Best Free Referral Program Software Services You Can Try

Software Looking to start a referral system for your business? 

Trying to compare different referral programs isn’t easy unless you know the whole blueprint of what every software provides.

You can check out the best free referral software list or customer review sites but they still don’t provide enough information about the services provided by each company. 

Often times, you’ll spend more than time figuring out if each company can really provide the services you need!

  1. Best free referral program software Our evaluation process

Referral programs need to be priced fairly. 

Transparency is important. 

Let see how much it costs.

We want you to compare the terms and conditions of each company. 

We display if they offer a free trial or not.

We included the top rated software currently available.

We also ensured that our referral program lasts based on your business and doesn’t go out of business.

  1. What referral program software should have?

A good referral program software should include landing pages and redirects. 

Social sharing widgets and referral codes are also important. 

Tracking referrals is essential too.

Integrations and APIs to sync up with all your other marketing platforms.

 A single all-inclusive platform to manage your referrals. 

Automated tasks, like rewards fulfillment. Fraud detection.

  1. Questions to ask while choosing referral software
  • Referral programs should be scalable. 
  • You should be able to add more people without having to pay extra fees. 
  • There should be no limits on how many people you can invite. 
  • Custom packages should be available for businesses of different sizes. 
  • And finally, the price of the referral software should be affordable for everyone.
  • With this in place, you should focus on which referral marketing service best caters to your needs.
  • Pricing is free for a trial period. 
  • You can choose from a starter plan, growth plan, or established business plan. 
  • There is also a free demo and trial available. 
  • Onboarding, DIY, and templates are included in each package.
  • A free trial is available. 
  • You can try out the service without paying anything.
  • This service offers free demos and trials. 
  • You can try out the basic plan for free before you decide whether to upgrade to a paid plan.
  • This service allows you to create beautiful handwritten cards, flyers, postcards, etc.
  • You can choose from different fonts, colors, and sizes. It also comes with a free template library.
  1. Referral tools Why referral marketing software?

Referral marketing programs tend to be complex. 

Tracking who refers to whom is important.

 Rewards should be given to both the referring customer, and the new customer.

Referral marketing software comes in various types.

Some of them are free while others cost money.

Each referral tool has a variety of different features that can be categorized into different groups. 

You should choose the right tool according to your need.

  1. Evaluation criteria: The best referral software companies

Who is providing the software to you? 

Free Trial Not all software comes without a free trial.

If there is a free trial, it’ll be marked with a ‘Yes’ and the length of the free trial will be mentioned in this section.

Most companies list their pricing online. 

Some companies do this by showing a range of prices or requiring you to call them first. 

Others require you to commit to a minimum number of months.

Customer service is available 24/7 via phone, email, and online chat. 

A dedicated customer success manager can assist you with your questions.

Knowledge bases are available to help answer any questions you might have about your account. 

Referral programs are available to help you get more customers.

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  1. Local service: 

roofing companies are local businesses that provide roofing services. Ecommerce: e-commerce sites sell products online. 

  1. Social media management: 

social media managers manage social media accounts.

  1. Customer success platforms: 

customer success platforms help customers use software.

  1. Small business: 

small businesses include retail, coffee shops, personal trainers, etc.

  1. Enterprise: 

large corporations 

It includes grocery chains, department stores, car dealerships, etc. 

  1. B2C: 

small businesses include accounting firms, electronics retailers, and other retail businesses. 

Note: some businesses may be both local and enterprise.

  1. Search and sort this epic list of referral program software tools

A chart showing the top 10 referral marketing companies. 

Referral Marketing Software – notes on their primary use case, pricing, and our take on the service. 

We’ve also included each referral software’s review ratings (out of five stars) based on Two Top Review Sites, Capterra and 

Whether You’re Wanting To Build A Saas Referral Program, Ecommerce Program, Small Business Referral Program, Or Referral Program For Any Type Of Business,.

There Is A Referral Software Out There For You. 

  1. Referral program software details Breaking down the best referral software tools
  2. Referral Rock referral program

Referral Rock is an online referral marketing software that works well for any business. 

It unlocks hidden referrals by making it easier for your customers and partners. 

  • You get free trials, 
  • pricing plans, 
  • commitment and customer support.
  • 14-day free trial 
  • $100-$500 Monthly Dedicated success manager Local services, 
  • ecommerce Small business, 
  • SaaS B2B, 
  • B1C.

Referral Rock referral program Software is a reliable tool to get more customers using the powers of your own network.

Online and Offline businesses can design incentive based programs, enroll existing customers & referral partners, capture the leads and sales, then reward automatically.

Referral rock is an automated software that helps businesses scale and consistently measure the results of their referral marketing programs. 

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It has the flexibility to be used for customer referrals, employee referral, partner programs, and affiliates. 

Whatever your partnership needs are, referral rock has you covered.

Notable is that the Referral Rock team has excellent customer service. 

Their customer support is outstanding. 

They provide great customer service.

Amplifinity offers two different options in their product. 

The first option is the base referral software, and the second option is the pro referral software which includes more automation functions such as lead scoring, lead nurturing, and email marketing.

We think this company is great for large enterprises. 

Their pricing is reasonable, and they offer many services. 

However, we recommend that you check out other companies first before making your decision.

This company offers a free trial. 

They offer commitment. 

They provide customer support. 

They’re a business-to-business enterprise software company. 

They help businesses connect with their customers.

  1. Extole 

Extole is a software company that provides a platform for creating apps. 

Their products include a web-based application builder, an SDK (software development kit), and a mobile app store.

Their products are used by over 1 million developers worldwide.

Free Trial Pricing Commitment Customer Service Target Fit.

Friendbuy helps marketers Optimize Social Sharing Campaigns. 

You Can Create A Refer A Friend Program In Hours Not Weeks.

Friendbuy is another vet alongside Ambassador.

They’re geared towards ecommerce and Saas.

Ratings and usability: star rating of ratings mobile app friendly api integration. 5 3 N / A N / A.

  1. Genius Referrals

Geniuses Referrals is a Referral marketing platform that helps businesses acquire new customers using word of mouth techniques. 

You can personalize the perfect template for your referral program in Less than 10 minutes using code snippets, API or SDKs to integrate your program with your business.This referral tracking software is designed specifically for businesses. 

It allows you to track referrals and get detailed information about them.

You can also integrate it into your website or mobile app. 

The star rating system is easy to use and intuitive.

The number of reviews is low, but the product is highly rated by users.

The mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Free Trial Pricing Commitment Customer Service Target Fit. 30-Day Free Trial $25 – $75 Monthly Email Support Small Businesses. 

  1. Hello Referrals

Hello Referrals Simplifies the Management of Your Referrals and Sales Leads In A Well Designed Piece Of Software.

 It Provides The Right Tools To Organize Your Trusted Partners In Business.

This platform is great for simple setups. 

However, it lacks some of the bells and whistle features that other platforms offer.It also doesn’t integrate well with other apps.

It does come with a free trial, however, and it offers a low price point.

Small businesses use it to drive more revenue.

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It seems like the company does a combination of things to drive revenue and encourage customer loyalty. 

They also seem to be focused on serving car dealerships. 

Ratings and user-friendliness: star rating of ratings Mobile app friendly (yes) API integration (no) N/A N/ANo Invite Referrals.

Best Referral Marketing Software for Mobile Application, Social, and Website. 

Free Trial – Commitment – Customer Service – Target Fit. 15-Day Free Trial – $99-$249 Monthly – In-App Chat – Dedicated Success Manager (Certain Plans) – Email Support – SaaS – Ecommerce.

  1. InviteReferrals

InviteReferrals is easy referral marketing software that helps design and launch customer referral programs.

InviteReferrals Software tracks at every step of the program from shares to clicks to conversions. run giveaway campaigns, contests, and referral programs.

You can create your own invite box without having to code anything.

Just add your email address and you’re done. 

You can also choose from over 100 templates. This is an easy way to get started with social media marketing.

  1. Social referral program

A social referral program is a great way to get more customers. 

This tool helps you create a referral program for your business. 

You can offer a free trial or monthly pricing. 

Your customer service team can help you target your audience.

InviteBox is an online service that allows you to invite people to join your website or business. 

You can set up your invitation program quickly and easily. 

This company offers great customer support.

Their pricing is very affordable. 

Their ratings and user interface are both excellent. 

Their API integration is also very useful.

4.8 out of 5 stars. Easy affiliate and influencer marketing. 

Free trial. Pricing. Commitment. Customer service.

Lead Dyno affiliate program includes automated welcome emails, referral dashboards, and quick commission payments.

With one click sharing you can easily share links with your social media contacts. 

Affiliates can track their own progress on their personal dashboard. 

You provide them with their link so they can keep track of their referrals.

  1. is an online tool that helps businesses increase sales by encouraging customers to share their experiences with others. 

With MentionMe, companies can create or join groups based on product categories, locations, or any other criteria. 

Once a group is created, users can post messages about products or services that they love or hate.

These messages are then shared with other members of the group, who can respond to them or leave comments. 

Companies can also use MentionMe to promote their brand and drive traffic to their site.

MENTION ME is a plug-and -play refer-a- friend platform. 

They offer a quick solution so businesses can have their referral program up and running fast. They also offer built-in a/b testing so a business can create a well-performing program.


They seem like an excellent start for businesses looking to experiment with word-of-mouth referrals and referral marketing. 

“Easy-to use referral marketing software for fast growing businesses”.

Free Trial, Pricing, Commitment, Customer Service, Target Fit. OSI Affiliate offers 15 days of free trial, phone support, in-app chats, emails, and eCommerce.

Our take: OSI Affiliates has a great list of featured and integrations. Ratings & Usability: Star Rating of Reviews Mobile App Friendly API Integration. 

14-day free trial $100-$500 Monthly Email support, in app chat, knowledge base BtoB, ecommerce.

  1. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is an online affiliate marketing software that helps create and boost your affiliate programs. It is easy to follow along with referrals and sales.

 It’s a unique affiliate tracking software that offers hundreds of features.


Overall the software seemed to be user-friendly. 

They have quite a few features but ratings and usability was low. 

Ratings and usability: star rating of Reviews Mobile App Friendly API Integration Free Trial Pricing Commitment Customer Service Target Fit.

This plugin is great if you want to get more customers by offering them incentives. 

You can offer discounts or other benefits to people who refer new customers.

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