manage all the backups either automatic or manual. It also provides an option through which you can easily download or restore. The best thing about the backup interface is that it provides a quick summary of the stats of your site so that you can efficiently choose the backup that is right for you. 

The advanced tab has some useful features for example turning a staging site on.

1.It also helps you to force the HTTPS, 

2.Provision of built-in CDN,

3.Purging or deletion of cache,

4.Enabling the debug mode and so many other features are offered by Flywheel.

A thing that is a bit nonstandard is that Flywheel does not provide phpMyAdmin for the management of the database but many other hosts offer this. Instead, it provides a custom database management tool of its own.

Optional Add-Ons

Some of the optional add ons are also provided by Flywheel. A common add-on offered by Flywheel is the extra site. For adding a site to your plan, you have to pay $20 a month. However the storage and visit limit would not be increased by adding the site, so you have to keep in mind the limit and work within it.

Flywheel uptime guarantee

If you want the top-notch performance of your site, Flywheel is the best option. It has an excellent support system with many efficient agents to guide you. Its live chat is open for the users 24/7 so it is considered as 99.9% uptime. 

By using it, you are not sharing your server space with anyone else so you would get better performance and security. It also provides you with exceptional features and good hosting plans. Flywheel has made the building of a site much easier as there are several free demo sites available and single-click staging features.

Flywheel hosting benefits and reviews

However, there is a tradeoff that Flywheel costs a bit higher if you need to host more than one site, as compared to the other hosts. But it is not expensive for premium WordPress hosting.

 It seems expensive because the other competitive hosts require low prices on multiple sites and flywheel charges a bit more but the performance and support are exceptional.

Local by Flywheel review

A local development environment built for the simplification of the workflow of developers and designers of WordPress is known as Local by Flywheel. It is free of cost. 

This local web server software helps you to create your site on a machine other than going live or staging the server. Even it has the option to send live links of the site to others. It is designed in a way to develop excellent sites with a diversity of features.