Twitter Super Follows let some Users earn money from their Content

Alongside the 10,000 Twitter followers, followers must be 18 years old located in the U.S. And they must have had more than 25 tweets within the last 30 days. Once that’s in place, and after Twitter accepts your application you can begin charging $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 per month. While the examples Twitter provides for Super Follows come created by creators from different disciplines, there’s no reason why businesses cannot begin monetizing their accounts.

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Twitter Monetization and Small Business

In contrast to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram as well as TikTok currently, Twitter has been slow in introducing monetization options to its platform. Its monetization option accessible for videos is accessible to big publishers via the Amplify Publisher program.

But, Twitter has been working on a variety of monetization options to its customers. Another option is ticketed Spaces that allow you to earn money for your tweets on Twitter Spaces

Content Monetization

If your business is small and is online that includes digital content, it is possible to make money from this content on different platforms. While Twitter is only getting to this, many other platforms offer ways for you to make money off your content. Be open to possibilities and explore all platforms that allow you to help you reach your target audience. With enough engagement you’ll eventually gain the credibility to earn cash from your content.

Key Tips

  • This new feature allows the most followed users in the company to finally earn money from their followers. However, the access for Super Follows is restricted.
  • Only those with at 10,000 followers are qualified for Super Follows. The user must also be 18 years old and reside within the U.S. and have tweeted more than 25 times within the past 30 days.
  • Twitter on Wednesday announced Super Follows the feature that lets users who are selected to charge other users to access only content that is available to subscribers.
  • This feature will finally allow the biggest users earn revenues from their followers however the access for Super Follows is restricted.

How to Qualify for Super Follows

Not all users will be able to create Super Follows for accounts. This is only available to those who:

Are You At Least 18 Years Old?

You must have posted at least 25 tweets over the past 30 days. If you’re not creating regular content, take a break. If you’re still not reaching this milestone yet it’s going to be necessary to continue tweeting for no cost. Are located within the U.S.

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How to Apply

Start the Twitter application and swipe your screen to the right to open an option. Near the bottom of the menu, you’ll see “Monetization.”

  • As an example I could earn almost $900 per month on Twitter if I price my Super Followers for $4.99 per month and had 2 percent of my more than 13,000 followers were subscribed as per Twitter. (This is just a hypothetical example because CNBC doesn’t permit reporters to earn money in this manner.)
  • Twitter will require you to prove that you’re over the age of 18 and will prompt you to fill out your profile, and then enable two-factor authentication to your account. Following that, Twitter will ask you what type of content you’ll be creating like gaming, comedy, or art. It will also ask which other platforms you’re on, which include Twitch, Facebook and OnlyFans.

After The Application

It’s not known how long people must wait to be accepted once they have submitted their application. However, in their statement, Twitter said that users who submit applications to join the Super Follows will be added to the waiting list. Your followers can join by clicking a purple icon with a person and a star right next to that follow icon on your page. That’s it! Now you’re able to make some cash from your Twitter habits.

Are you able to earn money on Twitter by 2022?

Yes, you can. Twitter isn’t a bad option to earn cash online by 2022. There are many methods to make this happen. I’ll go over them briefly below.


Twitter recently released the new creator studio over the summer which comes with many new features, with one of it being the capability to make money from tweets and videos.This allows for any type of Twitter accounts to earn money.

Sponsored Tweets

If you don’t think running ads are your style, you could begin selling sponsored tweets. Contact brands that you like and trust and let them know what advantages they’d gain when they pay for tweets to your followers. Through sponsored tweets you will receive an amount for every tweet.

Affiliate Marketing

You could also be able to get involved in affiliate marketing by joining affiliate programs that include brands you are sure your customers will appreciate. Tweet about services and products with your affiliate link, and tell everyone the reasons why they should purchase it.

Making Your Own Product

Although all these ways to make money from Twitter are excellent but nothing beats selling your own product. Actually, it’s the most effective way to earn money from Twitter because you are able to retain the entire profits and remain in complete control!

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How to Make Money from Twitter?

Step 1: Decide On Niche

It is impossible to be successful without a strategy. Every person has their own views and preferences, therefore the same message may not be appropriate for to everyone. The best way to determine if your message is successful is to create the right niche, as it can help you target a certain audience instead of trying to appeal to everyone.

Step 2: Create the Ideal Product for Your Market

The next step is to create the product you’ll be selling. The type of product you design will depend on the niche you are in. You’ll want to make something that you are certain your target market wants and/or demands.

Step 3: Select A Store On The Internet To Sell Your Products

The ideal online store is equally crucial as creating the ideal product. It is important to select an online store that meets the needs of an entrepreneur.

Step 4. Promote Your Products on Twitter

This is the point where Twitter comes into play. Once you have your store setup and your items listed, you are able to begin making profits on Twitter! There are numerous ways you can make money selling your products through Twitter.

Twitter Money Calculator How Much Are your Tweets worth?

Twitter Money Estimator Twitter Money Estimator lets you estimate your earnings using your Twitter account if you think you’re an influencer depending on your engagement level and the number of followers. It’s more difficult than the common Twitter user to achieve the status of an influencer than for users on visually-oriented social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.

There are still opportunities for sponsored tweets, but. As with all social media, there’s no better targeted audience on Twitter than those who follow the most influential Twitterer that is in your niche. There’s even a website named Sponsored Tweets that can help in this process of matching (although like Penny Hoarder found out that you sign away certain rights, including the ability to change you profile as well as tweet on behalf of you).

Engagement rates on Twitter are shockingly low. The average tweeter’s engagement rate is of 0.5 to 1.0 percent. Engagement on Twitter is defined as having likes, replies, Retweets and @mentions, as well as Follows, Permalink clicks, Profile clicks Tweet expansion clicks and Links clicks. But, it should be noted that for a lot of users, tweets are ephemeral that is, it’s up for one minute , and then disappears in a tweet’s page shortly afterward.

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So, what do you need to do to make money via Twitter?

Imagine that you’ve entered your Twitter data to the Twitter Money Estimator Calculator, and were somewhat disappointed by your earnings potential.

Focus on and dominate a Market

Donald Trump is a master in this. His tweets inform his followers what they are looking for and also irking his adversaries. Although, due to his position as President there is still an keen interest in what he’s having to eat for breakfast, the attention paid to the tweets would decrease in no time long, and his followers are likely to look elsewhere for tweets.

Give the Value Your Audience Needs

You may be clever enough to just tweet one-liners and get your followers involved however, most tweeters will share more to their followers: hyperlinks to blog posts images videos, quotes, or links to other things relevant to your field.

What’s the price for Super Followers?

There are three pricing options: 2.99 per month, 4.99 per month and 9.99 for a month.

Does Twitter or the person who Super-Followed Me Be notified of my payment information when I sign up for their Service?

To sign up to SuperFollows To sign up, click here. Fill in your email and select the frequency you’d prefer to receive notifications (daily/weekly) choose the plan, then input your payment information. We’ll send you a confirmation from us after we’ve received your money.

How will my Twitter experience Change if I don’t pay for Super Follower status?

We know that SuperFollows isn’t suitable for all. We’re okay with that. However, the tweets that are free that you’ve been enjoying will never go away. If you’d like to continue receiving them make sure to join Super Follows.

Are you able to earn money from Twitter Followers?

You can share articles and attach an affiliate link. When people click on the link and purchase you will receive a portion of the sale. You can also promote products that you are affiliated with through your account to advertise potential customers by tweeting hyperlinks

How Much Will 1000 Followers Cost on Twitter?

The price to purchase 1000 followers on Twitter is between $10-$50. Prices can vary based the website you purchase from, and the number of followers you’d like to buy and whether the followers are real or fake followers using fake accounts that were created by bots.

Does Twitter pay you for viral Tweets?

Twitter does not pay anyone for tweets, no regardless of how popular or successful they become. In contrast to YouTube, Twitter doesn’t share its advertising revenue with its users.

Do verified Twitter accounts get Paid?

Twitter does not offer its blue Verification badge. The Twitter employee is not allowed to request an amount of money for the badge or in the course of an process of applying. Twitter is not able to authorize anyone else, including external agents, to offer Verification on its platform.

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How to Increase the Chances of Earning Money from Twitter

In the last two years, I’ve observed that it’s impossible to make money on Twitter in the following scenarios:

  • You’re not able to attract high-quality followers
  • You’re not regarded as trustworthy by your supporters
  • You don’t appear regularly

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to earn money on Twitter it is important to ensure that you devote your time to earning money, and not just browsing through Twitter.

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