Many WordPress theme developers have been facing issues when trying to center the footer widgets on their WordPress sites. 

In this article, we will see how to add a small piece of code to your WordPress website to fix this issue. We will also see how to remove the footer widget from our sidebar.

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Step 1 – Log into your WordPress Dashboard. Click on “Appearance.” Then click on “Customize”. You will see an option labeled “Additional CSS”. Click on that. 

Step 2 – Add this code snippet in the space given. Here. footer_widget is the class selector for the footer widget area. This may be a different name for your site depending on its theme.

Step 3- Inspect element is a feature available in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can see what classes are assigned to an HTML tag and change them if you wish. 

You can also view the CSS properties assigned to each class. If you click on the “inspect element” link, you will get a pop up window like below.

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How To Center The Donation Widget On A WordPress Site

If you place the following code in one of your CSS files or within the page, the donation widget will appear horizontally centered. 

If you need to change the width of the box, simply adjust the number value. You may also add any other CSS styles you wish to apply.

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