Fiverr is an online marketplace for services. It is similar to Upwork, except that it charges 5 cents per gig instead of 10%. It also allows sellers to sell their own products and services, like websites, apps, and digital goods. Sellers can choose whether to offer fixed price gigs or hourly rates. On average, sellers earn about $10/hour.

You will start out by getting your first order on FIVERR. Once you get over the first hurdle, you will be able to get orders from new and repeat customers. You will be earning extra money while working at your own pace. Maybe someday you will quit your 9-5 job and become a full-time freelancer!

You can make money on Fiverr by offering services like writing articles, proofreading, editing, designing logos, creating infographics, etc. 

Method To Get Your First Order On Fiverr?

1.Sign Up

Once you are ready to offer your services, sign up for an account and create a profile. Then, upload your portfolio and wait for orders to come in.

2. Choose Your Niche

 There are many niches available on Fiverr. You should choose something that you are interested in. For example, if you love drawing, you might want to sell drawings. Or maybe you want to write about a certain topic. 

Whatever it is, you must be really passionate about it. And remember, if you are going to start selling on Fiverr, then you are probably already an expert in something. So why not leverage that knowledge and expertise to earn money online?

3. Set Your Price

 You need to figure out what you think your time is worth per hour. Then multiply that number by the amount of hours you expect to spend working on your Fiverr account. That gives you your hourly rate. 

Now, divide that number by $5.00. That gives you your minimum bid. Of course, you can always go higher than that. But you need to keep in mind that when you increase your bid, you decrease the likelihood of getting hired.

4. Create A Profile

Make sure you create a professional looking profile. In fact, you may even want to consider creating a website first before starting your Fiverr gig. People who hire freelancers often prefer to see portfolios and samples of previous work.

When you search for ‘graphic designer’ on fiverr,  you get 15,000 gigs as your direct competitors. And those gigs are mostly from established designers with hundreds or thousands of reviews and 5 star ratings.

 5. Specialise Your Gig

Your prices start at $5, and you can’t compete with them because they offer a wider range of services. You need to narrow down your focus to a smaller market segment. You can do that by focusing on a particular type of design project.

 For example, if you specialize in logos, then you could create a logo for a company that sells widgets. Or, if you specialize in product photos, then you could create images for an online store selling products like shoes.

Tricky Ways To Get Your First Order On Fiverr

Getting your first order on Fivver can be tricky for individual freelancers. Indeed, this is increasingly more complicated than ever before with the growing number of new freelancers joining the platform. 

However dors that means you should give up? Not at all! What you really need to think about how you can get your first client on fiverr is that a very similar cycle can be reworked to uncover far more clients in future.

It doesn’t matter if you sell on Fiverr or any other website, what matters is that you are consistent and patient. You need to be persistent and keep trying until you succeed. Don’t give up!

Provide An  Unique Service

Competition is an important part of innovation. If there were no competition, we wouldn’t have anything new. But because of competition, new ideas are born all the time. 

When someone comes up with a new idea, he/she will try to sell it to other people. And if his/her idea is successful, then others will follow him/her. This is what leads to the creation of many products and services.

You can design unique styles that will help you stand out among your competition. However, you need to check what other designers are doing and see how many gigs there are in each category. If you are looking for a specific type of job, you can add a description and an image to your gig to increase its visibility.

Time It Right

Think about when you might need someone else to help you out. If you’re selling something online, it’s probably best to put your listing up during the week. If you’re doing a portrait drawing, you’ll likely get more responses on the weekend.

Optimise Your Gig

Gigs are different from each other because they have different requirements. Some gigs require an image, while others need just text. There are also gigs that allow you to add both images and text. You can choose whatever suits your needs best.

 If you’re not sure what kind of image will work best for your gig, try adding multiple versions of the same image with different colors and fonts. That way, you’ll get a feel for which ones work best.

Limit Similar Gigs

You might think that if you post multiple gigs, you will get more sales. But you won’t. You will not get more sales because you are competing against all those other sellers who also have multiple gigs. So what does happen is that you get less sales per gig. 

Instead of getting $5 for each gig, you might get $4.50 for each gig. That means you lose money. To avoid losing money, try to create a few different gigs. 

For example, instead of creating one gig that sells for $10, create two other gigs that sell for $8 and $12. By doing this, you will still get $10, but you will also get $2.50 for each of the other two gigs. This way, you will actually earn more money.

Provide High Quality Work

You will need to start out slow. You may not get your first sale right away. But once you get your first sale, it should help you gain momentum. So keep doing what you’re doing! If you provide high quality work, buyers will leave nice reviews and ratings. This helps you tremendously when it comes time to sell again. Don’t be afraid to reach out to customers if you don’t get anything.

Create Gigs Based On Your Audience & Industry

You can also create gigs targeting different audiences. If you are a web developer, you can create gigs targeted at graphic designers, photographers, video editors, etc.  You can also add keywords to your gigs to increase your chances of getting hired.

Promote Your Gig On Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., are great places to market yourself and your services. You can share your gigs on all of them, and even connect with other businesses and individuals to form partnerships. 

However, if you’re not careful, you could end up getting scammed. That’s why it’s important to always verify any links shared on social media before giving out your personal information.

How To Use Social Media For Fiverr?

You need to build your own empire if you want to succeed at Fiverr. You must understand what works best for your gig and how to promote it effectively. Sharing links everywhere doesn’t mean anything. You must also know how to get your first order.

The following step will help you to build awareness of your career. 

  • Create a profile on social media platforms. 
  • Post your project on every page. 
  • Create an online portfolio. 
  • Join groups that are related to the niche you want to get into. 
  • Contact competitors and ask for collaboration. 
  • Build an audience and turn them into customers.
  •  If your job was something like data entry or something similar, it may be a bit hard to create an audience through it. However, you can use a platform called LinkedIn to share your works since the platform is full of professionals and companies.

Tip: If you’re going to buy fakes, make sure you check out the seller’s feedback before buying anything. You can also ask them questions like “How long have you been selling here?” and “What kind of payment do you accept?”.

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