Tumblr’s simple design makes it straightforward to start a blog without having to pay for web hosting or website design, and blogs may be an excellent method for businesses to interact with consumers and clients. Tumblr also offers a feature called Ask pages, which allows people to submit queries directly to the blog. Private responses can be given on Ask pages, or concerns may be addressed.

Steps to start an ask blog

  1. Open your Web browser and go to your Tumblr dashboard.
  1. Click the name of your Tumblr blog in the upper right corner of your screen.
  1. Click “Blog Settings” on the right side of the screen.
  1. In the “blog” section. It’s my blog already created.
  1. In the “Ask page title” input box, enter your ask page’s title.
  1. Your ask blog has been created on Tumbler.
  2. You can delete or export id too.
  1. If you want to allow people who aren’t logged into Tumblr to submit questions on the Ask page, check the “Allow anonymous questions” option.
  2. After that, click the “Save” button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Your Ask page is automatically linked to your Tumblr blog. When you get a question, it will be displayed in your message inbox. To post a question and answer to the Ask page, or send your response via private message, type an answer.

What are Ask blogs?

Ask blog is a Twitter-like blog in which visitors may be asked questions about an item, subject, or another subject. On Tumblr, these videos can frequently be used as part of role-playing. If a person leaves an inquiry on Facebook that the blogger can answer, then we can answer them. In-play the characters often respond out of character.

How do ask blogs work on Tumblr?

Choose the blog you need to be updated. When asked for, enable this feature. Fill in “Ask Page title” for everything you wish to include on the site name (and ask for pages in themes if these do show a link).

How do I add an ask box to my Tumblr?

Please look for a customizable page. Select any page at the top of your page, then click on the page that contains your FAQ page or you can rename the page as your FAQ page. Make it easy for your web page for us to enter your details! Copy and paste these codes below and when properly used the colors are blue and green. September 5, 2012.

The look of your Tumblr profile may be customized with themes and changing what types of links are displayed on your Tumblr page. The “Ask” link, for example, allows other users to submit queries via your Tumblr account. You can add this connection to your Tumblr profile by enabling it in the “Settings” area under “Privacy.”

How do I make ask me anything on Tumblr?

You can visit their request website here. You can access our website from this website by enabling the Settings tab or by using a web browser for the browser. Choose a blog for editing. … Tell me your query?

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