Graphic designing is nowadays catching the attention of filmmakers and businesses.

For graphic designers Fiverr is the perfect place but for that, you have to have a perfect description for your graphic designer gig.

Let’s see in this blog post how to write a graphic designer description for Fiverr and tips!

What is graphic designing on Fiverr

The art of graphic design seems to be the process of planning and developing video elements to convey ideas and opinions.

The graphic design employs visual and linguistic components like typography and illustration to transmit ideas or messages, iconography, photography, influencing our perceptions. 

This is most typically used for projects, events, campaigns, or items, to assist the producer in connecting with their target consumer using visual and linguistic signals.

How To Write Graphic Designer Description On Fiverr

1- Make Videos to Demonstrate Your Skills

Gigs with videos do better than those with only photos.

Whenever freelancers utilize films to demonstrate their personality, buyers generally respond positively. 

You may introduce yourselves and tell something about your expertise and skills by creating a short, friendly video. You’ll only need a PC and some free video recording software. 

Make sure you’re recording in front of a clean background with excellent lighting. 

Before you start recording, write a 5 or 10 phrase script and memorize it. Make an effort to look straight at the camera.

2- Create Successful Fiverr Gigs

You can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per Gig depending on your experience, the intricacy of the service you deliver, and add-on services.

Begin by coming up with a catchy, descriptive gig title. 

Because purchasers see your title when they search, you would like it to catch their attention.

Make use of the most popular and relevant keywords for your service category. 

Add them to your gig to make it easier for purchasers to locate you.

Keep in mind to be very specific about where you’re providing, any upsells, or any other specialized service packages you could provide.

3- Set clear expectations for the project from the start

You know everything you need to make each project successful as a freelance creative designer.

Adding FAQs to your gig will help to clarify these requirements. 

This informs potential customers on what they would expect from you if they hire you.

Make your requirements as clear as possible. 

You may also need to tell consumers to submit a file, for example, but providing advice on how to upload can be helpful.

4- Demonstrate Your Finest Work

Each gig on Fiverr can have its own “Gig Gallery.” 

A portfolio can be shown in your gallery to highlight your skills. 

You should take advantage of these graphics as a designer!

Add any photographs that you’ve modified and enhanced when you’re a Photoshop designer. 

Samples of freelancing brochure design, ads, or online graphics may be useful for label designers to include. 

To demonstrate your abilities, choose your best, most relevant items.

Ensure that each photograph in your gallery is of great quality. 

Choose photographs that demonstrate your creativity and design skills. 

Do you have any additional photos you’d like to share? You can include a video in your showreel.

5- The Cost

When it comes to pricing your job, make sure you have a firm grasp on current freelance graphic design prices. 

Look into the Fiverr marketplace to see what designers are charging. 

Are using these average prices as a starting point, then adjusting your rates based on your experience, work difficulty, and timeframe. 

Before you start a new gig, it’s a good idea to conduct some price research.

Graphic designer description on fiverr is the description which is given by the Seller in his Gig.

They offer services like developing the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports, etc.

Five tips for writing a Fiverr graphic designer description

 1- Make Profitable Fiverr Gigs

On Fiverr, a gig is what gives you orders.

Consider the following:

  • Begin by coming up with a catchy, descriptive gig title. Because purchasers see your title when they search, you would like it to catch their attention.
  • Make use of the most popular and relevant keywords for your category. Add them to your gig to make it easier for purchasers to locate you.
  • Inform potential customers about the services you provide and whether they should choose you.
  • When it comes to pricing your job, be sure you have a clear knowledge of current freelance graphic design prices.

2- Make Videos to Showcase Your Skills and Personality

When freelancers utilise videos to demonstrate their personalities, buyers generally respond positively. 

To introduce yourself & share something about your abilities and knowledge, you can make a short, friendly video.

3- Feature Your Best Work

Every gig on Fiverr can has its own “Gig Gallery.” A portfolio can be shown in your gallery to highlight your skills. You will use these visuals to your advantage as a designer! Add some photographs which you’ve modified and enhanced if you’re a Photoshop designer. Choose photographs that demonstrate your creativity & design skills.

4- Continue to learn new skills

Education allows you to go in any way with your job.

You must keep up with current events and broaden your software knowledge. Buyers looking for design professionals online will notice you if you have cutting-edge talents.

5-Build Positive Relationships with Buyers

Be receptive. Whenever buyers contact you to employ you or if they do have any questions, respond quickly. You’ll make your consumers feel valued, and they’ll remember you the very next time they need a graphic designer.

Samples of graphic designer gig descriptions on Fiverr

Graphic designer description for Fiverr Sample-1 

Hello, my name is ABC, and I’m a flat graphic designer who is also a creative thinker. I’ve been on Fiverr for 4 years and also have created 50K+ brand logos and also worked for EA Sports, Fiverr Internal Communications, and other companies.

Line art, typography, and exclusivity are all features of this design. The world of brand logo creation is about to take your breath away.

You’re paying for a high-quality gig, so you should expect high-quality service and design.

My Recent Work Sample:

Why me?

A seller with the highest rating and trust.

Communication that is both reliable and timely.

File sizes are printable and high-resolution.

Expert in flat logos and minimalist logos.

This job will provide you with all print resolution solutions as well as a company brand.

Minimalist Logo

Logo Design



Hand drawn






Request a no-cost consultation.

Isn’t it intriguing? Let’s talk about it!

I’m always willing to assist! Order

Graphic designer description for Fiverr Sample-2

Hello there!

For a low charge, I will draw twitch emotes, stickers, and other little pictures of your choosing.

I’ll send you three files:

PNG file with dimensions of 28×28 pixels

PNG file with 56×56 pixels

PNG file with 112×112 pixels




These are words I acquired from Chinese rip-off items. The only distinction would be that they lie while I do not.

If you’re interested, send me a DM. Have a wonderful day:)

Graphic designer description for Fiverr Sample-3

Hello there, Greetings, and welcome to my gig.

Are you still looking for complete corporate brand identity as well as a brand logo? You’ve come to the right place.

Please have a look at my portfolio to get a sense of my design style: (here’s a link to the video)

I’ll construct a modern, minimalist design with a corporate brand identification that will propel your company forward.

To showcase your brand consistency, it is critical to have a beautiful identity, font, and color scheme, all of which must follow the same theme.

A Brand Book seems to be a corporate identification guidebook that explains the principles of brand identity clearly and straightforwardly.

It’s a collection of guidelines that explains how your logo functions.


Unique work.

Support for a lifetime.

Quick Reaction.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed to be 100 percent.


I appreciate your suggestion.

What I will do for you?

Design concepts that are both trendy and modern.

Brand identity for the entire company.

Color scheme.

Revisions are unrestricted.

On-time shipping.

Deliverable Formats – AI (Vector), JPG PSD, EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG.

My expertise:

Band Book Identity

Business Brand Identity

Corporate Identity

Minimalist Design

Trendy Design


Brand Style 

Graphic designer description for Fiverr Example 4

I’m a hard working man who loves to work as as a freelance graphic designer. Always looking for new and fascinating projects to work on, as well as brilliant people with whom to cooperate! Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are where I spend the most of my working hours. With almost ten years of experience. Send me an e-mail if you have any questions about minimalistic logos.

I offer,

High Quality

Fast Delivery

Customer Satisfaction

Unlimited Revisions

24/7 Service

Source File

Response with 1 hour

Money-Back Guarantee

If you already have any work linked to Photoshop, please send me a note and we’ll talk about it.

Graphic designer description for Fiverr Example 5

Hello there, everyone! I’m ABC,, and I’m a skilled graphic designer who can help you with your creative projects. I’ve seen this on Fiverr for over a decade, so I’m confident that I can assist you! Please send me a private message! See examples of my work in my portfolio.

Fast Response

My Services

Unlimited Revisions

High Resolution 300 DPI

Gig Features

Source File (AI et PSD)

High-Quality Mockup

Custom Design

Bleed, and Trim Mark

Customer Satisfaction

Easy to Edit

Print Ready

Money-Back Guarantee

Deliver Order before The Given Time

If you have a question for me, I will gladly answer it as soon as possible..


Graphic designer description for Fiverr Examples 6

I have 4+ years of expertise as a professional graphic designer. My projects are completed to the satisfaction of my customers. I only deliver high-quality work, and I’m confident that customer pleasure is dependent on it, so I don’t cut corners.

For blogs,flyers,logos,podcasts, infographics,labels, postcards, business cards,letterheads,banners, and far more, I use Adobe Indesign & Adobe Photoshop.

All of my clients receive the following benefits as part of their package..

Friendly Communication

Customer Satisfaction

3D Mockup

Unlimited Revisions

Source File (AI et PSD)

Fast Response

Quality Work

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will answer them all.

Now is the time to order!


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