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Would you like to be a Fiverr seller who wants to advance to the next level and then become a Fiverr Pro Seller? Of course, you would.

In this blog post, I’ll share my experience on how to become a Fiverr pro, as well as tips and much more.

So let’s get started!

It’s important to understand what a Fiverr pro is before striving to get it.

What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro is indeed a global on-demand global market in which exceptionally talented sellers can provide their skills to engaged business buyers and work for them. 

As either a buyer, you’ll have access to qualified professionals in Fiverr, all in 1 place, and at reasonable pricing. 

As a vendor, this implies new revenue streams and more chances to thrive on Fiverr.

Get Verified Fiverr Pro: Do’s and Don’ts

The goal of this Fiverr project is to connect top-tier talent with commercial clients.

As a result, you must demonstrate that you too are the strongest choice again for the Fiverr pro category. 

While approval is unlikely, the accompanying Do’s and Don’ts may be helpful.

Submit your important projects using links, files, and other reliable sources.
Because this project is being managed by hand, it takes time to react to each request. The Fiverr team may take a few weeks to respond.
But if you’re a newbie with nothing prominent on your portfolio, don’t apply for this class.
It is preferable to create a personal or agency portfolio website and include links in the application.Do not even leave any text boxes blank; carefully fill out the relevant information.
Select just the categories in something you have a strong portfolio & experience.Please do not be hesitant to share your social media profiles. It establishes trust and adds value to the application, even though it is not an approving authority.After you’ve applied, the Fiverr team may contact you for more information, so be cooperative.
Make sure to double-check everything. The ability to resubmit applications is unrestricted. Before continuing, try to reform things.
In this area, Fiverr only accepts specialists and professionals, so polish your abilities first and then consider this. 
Don’t put your education to the test. Your educational background, certifications, and talents have nothing to do with your Fiverr pro application. Your practical experience will be the only thing that counts.

What’s the difference between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro?

Although Fiverr & Fiverr Pro are both parts of the same freelance marketplace, Fiverr Pro vendors must go through a rigorous verification system to demonstrate their talents and job experience. 

Fiverr Pro seems to be a service that allows you to make money on the internet and an easy-to-use website that connects you with highly qualified freelancers having verified experience.

Why Is Fiverr Pro Important For You?

With just a very professional setting, serious business buyers, and outstanding peers, Fiverr Pro lets you take your skills to another level. 

Fiverr Pro seems to have a simple payment system that ensures you are paid quickly and accurately every time. 

Their professional Success Managers will help in getting the most out of the platform, and Fiverr can manage any issues that may arise between Sellers and Buyers if necessary.

How To Be Pro Verified On Fiverr? 

Clients on Fiverr are looking for the best. As a result, Fiverr requires Pro candidates to undergo a verification process.

After Fiverr has met you, they will review your application and then let you know about your eligibility for Fiverr Pro vendor and start a Pro Gig.

Let’s take a closer look at the application process:

The Fiverr Pro Application Process

Any candidate interested in joining Fiverr Pro must first submit applications, which are then vetted by the company’s in-house team.

There are three stages to the vetting process:

  • Do you understand what you’ve been doing in terms of technical vetting?
  • 1st round of expert vetting
  • the second phase of professional vetting

Two distinct Fiverr category executives will screen you & your business throughout the professional vetting process to guarantee you have the competence, quality, and knowledge they’re seeking for.

In terms of specific requirements, it just all depends on which Fiverr PRO category you’re looking for.

The qualities required to be recognized as a PRO can vary depending on the position, be it professional graphic designer, WordPress, Proofreader, or my niche, content writing, and that are why applications are evaluated individually.

You may be requested to submit the following information in the application itself:

  • a collection of work
  • Client references/list of prior clients with whom you have worked
  • Profiles/handles on social media
  • The school (s), degree(s), accreditation, and so on are all examples of education.
  • Years of practical experience
  • If Fiverr requires additional information, they may contact you personally.

I was already a well-known SEO specialist on the standard Fiverr site in this situation. As part of my applications to Fiverr PRO in the content writing niche, I referenced my many great client reviews and also my previous expertise working in writing and editing content.

Unless you’ve never sold on Fiverr before, provided you meet standards in a given industry, you can apply for just a PRO account.

In filling out all the applications, take your care to ensure you’re presenting them REAL you – use the free text boxes and “but do not be hesitant about advertising yourself.”

Fiverr Pro Application Tips

Give specific and accurate details

  • Make the most of the free text boxes but do not be afraid to promote yourself. 

Include details about yourself, your company, and/or your studio. Do you hire employees? Discuss their various abilities and whether they might assist you in completing your projects.

Show your abilities

  • Order to increase access to different items in your portfolio for work you’ve done including both Fiverr and non-Fiverr clients. Show work with your most elevated corporate customers and include a hyperlink to either alive and in-use examples.

Tell about your favourite social media channels

  • Do not worry, being an influencer or having a large social following isn’t a requirement for joining Pro. This data, on the other hand, is extremely useful in confirming your identity and will expedite the process.

Describe how you come up with ideas

  • Describe your method in detail. If you’ve ever used a special program to create your work, please provide that in the registration so that Fiverr can help comprehend your workflow and what a client might experience if they buy a Gig with you.

Pricing Your Services on Fiverr Pro

It is based upon sizes, as you’ll see (standard, basic, and premium). This “standard, basic, and premium” structure is advantageous to both vendors and purchasers since it provides multiple “entry points” from which to evaluate a seller’s services.

And I believe it will raise your overall average values.

Additional pricing options exist, allowing the customer to scale up a certain service. For example, in my article writing gig, I offer a “basic” choice for one article, but a customer can choose to pay up to 5 times that amount.

Encourage Custom Offers

Another possibility for sellers seems to be to form Specific Offers to buyers who might just require anything not already available in their services, at which time the seller can charge a one-time fee for that customer service.

Make sure to give each potential consumer your undivided attention. You never know, they could be your next big client!

How to Optimize your Fiverr Pro Profile and Portfolio

It’s really about paying close attention to the slightest of things when it comes to optimizing your Fiverr Pro profile. 

A single ambiguous sentence or perhaps a poor-quality gig photo could have been the difference between a buyer choosing you above another seller.

To assist you in getting going, I have compiled a comprehensive list of Fiverr profile optimization suggestions.

Your Gig Title

Make your gig titles succinct, to-the-point, and to-the-point!

“I’ll look after your Adwords campaigns,” for example.

You could, however, include a descriptive term that jumps out if you desire anything extra. You’ll see titles like this if you look through the many categories on Fiverr.

“I’ll come up with captivating stuff.”

“I’ll write fantastic blog posts for you.”

“I’ll create vibrant, vivid work that pops.”

I even came across a promise: “I will skyrocket your sales.”

You can use words like gorgeous, professional, exceptional, distinctive, and engaging as examples.

Make sure the keywords are included as well. I utilize Fiverr’s “autocomplete” search tool to see just what keywords relating to my speciality come up with suggestions.

When I type in “keyword,” for instance, the search function shows many possibilities that genuine Fiverr consumers are looking for.

Gig Image

I recommend including a photo of yourself in both your profile and the image of your gig. I discovered that it greatly aids conversion, possibly by establishing confidence by demonstrating that you are a real person.

Gig photos should have been at least 690 x 426px, although this is likely to be modified.

Additionally, avoid using pixelated photos. Low-quality photos may give the impression that you deliver a low-quality gig, and that’s something you don’t want. Bear in mind that a potential customer’s first impression of you and your organization will be based on your image. Create a positive first impression.


  • Also, no low-resolution nor high-quality photos should be used. Your potential purchasers will be distracted by low-quality gig photos. The photos are in excellent resolution and will take some time to load on cell phones, and they might not have been available at all. As a result, use a standard image resolution.
  • Upon the image of the gig in the upper centre, use your major service description in bold & highlighted terms.
  • On gig photos, do not muddle the content or use enough text.
  • Just on the left-hand side and right of something like the gig image, place your png image or corporate logo. It increases the buyer’s confidence.
  • In the title of your gig photograph, use a focus keyword.
  • Also, Use bullet points to give brief information about your service’s main prospects.

Gig Video

Conversions are greatly aided by using a performance video.

Remember to follow the Fiverr rules:

  • Don’t utilize the same video for all of your gigs; instead, make sure it’s tailored to the service you’re offering.
  • Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds and no more than 75 seconds.
  • They should be under 50 MB in size and the.avi or.mp4 format.
  • Include a brief description of what your Gig service is all about.
  • Instead of using a machine to narrate your Gig, use your voice.


  • The duration of this movie must’ve been between 30 and 75 seconds.
  • The video must be under 50 MB in size.
  • The AVI and MP4 formats are preferred by Fiverr.
  • In this video, you can briefly describe your service.
  • To record your Fiverr gig video, use a nice camera or a smartphone with better lighting. It’s not a good idea to use video templates.
  • When talking about oneself and the services you provide, use your voice.
  • Make a strong rallying cry at the end of your gig video.

Gig Description

The size of something like a description of a Fiverr gig was limited to 1,200 words, which would be roughly the size of just this blog article up to this point.

Make use of the description to help you:

  • Sell yourself by touting your years of professional experience, your team of experts, and so forth.
  • List the firms you’ve worked for, the cool clientele you’ve worked with, and any programs or qualifications you’ve earned.
  • Demonstrate why your skills are worth a buyer’s time and money!
  • What’s all this Gig, and why does a buyer require it? What does the additional value entail?
  • Clearly state just what the buyer will receive if they buy your Gig. Be transparent while describing the workflow process.

Writing a Pro Gig Description on Fiverr: Pro Tips

  • Create a two-line introductory paragraph describing yourself or your business.
  • To increase gig SEO, use concentrated keywords in the opening paragraph.
  • Tell us about the businesses and clientele you’ve worked for within the following small paragraph.
  • Within a menu arrangement, list your services.
  • Include a brief description of your services or why would the purchaser purchase them.
  • There at the end of your gig description, Including a call to arms is a good idea “Order Now” or “Contact Now” are examples of such phrases.
  • Do not provide your phone number or email address. Due to violations of the TOS, Fiverr may permanently suspend or ban your account.
  • Should not use someone else’s description as your own. Your profile could be flagged for copyright violation.
  • Within the description, avoid using phrases such as a phone number or an email address.

Price & Packages

Pay the very same amount you would in person, but please remember that Fiverr may keep 20% of your earnings as a commission.

One of my favourite aspects about Fiverr is the platform’s easy transparency. 

Unlike other freelance services, there is no bidding on work, and purchasers can easily remove it.

Buyers at Fiverr Pro still are motivated by price, but they appear to be less price concerned than on “normal” Fiverr. 

The Pro level implies a certain level of exclusivity, thus paying appropriately.

Using the three-tier model outlined above, experiment with different pricing schemes. Determine the most effective strategies to upsell your bundles and add-ons.


  • Because Fiverr Pro is a high-end service, you should charge accordingly.
  • Examine your competitors’ gigs to see how much they charge to obtain a specific service.
  • Offline, put the specific pricing you’re charging. Try to persuade your customers to accept special offerings.


To execute your job, what data do you want from the buyer?

This could include factors like industry, location, competition, or accessibility to accounts & websites, dependent on your job. When you pose a question, keep it short and easy to read.

Add FAQs

A FAQ list could save you time and support you market your services.

You may, for example, ask queries like:

  • What exactly is the workflow procedure?
  • What exactly would you get when you buy this Gig?
  • Do I provide free revisions? What exactly is a revision?
  • What further services do I provide? (This is a great technique to upsell)
  • What does that take to become a Fiverr Pro seller?

Generate a checklist of all of the questions that prior clients have asked, and also any doubts that a new customer might have.

What categories are available in Fiverr Pro?

You may apply to start a Pro Gig in any of the following categories right now:

Digital Marketing

  • Mobile Advertising, Display Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Local Listings, SEO, Email Marketing and Marketing Strategy.

Tech and Programming

  • Data Analysis, Chatbots, WordPress, Website Builders, Ecommerce, Web Programming, Mobile Apps, Reports and web design.

Audio And Music

  • Composers and Producers, Singers and Session Musicians.

Animation and Video

  • Intros and Animated Logos, Whiteboard and Animated explainers, live-action explainer, short video ads.

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design, Stationery, Business Cards, Illustration, Flyers & Posters, Book Covers, Website and Mobile Design, 3D and 2D Models, Presentation Design, T-Shirts and caps and Social Media Design, Caricatures and cartoons.

Translation and Writing

  • Editing, proofreading, Press Releases, Resumes, Business Copywriting, Blog Posts, articles and creative writing.

(Illustrations for educational purpose Courtesy