I was broke and did not know what to do! 3 years ago I figured out that there is something called selling clothes on eBay. I thought to give it a try and today I am making my 4 figure living with it.

How to Sell Clothes on eBay
How to Sell Clothes on eBay

eBay is a popular online shopping site where you can buy everything you want. This amazing platform also gives you the opportunity to operate the site for selling purposes. 

eBay platform is a profitable site for sellers. You can buy clothes from brands if you have enough money and sell them on eBay. 

Well, you will think, Is selling clothes on eBay worth it? Yes, the reason is that you can find permanent buyers if you sell good quality products. 

eBay has changed the life of entrepreneurs. So can yours if you follow just a few steps! 

Are you looking for professional guidance about how to promote your items online? This tutorial will show you how to get the maximum money selling your clothing and style on eBay. 

It’s simple to make a profit on this platform. 

1. Get ready

Begin by doing some preliminary research

Research is very important before starting any business. To get an idea of today’s costs and demand on eBay, look for garments that resemble or are nearly identical to yours on eBay. 

It could assist you in determining however much cash you can anticipate receiving for your stuff. One might well be shocked to find how much worth there is in well-known products and trendy sunglasses, even if they are before and also in good shape.

Look at what other online retailers 

define and value their items to acquire knowledge and suggestions about how to sell garments on eBay. Begin your search on the Comprehensive Main website, making sure you choose “Purchased listing” from the drop-down menu.

Make sure your products are clean.

Cleansing your garments before selling them online is essential. Before being listed, all used clothing should be cleansed. 

Most garments will need to be washed and ironed. You should take your apparel to the launderette for unique things like leather, velvet, as well as other fragile textiles. 

Customers hope to collect items that are in resembling condition, with no odors or blemishes. It is worth noting that label clothing, whether with or without tags, doesn’t require laundering.

Capture a few shots that are clear and sharp.

On eBay, great images sell. Your images ought to be crisp, excellent, and visually appealing. Take photos of your device’s front and rear. 

  • Set the devices on a level surface, such as a desk or countertop, with a simple light backdrop. A big layer of white copy paper may be enough in some cases. 
  • Closely examine any dents or flaws on the phone’s screen and back. To snap close in clear perspective, please ensure your camera is set to the “macro” setting. 
  • Take a picture of your iPad when it is turned on and showing its home page to show potential customers that it is functional.
  • Put your object in front of a strong grounding. Dark clothing should be photographed against a lighter or reasonably practicable, while light and white items should be photographed against a wall of doors dressed backdrop.

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Consider the following scenario:

  • Using a coat hanger, drape a – anti blouse against a white or cream wall.
  • Put down an old pillowcase mostly on the floor, straightening out any creases, and a pair of black jeans on top of it.
  • Make sure you have enough lighting and, if feasible, use direct sunlight. For instance, employ multiple illuminations, including a light fixture and a bright part of your home, to ensure that the area communicates and ideally disperses light.

Intense light, including such flashbulbs and, in rare situations, sunlight, should be avoided. 

  • Colors may be distorted and white “heat waves” may appear in your photographs. When photographing products to sell on eBay, natural sunlight is probably beneficial. 

Probably take one photograph of each element or section of your clothing, however, more is preferable.

For Instance:

A garment must contain at least four images, including the side, front, labeling, and near any special elements like stitching or hooks.

As though you’re a discriminating and choosy buyer, organize your photo op.

Consider how a shopper would examine clothing at a shop. Include images of any parts of the clothing that they may want to look at more attentively.

2) Sell your belongings on eBay

Using a PC or smartphone device, you may quickly and easily display your clothes.

Choose a category.

Here on pages, click the “Begin purchasing” icon, or at the head of any eBay store, click “Sell.” Next enter the object’s keywords describer, such as “Tom Brady Shirts” or “Brian Lara Shoes.” 

Your item product category will be suggested immediately by the rapid posting tool. Choose the best option for your property and press the “Sell yours” option.

Make a brief description.

Give details about your individual item quality, size, color, materials, and manufacturer. Incorporate details such as a little puncture, stain, or rip when describing the state.

Colors may display differently on different laptop screens and portable devices. As a result, it’s preferable to be more precise when defining color, such as “burnt orange” rather than “red” or “Tiffany grey” rather than “colored.”

Specify the garment’s materials, including linen. When your item is made of a combination of materials, such as polyamide and cashmere, specify the percent of each item on the label.

Because sizes aren’t always consistent, it’s a good idea to offer dimensions alongside company size info. Uncertainty about sizes, such as “XL” or “Size 10,” is the most common cause of buyer problems. Consider the following scenario:

  • The height of the chests from underarm to elbow, as well as the arm lengths from the center of the neckline (collar) to the end of both the cuffs, should be included in the dimensions for a male’s shirt.
  • The waist measurement and length of the garment should be included in the listing.
  • While men’s shoes are largely consistent, including the depth and diameter of a shoe, particularly for premium women’s shoes, is not a bad idea.

Specify the item’s dimensions in both inches and centimeters to help foreign investors comprehend the size of your product. Include the registered trademark in your list description if your product is a well-known brand. 

Include more details in your descriptions if your product is a unique or limited-run edition.

Decide on a selling strategy.

You have the choice of using estate sale advertising with an additional “Purchase This Now” pricing or using repaired advertising. Your past study will help you decide on price and advertising type, which will increase your likelihood of catching a purchaser the most.

Rule of thumb

Fixed-rate listings provide you with greater control and overselling price, but they take a larger percentage of income than estate sale advertising. One can get a speedier sale with estate sale advertising, but you lose control over the outcome price.

Set a beginning bid or a predetermined price.

If you go with a set pricing posting, make sure your offer is reasonable and dependent on your information from Step 1. If you’re ok with an estate sale ad, make sure your initial bid is reasonable for the item. 

If the product sells to the very first bid, you’ll get the required percentage you wish.

Choose a delivery company and a price for the shipment.

For recommendations on delivery companies and price assistance, use the eBay smartphone application or perhaps the fast posting tool. Because shipping recommendations are supplied based on things comparable to what you’re selling, you might not have to weigh your product to establish shipping rates.

To help you begin, here are some simple pointers:

  1. Flat-rate envelopes make shipping simple:

A necktie or scarves, for example, is a relatively light piece of clothing. This allows the user to send these in a 13-ounce First Business Package from the United States Postal Service.

Try utilizing a USPS Fixed Fee Premium Package or Container unless the item weighs upwards of 13 ounces.

  1. Give your customers a delivery estimate based on demographics. To do just that, you’ll also need postcodes of both you and your customer.

Collect the following details:

  • To even get a good idea of the individual item value, use a postal scale.
  • Measure the number of your padded envelopes, along with any packaging materials and cushioning, and add it to your subtotal.
  • Calculate the package’s size. Just use measurements on the sealed bag if you’re going to use one.

You must choose at minimum one mailing method, such as with a USPS First Class Mail for goods weighing up to 13 ounces. Choose a Fixed Fee Premium Package or Package for products weighing more than 13 ounces.

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3) Post-Sale Responsibilities

Payment acceptance

PayPal will send an email when a customer paid for a transaction. You have the option of keeping the funds in your PayPal account or transferring them to another local bank. 

Whenever you maintain the money in your PayPal account, you could use your PayPal Mastercard to withdraw them or have used them to make purchases on those other PayPal-accepting sites.

Packing and shipping

A light, watertight envelope can hold a lot of clothing. Whenever your clothing has delicate elements, such as huge hooks, wrap these with one or two aspects of little plastic wrap when shipping them. 

Choose a box or cushioned box that was just a smidgeon bigger than for the item you’re selling.

Stamps are printed.

Use eBay’s Printable Postage function to choose, pay for, and generate an official USPS mailing label to glue or adhere to.

Your purchaser’s shipment

Deliver your box into your nearest post office as quickly as possible, or preferably yet, give it over to your USPS postal worker with his or their following delivery route. Whenever things have arrived, it is a good thing to give your client a letter. If it’s possible, include a confirmation email.

Provide favorable feedback to your buyer.

Positive feedback from merchants is highly valued by buyers. It’s a crucial component of satisfying the customers. 

When you receive confirmed money, remember to provide favorable feedback for them.

Can You Sell Used Clothes On eBay?

eBay has a used goods guideline, so customers can also be sure they’ll be getting clean, blemish garments whenever they shop there. While one of our major objectives is safety and cleanliness, our article defines why certain things are not permitted to be offered on a website.

What are the rules?

Even if they are clean, worn underpants and shoes aren’t permitted. Underwear, shorts, briefs, nappies, and sports supports are just a few instances. The term “underwear” does not apply to bras.

Used clothes should be cleaned regularly and labeled as such. Used clothes listings are not allowed to feature fetishizing wording or imagery, such as personalized sentiments about the individual modeling the product.

If you violate eBay’s policies, you could face a variety of consequences, like arbitrarily terminating or canceling items, concealing or relegating all rankings from search engine results, decreasing your seller’s score, trading limitations, and account termination. 

All amounts charged or paid in connection with postings or accounts about which we act decisively will not be reimbursed or paid in advance.

Ways Of Used Clothes Selling

Selling things you do not need anymore on eBay is an instant and simple method to earn big cash. Footwear, scarves, shawls, brooches, and buckles are just a few of the items you could offer. 

You may list your products on eBay using your registered account holder once determining what you’d prefer to trade and shooting them separately. 

You’ll be in charge of almost anything from defining the product to determining its pricing, delivery choices, and buyer communication. You may generate a decent chunk of revenue whereas greatly reducing cupboard storage in the time required to establish and run an internet shop. 

Selling lots of clothes on eBay means earning lots of money on eBay! Here are some methods that may help you:

1) Selecting Items to Offer

Make a decision about what you’re prepared to trade away. You ought to select products that are in marketable condition as well as that you are willing to part with. 

It’s common to become stuck when it comes to deciding which outfits you don’t need. Whenever picking a costume, it’s a smart option to distinguish the items you use commonly from the things you don’t use. 

There’s a strong chance you won’t regret trading something that’s been rotting away in your wardrobe, and you won’t use these forgotten goods anymore. 

2) Separate the excellent stuff from the negative stuff. 

Trying to market products with a minimal retailing price could not be fair. Use the eBay webpage to research to determine the value of an item of clothing. 

The manufacturer title size and type of apparel should all be included in your target keywords.

3) Examine your apparel and accessories for any signs of wear and tear. 

A few of your options may perhaps be overly degraded to appeal to potential purchasers. A minor tear or rip that can be readily mended is acceptable on more valued things. 

Massive tears, large breach spots, or significant staining, on the other hand, render it harder to offer the product. 

Every grommet should be undamaged, the stuff should be free of spots and rips, and the base should be in good condition.

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4) All of the garments should be washed or dry cleaned. 

Place anything you intend to offer in the washer or have it dry clean. Cleaning your garments is not only eBay’s requirement, but it also ensures that they are in the best possible condition for photographing. 

Many fabric goods should also be pressed, as wrinkled apparel can deter customers. Most expensive textiles, like silk and leather, will require to be dry cleaned. 

Search for the statement “dry cleaning recommended” on the product’s label to see whether it has any particular washing recommendations.

Tips For Selling Clothes On eBay

Here are some useful tips for selling clothing on eBay:

  • Make sure the picture you are going to upload on the site is clear and of high quality.
  • Give complete details of your product. For example, if you are selling stitched clothes then you must add information about the size(chest, waist, shoulder, sleeves, etc,.) of the clothes for different ages of people. 
  • Use unique keywords. This will help you get more buyers. Also filled in the category,  item specific, and condition. Through these filters, the buyers search exactly what they want.
  • Mention the price of your product. You may also mention the sale price. 
  • When your items are sold out, send them in good packing. This will attract the buyers and also attach a note with the parcel “thank you for shopping”.
  • Feedback is very important as it can grow your business. So make your customers happy and satisfied by offering the best quality.

Where to buy clothes to sell on ebay

There are a lot of brands and local retailers from where you can buy clothes and sell them on eBay. But buying from a brand may be cost-effective. 

You may find garments to resale on eBay from a variety of sources; it could be just a matter of trying something new. Several of the greatest shopping for high-quality clothing is here below: 

1-Relatives And Friends

Friends, relatives, and you, for instance, have emptied closets and sold the items no longer desired, on eBay.

Parents and neighbors would be the same; people often put garments into a trash bag, prepared to be donated, but instead of bringing them to both the shops, ask if you’ve had the free of cost or for a reduced price.

2- Sales in the retail sector

When looking for garments to sell on eBay, retail outlets were not the only spot you’d check. Given the limited existing stores, though, several retailers can significantly reduce rates during sales.

Keep an eye out for outlets and cheap outlets. Such establishments could cost a little more than discount stores and garage sales. 

But, because you’ll be purchasing a brand-new item, a greater eBay sale price is justified.

3- Used Clothes

As I mentioned above, eBay allows you to sell used clothes so this is also a good option for you to sell used clothes. If you don’t have enough money to sell branded Items you can go to the charity shop and buy a lot of clothes for very little money.

4- Listings on eBay

If you’ve heard of snipers, this is comparable: you’re looking for possible stylish shoes and names, however, the posting has low-quality photographs and a lousy explanation.

Those could be purchased for a low price in an auction or purchased now though and posted with improved photographs and info for a benefit. 

Easily understood to include in the cost of shipping when determining whether or not an item is worthwhile to purchase. 

The benefit is that you might conduct experiments while browsing the product, which will be more difficult to accomplish in a store or even at a second-hand shop. 

5-Handmade Stuff

You can also sell clothes with handwork embroidery or crochet. Sweaters, socks, hats, shirts, and tops made of crochet can make a good amount of money in the winter season. 

These handmade clothes are very much liked by girls and mothers for their kids. So in the winter season, you can sell them and earn a good profit. 

Final words: How to Sell Clothes on eBay

Selling clothes online is a good idea.  Well, this job doesn’t require any degree or more money. But at least you must have a good dressing sense.

Dressing and styling is the key factor in the online cloth selling business. Because You will have to divert the attention of the buyers towards your product. 

eBay is one of the best forums for you to start selling clothes. The best part is that you can also sell your used clothes if they are no longer needed by you. 

I hope you will have a good idea of how to sell clothes on eBay UK from this article.Begin your business with passion and give time to research the products you want to sell.

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