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Scammers are all around us, spreading as increasingly as a coronavirus from which many of us are getting suffered. But sometimes, it really gets hard to differentiate truth from falsehood. 

Chain reaction trading is a known scheme that has become difficult to distinguish whether it is legit or not but it is not legit. It is being introduced as a free source of making money, I would say just by doing nothing. 

You may have probably noticed an ad while enjoying a video on YouTube. 

Do you want to make $1000 a day? Every day! In just five minutes?

Curious enough, right? 

These words might have reminded you of something and brought you back when you were watching a video, and such an ad sound vibrated your air drum. 

Does it look genuine?

After watching the ad, some will be curious to find dark secrets behind this baffling claim, and the others are excited enough to make $1000 for the rest of their lives.

Let’s try to find out whether chain reaction trading is legit or not. People’s reviews will direct us to discover the fact.

Chain Reaction Review

This life-changing ad begins very calmly; it shouldn’t be, I think. 

Do you want to make $1000 a day? Every day! And then for the rest of your life in just five minutes.

Five minutes! 

But they care for your precious time so, have reduced the minutes. 

Join in just 5 minutes, and $1000 will be in your account in the next 24 hours. It is 100% safe. No risk!

What is Chain Reaction?

Four years earlier, Harry Fisher and his friend Matthew Jordan made an advancement by analysing the trend of a currency pair and had found a way to generate a profit from it. 

Harry Fisher explains the reason for his generous offerings that after crossing a threshold tax authorities became insane over his income.

By recruiting, he would not be taxed extensively.

The world has developed so much, and I still didn’t know that a couple of mouse clicks can make me a millionaire. This is what the ad says.

  1. Charity and Ads Don’t Sit Well

 “I decided to do nothing but charity by helping everyone make money.”

This gentleman is Harry Fisher, who is helping people to make $1000.

A generous millionaire sharing his secrets for free but contrary by paying dollars for the advertisement of his charity executions. That’s weird!

  1. Earn Without Work

He had made a great achievement by making people earn by doing nothing but unfairly still unknown and unappreciated by millions. He had found a way to earn even without getting out of a chair.

Seemingly interesting!

  1. Scammy Ad

“There are a lot of scams here and there, everywhere. Beware Zof them.”

Does this text look professional? 

Obviously not.

Similarly, you don’t expect such illogical typos in some official ad. The pitiful typist seems not to get paid fairly, so has taken his revenge on it.

And Harry Fisher didn’t even bother himself to watch his life-changing project at least once. 

  1. Proof Of Work

The ad doesn’t contain any technical evidence that he has actually found some legal trick to make profits of current trends.

Most possibly, he has just found an Aladdin’s lamp, and it is the genie that will give people $1000, every day, not for a few days but throughout their life.

I wonder how people are still poor despite Harry and his friend’s mind-blowing technical victory of making money by doing nothing, nothing at all.

One of my dreams!

  1. Origin of Chain Reaction

The chain reaction was found to be located from Russia and wanted to target the Russian natives, but their advertisement on YouTube clarifies their intentions to target abroad.

Harry Fisher says that the offer is not valid for three countries i.e., Afghanistan, Dagestan, and Kyrgyzstan for some reasons.

What makes people curious about chain reaction trading?

Curiosity pulls the people into the scam, says Frank Stallone.

Let’s look at things that are making people click on the sign-in button.

  • Harry Fisher keeps on repeating $1000 every day that making the people think over their offer.
  • You may see the HTTP above on the site link that makes people trust them.
  • Harry Fisher says that he has limited recruitions that insist people sign in mindlessly without getting the scheme thoroughly.
  • He is boldly discussing such scams repeatedly in his video ad (might be a trick to distract people).

Why does chain reaction trading not look legit?

  • The chain reaction ad video didn’t explain the role of a recruiter other than receiving $1000 in our account every day.
  • He failed to justify his fascinating technology. The ad was not looking legit in either way. 
  • There are several typing errors in the ad.
  • Found nothing relevant when googled the chain reaction. We couldn’t find a valid link. Different people got different links on visiting the sites, and they all are now out of access. They might be kept on changing their sites so that they are not be marked on a blacklist. 

Reviews on chain reaction trading

While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experiences of others. ~Rick Warren.

What do people think about the trading robot? Let’s try to learn from theirs’ experiences (

On logging in to chain reaction, they ask firstly for your name, email address, phone number, credit card number, etc.

Chain_Smoker101 says that he (after logging in) received a call from them. He noticed the Russian accent of the man on the other side, calling himself German oddly with an English name, William.

When he asked William about the countries where the scheme is not accessible, he mentioned “Ukraine, Italy, and the United States” and couldn’t clarify the point.

(If it is, then assuredly, it is a scam).

Ranger7381 says that the ad sounds like a scam email in the form of an email, somewhat like a Nigerian 419 scam.

Clark_Brixter says chain reaction trading to be a scam by criticizing their unprofessional attitude.

Anotherdude342 solved the whole riddle by saying that no one cares about your money until they want it.

(How relevant!)

Babymonster1226 says that the Trend Micro Check detection tool supports it to be a scam.

lukebergis, being a finance expert, says that it is not possible to predict the movement of currency pairs.

(90% of people called it a scam).

Final Thoughts

The scheme most seemingly looks like such a scam that has victimized many people.

There are various types and tricks of scamming people. Most of us will definitely have fallen into it at least once in our lives.

Most of us wake up after losing dollars on a scam then hesitate to spend even on fairer causes. 

Realistically, all of us want to make money, a lot of money. But when the desire exceeds its limit, we sometimes mindlessly fall into a scam owing to our greed. 

In short, beware of such tricks and scams. Don’t trust everyone blindly. 

Look over this ad yourself by clicking here, and share your opinion regarding this.

Interestingly this channel has only this video on it.

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