WordPress is perhaps the most widely used website builder and content management system in the world. In this article, I’ll discuss different ways of making money with your WordPress blog. 

Using your WordPress abilities and the resources of your self-hosted WordPress site, anyone may build one or even many various income streams dependent on your goals and hobbies with little effort and low price. So let’s see 41 Ways How To Make Money On WordPress?

41 Ways Making Money With WordPress

Your WordPress site can indeed be utilized to make money from the stuff you make, such as a blog, services you give, or space you rent out. Your website can either be a stand-alone business or a tool to help you run one you already have.

Even if you want to make money with animation, WordPress will rescue you.

While it may seem difficult at first, monetizing your website may have been a terrific way to supplement your income or perhaps even turn together into a full-time profession. A local small business, for example, may discover that a website is an additional tool for sustaining its current consumer base.

Making money with WordPress is not difficult if you are consistent with your work. With these 41 ways to make money with WordPress, your WordPress website could open the doors to a global market of opportunities for whichever your goals are.

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1- Make Money With WordPress Site By Selling Products

Your WordPress site can be turned into an online store that sells both physical and digital goods. Using free eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, you can sell everything from ebooks and digital photos to T-shirts, clothes, and electronics right from your website.

You can see our list of all times best e-commerce hosting for WordPress.

2- Start Affiliate Marketing

For making money with WordPress, you don’t have to sell your products or services. Affiliate marketing is a method of monetizing your website by promoting the products of others.

You receive a commission from the sponsor if someone presses the button you provide with a piece of content or buys a product you promote. Affiliate marketing networks have such a long list of organizations having affiliate marketing programs you can join, but you’ll almost certainly have to provide a connection to your site to be accepted. 

Whenever you sign up, make sure it’s ready for guests. Affiliate links can help you earn more money. 

You can try Amazon’s products affiliate links to make money with WordPress.

3- Market Your WordPress Expertise

You can utilize your WordPress talents to make money with WordPress if you’re just a seasoned WordPress user with programming skills or a relative newbie to the platform. Making money will be easier for you if you advertise your products with affiliate links.

To market your product or service in the best possible form, you need website builders. Grab a list of top website builders to stand out among the crowd!

4-Start A Freelance Company

Freelancing is a great way of making money. Your WordPress site can assist you in freelancing and creative enterprise on the Internet. Photographers, designers, freelancers, and other creative people can use WordPress themes and plugins to create portfolio sites, develop good profiles, and sell a range of goods and services.

Your WordPress site can highlight your services and rates, as well as promote you as a thought leader in your field. Plugins, both free and paid, can help you create landing pages, email and newsletter campaigns, and networking and social networking on your site.

5- Make memberships And Subscriptions Available

Even though many sites are open to the public, the number of “members only” sites is rapidly increasing. A membership site restricts access to material to paying members or through several subscription options.

Putting important material behind a paywall or creating a members-only section with several WordPress plugins might be a method to develop cash if you really can give content that isn’t available anywhere else, including as exclusive news pieces or niche-specific magazines.

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6- Provide Courses

Consider producing online courses or lessons and posting these to your WordPress site if you already have talents to contribute. Courses can indeed be marketed as downloadable goods or as memberships and subscriptions on your website. 

Some WordPress themes are specifically intended for e-learning, and commercial plugins like LearnDash and WPCourseware provide all of the necessary features to turn your WordPress site into such a classroom.

7- Host Other People’s Content

Making space accessible for others to upload content is also another option to generate money using WordPress. Create a directory or classified advertising website that pays users to post listings, or hosts advertising from affiliate sponsors (or through applications such as Google AdSense). Using WordPress plugins like BuddyPress, serve as a forum or segment of the market social network and collect membership fees for joining and commenting.

8- Work As A coach

If you don’t think “consultant” is the correct term for you, consider becoming a coach instead.

A life coach can help you set goals and improve your life by providing advice, guidance, and accountability. 

Other types of coaches exist.

9- Make A WordPress Event Calendar That Accepts Paid Submissions

You may build an event calendar instead of just a job board and charge people to publicize their events. Corporations will be prepared to pay to connect with your target audience if you have one already.

A paid event calendar is a wonderful way for local or manufacturing websites to make money. You might want to promote local events, conferences in a specific industry, or even seminars or live streaming occurrences.

10-Accept Donations

Asking for something is sometimes the simplest way to receive it. Keep in mind that if you make it easier for people to lend you money, they are far more inclined to do so.

If you want to collect money online, you can use a pre-built donation form on your WordPress website. You can also make several donation sites for one-time or monthly payments, as well as tributes and memorials.

11- Begin Producing A Podcast

Hearing your voice is an easy approach to make an audience fall in love with your brand and make money. Consider using WordPress podcasting plugins to produce episodes in which you share some personal information.

12- Make Money By Selling Sponsored Posts

Publishing a paid promotion that somebody who paid you to create is a terrific, easy method to make money on the internet provided you do not even do it often enough. Don’t go overboard or you’ll lose your audience’s hard-won trust.

13- Make Money With E-books

You should still consider producing an ebook if you want to make money blogging with digital items. For starters, it’s quite simple. 

14- Use Pop-Ups to Expand Your Email List

This is the suggestion for you but if you’re wondering if you can make some money writing on WordPress. The Email is where the money is.

However, at least 70% of visitors to your website never return. Obtaining their email address should therefore be a focus in your email marketing strategy. 

OptinMonster has perfected the art of non-annoying high-converting pop-ups.

15- Use Contact Forms To Schedule Appointments

If you provide in-person services, adding an appointment scheduling form to your website is a great method to make money with WordPress. This is ideal for those in the beauty industry or anyone else looking to build a website to increase their client base. Customers also prefer filling out online forms to calling you for an appointment. 

16- Write Reviews For Products

Offer to create product reviews for goods and services you’ve utilized yourself. Companies will frequently pay for these kinds of reviews, particularly if you have a highly focused blog or website with a large following.

17- Take On The Role Of An Influencer

Influencers can be found in a variety of places, not just on Instagram. Unlike Facebook and Instagram where Google and Facebook own the platforms, you own WordPress.

18- Flip Websites

Create a new website or numerous niche websites, and either write all of the material yourself or get freelancers to do this for you. Once the website is profitable, put in an offer and sell it.

Niche websites could now fetch anywhere from 20 to 40 times their monthly earnings.

19- Add A Private Forum To Your Website

Forums are an excellent way to grow your WordPress blog or website’s audience. You can give a space for your readers, followers, and other like-minded people who value your information and thoughts to engage by creating a private forum.

A private forum is the most effective way to interact. Responding to comments after your blog entries is far less exclusive than participating in private forums.

A private forum, like such a membership section, is simple to install with a few WordPress plugins.

20- Offer Paid Webinars 

Do you lack the necessary materials for an online course? After that, create a webinar. 

In fact, in various areas of your niche, provide paid webinars. Then put them together as an online course and sell them to make money.

21. Include A Job Posting Board

Do you have a WordPress site dedicated to a specific industry or profession? Is your website a meeting place for professionals?

If that’s the case, incorporating a job board to your WordPress site & charging for job listings could help you make money.

22. Add Consulting Services 

Do your readers frequently seek your guidance or aid with a problem? Why not provide advisory services that you may bill by the hour?

23. Provide A Service

Do you have unique expertise or service to offer? Instead of paying for advertising, why just not offer something on your website? 

You can also do both and make money online.

24- Offer Physical Goods For Sale

Do you have a hobby or a craft that you enjoy? Why not set up your WordPress store and sell your products?

25. Sell Customized Items

Why not use your WordPress website to sell t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and other types of privately branded “Merch”? To get started, I have used a publishing service such as printful.com.

26. Create A Website For Auctions

Do you have any things, or know where to get some, that you believe your readers might enjoy? Maybe some of your readers have items in your niche that they’d like to sell.

Why don’t you create a current marketplace for these items? With a few simple plugins, you may add an auction feature to your WordPress website.

27. Add A Dropshipping Store To Your Website

Adding WooCommerce to your WordPress site will provide you with a plethora of eCommerce options. Adding a Dropshipping store is one of them.

Drop-shipping allows customers to view products on your website, accept orders, and link them to your suppliers, unlike standard eCommerce companies.

You create a payment gateway, and your suppliers handle everything else, including packaging & shipping the products to your clients. Profit margins are lower than the more traditional e-commerce arrangements, but you save money upfront because you shouldn’t have to buy or hold inventory, neither do you have to package and deliver the goods yourself because your suppliers do everything.

28. Develop And Create WordPress Plugins

There are far over 50,000 WordPress plugins available on WordPress.org, as you’ve seen. Each plugin addresses or fulfills a certain requirement.

However, you may have encountered a problem or desire a feature that current plugins do not handle. Why not make your WordPress plugin and develop it yourself?

On WordPress.org, you can offer a free edition as well as a premium or paid version. WordPress.org provides free publicity to WordPress plugin and theme developers in exchange for a small version of their plugin or theme.

29- Make Money By Selling WordPress Themes

Why not want an affiliate for just that theme or multiple themes and sell products on your WordPress website if you’re just a WordPress fan like me or get a lot of positive feedback on your existing WordPress theme?

By just showcasing WordPress themes on your website and selling them as an affiliate, you may earn a lot of money.

If you like your WordPress theme, why shouldn’t you tell your friends about it and earn some money in the process? It’s a fantastic way to make money online.

30- Begin A Freelance Writing Career

Do you have a natural talent for writing? Put your writing, proofreading, and editing skills to use by giving freelance writing, proofreading, and editing services. It’s another great way to make money online.

31- Begin Offering A Blog Setup Service

You’d be amazed how many people still don’t want to trouble or spend enough time to line up their blog or website, even though WordPress continues to improve and make it easier and simpler for absolute novices to set up their blog.

Nonetheless, they desire an online presence. 

Why don’t you do that for them? Provide a blog creation service and make money online.

32- Provide Theme Customizations For WordPress

Are you capable of making changes to your WordPress theme on your own? Maybe you already know PHP, or at least enough PHP to customize a theme.

If they aren’t, why not provide this service to others by customizing WordPress themes for them as well?

33-Build WordPress Themes 

Rather than reselling other people’s WordPress themes. Why not come up with your design? 

You can manufacture and sell your WordPress themes following learning how to be a WordPress developer and understanding PHP, HTML, and CSS, and even some JavaScript.

34- Become A Reseller Of Web Hosting Services

Do you know that you may start your own Web Hosting company with ease? A good way to make money is by becoming a reseller.

A “Reseller” plan is offered by several web hosting companies. A reseller account allows you to purchase a specific amount of disc space on a server. 

After that, you can consider inviting other websites to your server. Your web host is responsible for server maintenance as well as other technical aspects of hosting.

You can, however, rebrand & sell hosting in your name, and charge accordingly. Profit margins might be pretty attractive. 

If you want to become a WordPress developer or create a blog setup service, that’s an excellent add-on.

35- Premium 3rd Party Ad Networks Display Adverts

Although Google Ads is a terrific way to monetize your WordPress blog, display advertising is usually just the beginning. When your blog has a sufficient amount of traffic, you should consider applying to a somewhat premium 3rd ad network.

36. Make Use Of Google Adsense.

Google Adsense can be shown on your WordPress blog or website. When someone clicks on a few of your adverts, Google will pay you per click.

The most straightforward way to monetize a website is to use Google Adsense. Google will provide you the code, which you will simply insert into your website’s posts or pages, similar to how affiliate marketing works. 

Then Google will compensate you. It’s an easy way to make money.

37- Directly Sell Advertisements

If you don’t want to employ a display ad network, there are other options. You don’t want to deal with Google Adsense? 

You might need to be very picky about the advertisements you display on your WordPress blog. If this describes you, go out to all the owners and producers of the goods and services you value most and propose a partnership in which you display an ad advertising their goods and services to your WordPress blog followers.

38- Create Premium Pay-per-view Posts

Maybe you would not want to bother with setting up a membership area on your WordPress blog. However, you have excellent content that you believe your audience would be willing to pay more for.

To provide exclusive compensation content, you don’t even require a membership website. Readers will simply pay a fee and receive a special code that will allow them to access content that would otherwise be locked behind a barrier.

It’s a good way to make money.

39- Include A Fee-based Business Directory

Is your WordPress blog or website focused on a specific interest, niche, or geographic regions, such as a state, city, or country? You can create a company directory for companies that specialize in items and services that would be of interest to your customers.

After that, you can charge those companies to be listed in your directory. If you specialize in specialization in a specific geographic location, a company directory is a great place to start. 

Then, whether internet or in person, you may approach companies and offer to get them featured in your business directory.

40- Make Money By Selling Digital Products

Do you have a concept for software or an app that can help you with your niche or specialty? Why don’t you go ahead and make one? 

Make it a download that you can sell on your website. The great thing about selling digital things is that you only have to make them once. 

Then you’d be able to sell almost infinite copies of it indefinitely. Provide affiliate links of your products to other to sell your products.

41-Assist Other Creators By selling Their Online Courses

Perhaps you lack the necessary skills or experience to create an online course. That shouldn’t deter you, though. 

I’m sure there are several specialists in your field who provide online courses that you could sell on your website. Many of them may provide affiliate programs as well.

The good news is that most software affiliate programs give out generous commissions. If your preferred expert does not have an affiliate program for their course, they may be able to create one particular for you.

Whether they have a WordPress website, they can establish an affiliate network using one of many plugins available.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the ways to make money on WordPress. You can choose your favorite one or the one which you think is the best one and make money online.


How many views do you need to make money on WordPress?

You’ll need roughly 100,000 monthly page views to make money and achieve a full-time income from your blog. With the same kind of performance, your blog might easily bring in $4,150 every month.

Can WordPress make you money?

There seem to be hundreds of various ways to monetize and profit from a WordPress site. However, AdSense advertisements and Amazon affiliate marketing programs are the easiest because most people get started with them. Google’s AdSense program allows you to display adverts on your website and earn money when visitors click on them.

How much can you earn from WordPress?

For every 30,000 page clicks on your WordPress website, you could expect to earn $1,000 on average. Websites with 30,000 page views however no revenue should concentrate on boosting their monetization. For every 30,000 page views, certain websites might make more than $1,000.

Can you make money on free WordPress?

WordPress.com places advertisements on free WordPress blogs, which allows them to recoup their costs. You do not influence the types of advertisements that show on your website. 

You can upgrade to remove adverts for a fee, but that will cost you money. Most significantly, you will be the one who profits from those advertisements.

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