1. Gigwalk reviews
  2. Is Gigwalk a good app for making money?

Luckily, gig economy generates a lot of money from other sources.

Another extremely popular gig app that allows submitting a few odd gigs on the go is Gigwalk.

Gigwalkers are a great option for beginners and professionals looking to start a new business venture that doesn’t require much knowledge or skill to start.

This Gigwalk app review will give you an overview and tips on this profitable software.

  1. What is Gigwalk?

Gigwalk is a company founded in 2010 by Yahoo engineers who saw a potential use of the smartphone to solve customer branding issues.

It also uses the workforce of Gigwalkers as the “street team”.

It can help companies analyze how their point-of-sale materials are presented, customer care & customer continuity, and competitor product positioning.

Gigwalk has secondary functions which allow brands to use the app to document promotion material, positioning, shelf-placement and data collection.

  1. Other Gigwalk Reviews

Gigwalk was once very popular on the Reddit Money forums.

The app has become increasingly more popular in recent days due to its slightly lower number of performances but Gigwalk reviews have been found on various sites.

Some Gigwalker members have said on Reddit that it takes several days to approve a gig or even get it approved by some businesses, and that’s an added advantage.

But again if you’re located near a busy place and can easily get $20-50 for a gig in a couple of hours of completing some work.

  1. Tell me the type of gig I want to do?

That’s what makes me happy.

Job listings on the GigWalk gigs often appear in retail stores and look for display items or products.

However, there are web-based jobs such as site testing and surveys.

The store’s primary aim is to check the price of the merchandise, its availability or condition.

Other brands or retailers may require your help if marketing activities are not done properly.

You will confirm this by photographing products, displays or events.

  1. How much can you make with Gigwalk?

In my experience gigs can be paid for from $5 to $1000.

You can also find a few different Gigwalk gigs which are run by one company but are not very close together in a city. For example, I have seen real house inspection jobs for $9, but were all on outskirts apartments.

Plus, a lot of gigwalks have estimates that are within 20 minutes.

That would mean you could make around 10-20 per hour.

  1. My take on GigWalk

I believe the Gigwalking has not expanded its actual reach to other large cities.

With Gigwalk gigs earning about $5 per pop, most of the profits are wasted on gasoline. I believe that GigWalking is a great Gig Hop activity if you reside around the city.

You could like 10 or 5 shows within ten yards or walk from concert to concert in an hour or two. This is what money is for Gig Hopping!

Is Gigwalk safe?

Gigwalker requires you to do unusual tasks within your city so while the app is secure, you should also be careful to navigate your city and explore new places.

Also if you are performing in areas where your safety has been compromised don’t do that.

Use your wit and avoid wandering to strange or sketchy places that you do not know.

Gigwalk is reputable, but it’s worth using common sense.

How long does it take Gigwalk to pay?

Typically Gigwalk clients need to confirm your work and then Gigwalk processes PayPal payments in several days.

So, it takes between a week to get payment for your shows.

Of course when the companies approve your project quickly you can be rewarded quickly, but expect a few weeks to pay.

List some examples of gigwalk jobs?

Gigwalk is one such application that combines mystery shopping and odd job jobs.

  1. Is Gigwalk legit? Tell me the review?

The Gigwalk brand has been known for providing mobile jobs in over 7500 cities throughout Canada and the world.

But while it started to run in 2010 it seems to have lost momentum.

Gigwalk has been criticized for the lack of gigs and there is evidence to this.

Although many cities do feature some of their own gig opportunities, they are often located within the suburbs.

Gigwalk is a legit company that pays its customers directly to PayPal in a timely manner.

But companies sometimes take several weeks or even months for verification, and some clients are hesitant and may refuse work.

It is often the biggest reason for a bad Gigwalk review.

How much money can I make as a Gigwalker?

It was my first gig in five minutes and the fee was $6.

The time I took to identify the item, photograph the product and upload the images.

And of course, I went shopping with the kids.

You can imagine my excitement about earning extra cash! It is possible that if you want to earn money, it varies depending upon your location or gig.

Gigwalker averages around $120-$300 per single job. It tends to serve people living in cities when it comes to completing fewer gig jobs.

How does Gigwalk work?

Interested in joining Gigwalk

All you need is to simply download the app.

When you’re signed up you will have an instant view of the job listings and apply in a minute as its time consuming.

When selecting an item you will see a list of nearby gigs with short description of the gigs and their payment.

Click the gig that suits you, review details and conditions, and then click the “Apply for this gig” button when you feel the need for this gig.

  1. Recap of Gigwalk app review

The Gigwalk app offers you an easy and quick means to earn more money during your vacation.

The app will be able to help people with their travel and living expenses.

Occasionally other opportunities like the Gig in the distance appear in App.

Remember, when you travel you’ll get more money from a simple gig.

Who should use Gigwalk?

I think you need to use Gigwalk to get extra cash in a month.

Depending on the location, I think it would be better to try gigs that are more lucrative.

Gigwalk app is free so downloading the app doesn’t hurt unless you’re interested.

This app will help you earn thousands every week.

The GigWalk app offers an easy-to-use way to do business.

How does the Gigwalk app pay?

Gigwalks vary by gig although they typically cost from $4 to $112, with some gigs up to $50.

A randomly selected sample revealed 4 gigs for visits to specific Sam’s clubs for photographing pallets of allergy medicines, the area around the pallets and the storefront.

This job also involves counting customers in store & in checkout lines, and making a purchase without refund.

It wasn’t that easy to make money online using the phone.

There’s a wide range of mobile apps that can help you with side gigs.

How do I get paid for Gigwalk gigs?

Gigwalk gives customers upto 14 working days for approval before automated payments can be mailed to customers.

You can make multiple gigs and can earn through it

But a lot of people don’t wait that long to receive their pay.

PayPal usually accepts payments from 2-4 days before the payment date. 

  1. Gigwalk Tips and Tricks (Plus Benefits)

Several complaints concerning GigWalk are related to issues with mobile connectivity and Gig availability. Here is my experience as a GigWalk user:

  1. Gigwalk Tips

This article has more details about the Gigwalker apps we’d like to share.

Occasionally remote gig requests will come from businesses looking for someone to test your website.

If you attempt to accept gigs at other locations, a pop-up notification should tell you that you are less than 2,000 miles from the location.

Those great little features help in keeping yourself prepared for gigs farther away if needed.

Gigs in city centers can maximize your income if you are a city resident.

Bring together your side hustle!

  1. On Gigwalk App Connectivity Issues

How can a Gigwalk app detect your device? Generally people get anxious about using apps to track and locate themselves, which I totally get! If an application works correctly, it must be discarded. Another suggestion for users:

When they want a better location on their device, they can always download the Gigwalk App.

So you can start earning money by simply telling a local app about their location.

You can disable location features and delete apps after leaving.

XI. Wonolo vs. Gigwalk Head to Head

Can we use Wolo to increase staffing and make money online? Let us look at the differences.

  1. Screening

Gigwalk app does not require a person to register for a profile unless an employee profile has been created. Although Gigwalk is relatively easy to start with, for companies using Gigwalkers this simplicity allows almost everyone to come to the restaurant and store promoting their business.

Onboarding for Wonoso includes extensive testing and screening, so requesters can be assured of having the best available staff they can depend on for the job at hand.

Wonoloers also are able to rate the companies they are working for, and these ratings give others the option that the Wonoloer is taking.

  1. Upward Mobility

The Wonoloers cannot be employed by Wonolo, so the Wonoloers can get an employment contract through Wonolo.

Although the gigwalkers are described as “Independent Contractors’ and are free to take up any job offered by Gigwalk, their clients are large consumer brands or agencies that are seldom located within a city in which gigwalk jobs exist.

Further, GigWalk’s business interactions are done via its Gigwalk application so companies are not able to learn about themselves and their abilities.

Therefore, Gigwalk jobs won’t be considered.

  1. Pay rates

Given the simplicity and brief duration requirements of almost all gig walks, most available gig prices start at $4, regardless of the duration the job takes.

While $4 is easy money for people living within a neighborhood and the gig is easy with the current number and locations of Gigwalk gigs available, one would have to travel around quite a bit in order to earn more than the minimum salary as a Gigwalker.

Wonoloer wages are based around $15 an hour and pay varies from a single position to several jobs.

  1. On-demand staffing

Although Gigwalker offers the ability to generate additional income for themselves, Gigwalk ultimately is focused on market analysis and client needs.

Despite being a technically on-demand staffing platform, Gigwalk is ideal for helping businesses deal with labor problems or unexpected demand.

Wonolo was created for Wonoloers on request.

Workers have varying working schedules while a requestee can find the true, prequalified and specialized workforce when it can help them in just hours.

  1. Pay schedules

Wonners (Wonolino employees) get paid every day.

Payments usually take place the day of the work completion.

Wonnello offers a convenient payment option via credit card or bank transfers.

Payment by PayPal is generally processed within two to seven business days.

So if you have a paypal account it won’t take much time then.

The Gigwalk clients have 14 days to review their work, and the period between completing a gig and paying could be up to 21 days.

Gigwalkers may also not be reimbursed unless they earn enough income. 

  1. Promotion and recognition

Gigwalkers successfully performing their jobs could receive street cred from employers.

Gigwalk can track your Gigwalk app usage to ensure efficiency.

Gig Walkers who possess more street cred or complete tasks more accurately get a much higher priority. Wonoloers do short-term assignments directly with a variety of requests and those who maintain high standards are awarded badges of achievement.

Wonoloers may be paid extra by a company or work. 

  1. Availability

Gigwalk provides gig opportunities in many of the largest metropolitan cities of the United States.

Based upon many reviews, however, these gigs are very few and far between.

In addition, some Gigwalker’s say the wait between applying and being accepted can be a couple of hours and for many people this can take longer than they would like.

Although Wonolo is available for sale in selected cities of the USA, gig opportunities are available.

  1. Technology

GigWalk’s simplest form is meant to award shows to musicians closest to their location.

Wololo’s proprietary software platform is used for the creation and use of specialized software to improve the quality and efficiency of request teams.

Which gig app pays the best?

DoorDash is considered one of the top paid apps with annual earnings of around $25-$ 30 an hour.

This popular food delivery app can be easily used.

Registration is simple.

Does gigwalk pay instantly?

Fast, and simple payment.

GigWalk links with a PayPal account, and a payment has been made for work completed and approved immediately.

How long does it take gigwalk to pay?

Gigwalk Pays via PayPal account.

Its processing takes 2 to 7 days.

The time from completing an event to the payment period may last as long as 21 days if not longer.

So take out your mobile phone and download it.

How much can you make with gigwalk?

Gigwalker’s earnings range between $3 and $100 per individual task.

It helps people who live in cities when they need recurring gig jobs or have a large number.

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