When a PayPal user transfers the funds to a bank account, Paypal initiates an ACH transaction and notifies the client. PayPal works on electronic transactions from the buyer to the customer account linked to the bank.

  • Send the money to your bank account
  • Add it to your PayPal debit card (if you even have one)
  • Request a check in the mail


There are two different ways in which PayPal makes money. One is that PayPal charges a fee from the payment recipient and gets its share. Most of the transactions are free on PayPal however with each transaction by any merchant or business owner, PayPal charges a nominal fee for each of their transactions. These fees are typical $.30 plus a 1.9%-2.9% surcharge fee.

It is important to keep in mind that one is not charged for anything until he has paid some amount for selling something. In the United States, one is charged 2.9% and $.30 per sales transaction. The percentage is reduced to 2.2% for charities and up to 4.4% for sales in the international market.

The account is specially designed for businessmen or company owners that have a business on a very large scale.

The business account is particularly made for the big business owners and companies that have to carry out sales online on a large scale. Mostly, “power sellers” on eBay use this type of account to receive payments.  However, with every transaction, they have to pay a fee to PayPal.

The other way PayPal brings in the dough is that the company also earns interest for any money that is left sitting in your account. This part makes up a huge portion of the company’s income. With over 100 million members, PayPal counts on those members to leave at least some money in their accounts for a year. As an example, if every one of those members left $5 in their account for a year, then PayPal would make $8,750,000 because of its 1.75% interest rate. That’s great for PayPal, but not so much for its users.

PayPal Revenue streams

PayPal revenue streams are classified into the following two categories:

  • transaction revenues: Net transaction fees charged to consumers and merchants primarily based on the volume of activity, or Total Payments Volume 
  • Other value-added services: Net revenues derived principally from interest and fees earned on loans and interest receivable

PayPal’s first growth hack: The bot that gave the company a bit of traction

In his book “The PayPal Wars” Eric M. Jackson, part of the so-called PayPal mafia (the group of people that would be part of PayPal before its acquisition by eBay) were looking for a way to grow their users’ base, fast. 

PayPal management understood they had to acquire users, quickly on an already established platform. At the time they identified eBay as the place where “power users” would help PayPal scale up.

I. What is Paypal?

Paypal is an online payment system that provides you with a simple, secure, and faster way to transfer or receive money without the hassle of converting currency.

The PayPal app lets you manage your account and enables you to stay updated about the status of your account anywhere, anytime through your mobile phone.

II. Is Paypal A User-friendly App?

Yes, it is, Paypal is a user-friendly app that allows you to send or receive money to your friends and family and purchase whatever you want from your favorite store since it has access to millions of different stores internationally. 

III. Is Paypal Free To Use?

As a buyer, Paypal does not charge you. Paypal makes transactions from your account without having a transaction fee, no matter how you choose to pay. 

Moreover, if you have a business account on Paypal and you are making money out of it then yes, there is a fee on Paypal account when you receive money, Paypal charges you with each transaction.

IV. What Is A Business Account On Paypal?

A business account on Paypal allows you to accept online payments for your business through a mobile card reader or phone.

Benefits of having a Business account on Paypal

A business account on Paypal has multiple benefits for example the business account is perfect for merchants or people who have a business on a large scale as it includes some additional features and options.

  •  It allows the employees to sign in separately.
  •  It allows the user to execute transactions worldwide.
  • It accepts many payment methods like mobile payment apps and credit cards, internationally.
  •  Most importantly, a business account will be created under your business name instead of your name which further shows all your details related to your business in a secured form.

Drawbacks of having a Business account on Paypal

A business account has benefits as well as drawbacks which are always important to consider before signing up for a Business account on Paypal

  • The transaction can be expensive especially when the purchases are low-priced.
  • Globally the transaction fees are costly.
  •  There are chances that they can freeze your account and you may have to depend on their customer service in case of facing any error.

Does Paypal work Globally?

Right now, Paypal is accessible in more than 200 countries and regions which includes the Bahamas, Chile, America, Bahrain and Mexico. Without any doubt, one can say that Paypal accounts are expanding worldwide.

Which countries don’t have access to Paypal accounts? Why?

Countries like Libya, Afghanistan, Monaco, North Korea, Pakistan, South Sudan do not have direct access to Paypal. Paypal does not give a reason yet why they are not serving in these countries but according to the media, it is mainly because of security issues in banking systems.

Top three countries in which Paypal accounts are used 

According to research, in the US more than 460,000 websites use Paypal accounts. In the UK, there are 103,590 websites and in Germany, there are approximately 77,422 websites.

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Why is Paypal well-liked?

Paypal is popular and well-liked in most countries because Paypal payment methods are simple and faster and mainly due to its secured form and if we talk about business Paypal accounts then it is expected to increase revenue and earnings at higher rates.

How does Paypal work? How to create a PayPal account?

For a PayPal account, 

1) You simply need to visit their website and click the Signup button on the top right corner.

2) Select the type of account you want to create (Personal/Business) then click to continue.

3) Add your phone number to verify your account.

4) Add your name, email, password, address and other required information then click to continue.

5) You can also add your credit, debit or bank details which is completely optional.

6) In the last step, you will get an email from PayPal to verify your email address.

Is it necessary to have a bank account for Paypal?

No, a Personal Paypal account is enough but if you want to send money you receive then you have to add your bank account to your personal Paypal account.

How do you transfer your money using PayPal?

1) Log in to your PayPal account.

2) Click on your PayPal balance.

3) Tap transfer at the bottom of your screen then tap to ‘Transfer Money.

4) Select the bank account through which you want to transfer money then tap ‘Next’.

5) Enter the total amount of money you want to send and then tap ‘Next’.

6) To complete the transaction, click ‘Transfer $xxx Now’.

How to receive your money using PayPal?

Receiving money on Paypal is as easy you transfer it, here are some steps to receive your money using a Paypal account:

1) Log in to PayPal’s website.

2) Tap the request button on the right side.

3) Add the sender’s email and click ‘Next’.

4) Enter the total amount, currency and a note ( optional).

5) Tap ‘Request Now’.

How long does Paypal take to send or receive money?

It varies upon the source of funding for example if the user is using a PayPal instant transfer then it will take a few minutes but if the money is coming from a linked bank account then it takes two to three business days.

Can you make money on Paypal? 

There are several ways to make money using Paypal, some of them are mentioned below:

1) Paypal offers you to work from home and earn by selling homemade products.

2) You can also learn affiliate marketing and get a chance to earn through PayPal.

3) You can become a virtual assistant by managing a website, email accounts or you can supervise networking on social media.

4) You can sell old books, electronics and DVDs.

5) You can write surveys and share your opinion with others.

6) You can learn graphic designing and work on Paypal because in that case, you can design multiple things like customized t-shirts, logos and other website graphics.

How much money can I earn from Paypal?

This depends upon the work you are doing on Paypal or the kind of skill you are offering them.

Can I withdraw money on Paypal?  

Yes, you can. There are three ways :

1) You can send your balance to a bank account.

2) You can request a check from your PayPal account which you will receive within 5-10 business days.

3) Withdrawal money using a linked debit card through your ATM.

Is there any Withdrawal limit? How Does Paypal Work With Bank Account

Yes, there is a limit of thirty transactions a day with a spending limit of USD 3,000 and a withdrawal limit of USD 4,000 per day.

Are there any withdrawal fees on Paypal?

 Paypal’s withdrawal fees depend upon the method, location or choice of currency. For example, customers from India have to pay 2.5% of withdrawal fees per transaction. Similarly, customers of the UK have to pay 2.9% withdrawal fees per transaction.

How does Paypal earn if they are not charging a buyer?

People with premiere business accounts who are also called sellers are charged per transaction which is a typical $30 plus surcharge fee which is 1.9%-2.9%. 

How much does Paypal earn per day?

From the past few years, the revenue of Paypal has been increasing. Right now, Paypal is processing around $315.3 million per day. Check PayPal Stock price.

What is PayPal Working Capital?

Paypal working capital is a way to get a business loan from Paypal with one fixed fee which you have to repay using a percentage of your future sales from Paypal within 90 days. There is no interest fee or early repayment.

How much does Paypal let a business borrow money?

On a Paypal working capital loan, annually you can borrow 35% of Paypal sales with a maximum of $125,000 on the first two loans. Apply for PayPal working capital now.

How to be eligible for Paypal working capital?

If you want to get eligible for Paypal working capital then

1) For at least 90 days, you must have a PayPal Premier or Business account.

2) Annually, you have to process at least $15,000 in your PayPal sales if you have a business account and if you have a premier account then the amount should be at least $20,000. 

How to process working capital on Paypal?

• First, you have to select the amount of loan you want. The amount depends upon your PayPal account history.

• Pick the percentage of your PayPal sales that will move forward to repaying your fee and loan.

• If accepted then within minutes the amount of loan is deposited to your PayPal account.

How to repay the loan on Paypal?

After every 90 days, there is a minimum amount required but you can also make annual payments using your PayPal balance or you can pay the full loan without any repayment through your PayPal balance or other linked bank account.

Does Paypal’s working capital loan offer expire?

The offer of a Paypal working capital loan is good for a limited time but if you choose to leave the website, the offer on your account will have a specific expiration date and time which will then remain available on the Paypal working capital site. You can apply again when your offer expires.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Paypal

There are advantages as well as disadvantages of having a Paypal account.


• Paypal accounts are secured which means that Paypal not only provides security to your account but it also provides protection to your purchases as well.

• By using PayPal you can pay through your password instead of your wallet.

• You can make your favourite purchases from your favourite store without the hassle of converting currency.

• It is a flexible way to pay your bills, purchase anything you like and transfer money to your friends and family through your credit, debit or any other linked accounts.


• If you receive money then Paypal charges you.

• Frequently, Paypal tends to freeze your account.

• You lose section 75 rights.

• You might not get immediate access if you aren’t actively using PayPal.

Can I get scammed on Paypal? How Does Paypal Work With Bank Account

Although Paypal is secured, there is a possibility of scams in some cases. A scammer always comes with a new trick because they can cheat you out through phishing, spam or various kinds of fraud.

Here are some tips to have a secured Paypal account :

1) Avoid reusing your password and try to use a strong and long one.

2) Paypal enables you to use two-factor authentication which is extremely important to use.

3) Do not provide unnecessary access to your account and review account permissions.

4) Paypal offers you to have security questions, so do not forget to use strong security questions.

5) You should disable the auto log in.

6) You can get some outdated or misinterpreted information about PayPal so do your own research and make the final decision before doing anything with PayPal.

Is Paypal worth having?

Now, it is safe to say that yes Paypal is worth having as it has several benefits but one should always be aware of risks that depend upon what kind of services you are choosing.

Does Paypal refund me if I get scammed?

If you pay for something using your PayPal account and then the item never arrives at your doorstep and your seller cannot provide any proof related to delivery then you’ll get your refund fully and in case your payment is pending for more than thirty days then Paypal will refund your payment automatically to your PayPal account.

How many days does Paypal take to refund your payment?

Usually, Paypal takes three to five days but a transaction from the credit card will immediately be sent to you as an instant refund.

What is PayPal payment pro?

Paypal payment pro is a completely customizable payment method that gives you an entire customizable checkout experience. It costs $30 per month.

Is Paypal pro worth considering?

Paypal pro is worth considering when you are running an eCommerce website that doesn’t require your customer to have a PayPal account so as an enterprise-class processing platform, Paypal pro lets you twist it any way you want.

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