BlueHost and Flywheel are two well-known web hosting companies. They are, nevertheless, completely dissimilar. We’ll compare Bluehost vs FlyWheel today in order to let you determine which is the best option for your web. All info here is built on actual facts from the network of people just like you, allowing you to make an independent assessment.

Overview Of Flywheel

Flywheel provides a WordPress-specific organized hosting forum, allowing visitors to focus on what they love rather than worrying about server construction. Flywheel focuses on creating your website as quickly and safely as possible, but they don’t have as many options as other hosting companies.

Managed hosting solutions aren’t for everyone, but those that do will surely enjoy the Flywheel forum. Flywheel’s company is passionate about what they do: managed WordPress hosting that is well optimized.

Speed Of The Website

All Flywheel plans are built on the Google Cloud Platform and use the latest world-class hardware to guarantee your site’s load as rapidly as feasible.

Flywheel has an average response time of 0.3 seconds after a month of measurement and analysis. You’ll never want to be concerned about how well your clients’ websites operate with response speeds like that. Everything is adjusted behind the scenes for desired performance day in day out so that you and your customers can rest comfortably.

Overview Of Bluehost

Bluehost, a hosting provider, provides a one-click WordPress installation. Bluehost is even more appealing because of its inexpensive entry price of $2.75 per month

Unlimited storage space is unbeatable when combined with a user-friendly cPanel and back end. Bluehost provides various free shopping carts for eCommerce firms, as well as a free CDN and SSL to all subscribers.

Bluehost provides 3 categories of shared hosting services, guaranteeing that almost anyone seeking shared hosting will find something that suits them.

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Speed Of The Website

 In site speed tests, Bluehost always came in the last place. The load time averaged 1107 milliseconds during 30 days.

We saw a top reaction time of 29 seconds at one point, which is extremely bad. They’re one of two providers we looked at who reached a stalemate in terms of website speed.

Site success is affected by server resources and also how many sites were using these capabilities in a shared hosting environment.

However, because site performance affects both search engine rankings and user experience, a slow site can harm your image and cause your business to rank lower than you might otherwise.

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Flywheel – Plans and Pricing

PlanNo. of sitesStorageBandwithMonthly VisitsPrice/MOPrice/Year
TinyUpto 15 GB20 GB5000$15$150
StarterUpto 110 GB50 GB25,000$30$300
FreelanceUpto 1020 GB200 GB100,000$115$1150
AgencyUpto 3030 GB500 GB400,000$290$2900

Bluehost – Plans and Pricing

Shared Hosting$4.95

Bluehost provides sub plans in these 3 plans, so you can head to BlueHost Plans for more information

Advantages Of Flywheel

  • Networking that is cloud-based and performs well.
  • Security solutions in their entirety.
  • Guaranteed money refunded.
  • IP blocking of the highest quality, with customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Excellent server response and availability.

Disadvantages Of Flywheel

  • Because of controlled security, People are unable to access SSH.
  • WordPress hosting is the only option.
  • There is no built-in deployment.
  • SSL certificates are not available for purchase directly.

Advantages Of Bluehost

  • Low-cost
  • Bandwidth and storage are both unrestricted.
  • Add-ons that are completely free
  • Money-back assurance for outstanding customer service
  • Credits for free marketing
  • Various types of web hosting
  • Uptime Assurance
  • cPanel
  • Exceptional standing

Disadvantages Of Bluehost

  • There are no servers that run Windows
  • Costs for site relocation are not the lowest in the industry
  • CPU utilisation is restricted.
  • Reseller accounts have slow web pages.
  • Customer service is slow.
  • Default DNS is a single configuration. 

Comparison Table Of Flywheel VS Bluehost

Flywheel hostingBlueHost hosting
Plans: Managed WordPress VPSPlans:WordPressVPSDedicatedShared
Faster hostingFast web hosting provider but not like Flywheel
Designated for designers, freelancers, and creative departmentsDesignated for small businesses, blogging, and WordPress
Prices: Flywheel’s VPS hosting starts at $15.00 per monthPrices: VPS hosting from BlueHosts starts at $24.99 per month
Resemblances: Plans based on LinuxCustomer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there is 30-day money-Web hosting for WordPressExceptional uptimeResemblances: Plans based on LinuxCustomer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there is 30-day money-Web hosting for WordPressExceptional uptime
Easy to useEasy to use
Founded in 2009Founded in 2003 
Uptime and reliability is 100%Uptime and reliability is 99%

Flywheel Is Dominated Over Bluehost

If you’re considering Flywheel, it’s also a good idea to look at the other Hosting Services category in our collection of B2B software evaluations.

It’s crucial to remember that no service in the Hosting Services category will be a perfect fit for all organization kinds, sizes, or sectors. It’s a good idea to learn a few Flywheel Hosting Services reviews first, as certain services specialize in a restricted number of apps or are built for a very specific industry. Others may operate to be easy and intuitive, but lack the complicated aspects that more experienced users prefer.

Apps that handle a big number of consumers and offer a robust feature set are also available, but they usually come at a premium price. Make sure you understand your requirements so you can get software that has exactly what you’re looking for.

Reviewers Views

  • Flywheel, according to reviewers, better fits the demands of their organization than Bluehost.
  • When it comes to long-term product support, reviewers believe Flywheel is the best option.
  • Our evaluators liked Flywheel’s path over Bluehost’s in terms of feature upgrades and roadmaps.

Wrap Up!

Only a few web hosts can compare Flywheel’s speed and reliability. Flywheel not only has near-perfect reliability but also has some of the quickest page-loading rates in the industry, as well as recognition for attractive web development.

Flywheel offers a substantial free trial and has a strong customer assistance service. But, they can only assist you if you need VPS or managed WordPress hosting. We wholeheartedly suggest Flywheel (though you probably won’t require it if you have fewer than 1,000 monthly viewers), while BlueHost is a good alternative if you’re searching for a lower solution, such as shared hosting.

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