I have been using Clickbank for the last 3 years and during this process, I learned that it is changing with the passage of time.

If you ask is Clickbank legit?

Is Clickbank worth it?

Is Clickbank safe?

The answer is simple!

Yes! Clickbank is safe; Clickbank is legit if you use it wisely as with the passage of time the platform is becoming a house of scammers but still yeah, Clickbank is worth it.

1# What Is Clickbank? 

People consider Clickbank simply one more affiliate network!

Yet, in contrast to conventional partner programs, Clickbank is a commercial center for the two individuals who make items and affiliates.

So, they can bring in cash together without complex desk work or understanding. 

2# How Clickbank Works? 

At the end of the day, Clickbank is the mediator between makers of digital products.

For example, digital books, video, music, etc, and individuals who can sell those items are affiliate marketers. Clickbank satisfies one of the two capacities: 

a). A Product Marketplace For Affiliates 

As an associate advertiser, you can bounce directly in, make your extraordinary affiliate links for a huge number of items.


Begin to drive traffic immediately to begin bringing in cash. You can observe your profit in the clickbank dashboard.  

Is Clickbank paid or free for affiliates?

Clickbanks is totally free and has no lengthy procedure.

It’s fundamentally a streamlined subsidiary system, open to anybody that needs to try it out. 

If you need to give it a shot, basically go register and start working from home. 

b). An E-Commerce Platform For Product Owners

As an item proprietor, you can add your item to the database and ClickBank will deal with all the checkout and internet business parts, just as offering a program affiliate for it.

3# Why Clickbank? 

As a partner advertiser, you may ask yourself, why to sell digital books and online courses from obscure makers, if you can simply join with other huge websites that sell legitimate items. 

Right off the bat, “online instruction” is an immense market.

Important Statistic

Clickbank per year revenue: Nearly 1/4 billion dollars

4# Pros and Cons Of ClickBank 

ClickBank is an incredible spot for new member advertisers to begin and earn money online without the problem of further developed affiliate systems.

We’re updating this list and will be live soon!

5# How To Make Money With Clickbank 

You need a strong item that fills clients’ needs and makes a change (a positive one of course) in life.

At that point, you develop your traffic, and once you know you’re productive you scale the entire thing. 

6# How to Select a Product on Clickbank?

Perhaps the most ideal approach to bring in cash on Clickbank is to begin as an affiliate.

The selection of the correct item to progress on ClickBank is critical.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

Detailed analysis is a major task to know what is the best product to select in Clickbank and it is one of the major (if not the most crucial) skills which you should learn to earn from Clickbank.

Learn to earn!

Looks Poetic!

Isn’t it?

Here are the things we search for with regard to the analysis of many offers for promotion:

  • Minimal effort introductory proposal with up to 3 upsales 
  • Video, articles, and mail deals 
  • Items with great surveys on the web 
  • Conversion 
  • Direct Linking/Banners

7# How to Advertise Clickbank Produts?

Here is a list of basic ways to promote Clickbank products:

  • Blogs & websites 
  • Forums & Article Submission
  • Social Media & youtube
  •  Visitor Blogging or Comment Posting 

8# How to promote Clickbank products FREE?

Free Website

When you want to work through a blog you need to begin a website.

At that point, go for Blogger and make a website that will be totally free. Anyway, you should upgrade your blog for Search Engines to drive free traffic on web search engine traffic.

Forum Posting

  • Find a few forums that are related with the items you selected.
  • Now, spot your audience.
  • Begin posting in forums and you will have the option to drive (not huge) traffic-free to your item page. 
  • Register in more than 10 forms and attempt to post as many as you can in each forum.


Don’t spam else your account can get banned.

Social media


Share the links of your selected product with your affiliate link, yet in a reasonable way.

How to get Facebook traffic to your Clickbank product?

  • Try RelationShip Marketing, it is pretty simple!
  • Build relations in your domain.
  • Attempt to utilize it without spam!
  • First form trust and afterward prescribe the items to your friends, and you will most likely get a positive outcome.
  • Making Facebook pages and waiting for the clients to come won’t work!
  • Facebook has an algorithum which does not give love to affiliates. So, all you have to do it to get engaged with the audience.
  • Plus, you cannot share you affiliate links directly to Facebook. You need to have a website to share the links to them.


Despite the fact that Facebook’s natural reach has diminished fundamentally, Instagram is as yet going solid.

This works particularly well for visual specialties like food, pets, and sports.

Bunches of intriguing substance out there to post in these specialties and additionally a gigantic after. 

How to get Instagram traffic to your Clickbank product?

  • Post intriguing imagesreliably with important hashtags.
  • Use hashtag finders like Hashtagify!
  • Follow clients in your domain
  • Like their posts and make a connection
  • Fortunately, however, Instagram and YouTube are still huge players with regard to natural reach.


  • There are various ways to crack deals in Clickbank here.
  • You can record a video survey of the item and leave its buy link in the description.
  • You can make a video giving free advise and suggest the item as an “advice”.
  • If you can’t do this without anyone’s help, you can generally employ somebody on Fiverr at a truly reasonable cost. 
  • Article showcasing and guest posting is likewise an exceptionally compelling technique to sell your Clickbank item for free.
  • Compose articles about the item and distribute it in article submission sites incorporating your link or link to your Clickbank product.

You need to discover those sites which permit it. 

The achievement relies upon the way you fight and keep on fighting with the competitores till you get to the top!

By the way!

I’m a motivational speaker too. 🙂

Search engine optimization 

Web optimization, more or less, is taking a shot at making your site rank high in Google list items.

The enormous stars of SEO are that it’s a drawn-out procedure and could continue bringing you traffic for quite a long time.

It’s additionally economical or practically free if you accomplish all the work yourself. 

The disadvantage is that it takes a long time.

It could take 2-3+ months to see your first deal if that is your primary traffic source.

It’s additionally dreary as in it requires a ton of exertion third-party referencing(links), particularly in case you’re attempting to rank for profoundly serious watchwords.

9# How to promote Clickbank products Paid Method

Build Website

On the other side, if you want to work through a paid website, it will cost you an initial investment.

Purchase a web hosting and domain.

Write articles

Rank or Promote

PPC (Pay Per Click)

If you have a financial plan and are happy to pay for traffic, you should prefer putting resources into social media like Facebook or Instagram Ads and also Google Adwords can help you to achieve your target.

Moreover, you can also achieve your goals by Bing Ads or any of the different systems you can purchase traffic from. 

You likewise pay for each sale/impression.

How To Make Money On Instagram With ClickBank? $5470/Mo

You have Clickbank and have started Instagram as well and how look for “How To Make Money On Instagram With ClickBank”?

You are in safe hands as we have done all the research for you.

Instagram contains technical web-based businesses, unlike other social media websites. As of June 2018, Instagram arrived at a 1 billion monthly dynamic client mark. Instagram was first planned for picture sharing but now, it’s a huge business platform that can be utilized by anyone for online marketing. 

You may be thinking: would you be able to make money on Instagram by using ClickBank? How do marketers make money on Instagram? How does selling on Instagram contrast with different sorts of web-based businesses? 

In this article, I’ll try to answer all such questions and I’ll also explain some unique strategies related to Instagram marketing that you can execute in a short time. These strategies will help you earn money from Instagram in 2020 by using ClickBank.

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Can You Make Money On Instagram?

Before getting into How To Make Money On Instagram With ClickBank, we need to know can you make money on Instagram?

Yes, you can make money on Instagram. You can upload posts related to photography, poetry, memes, vehicles, or motivation on your Instagram account for making money. 

In the beginning, you will not be able to make money for a long time but if your content is unique and attractive then you will get followers in a low time. 

If you have an Instagram account with even 1000 followers and good engagement then also you can earn money. After getting about 10,000 real followers, you will start earning easily.  

How Much Money Can You Make?

Actually, there is no daily or monthly limit for making money on Instagram through ClickBank. You can’t make quick money by using this method. The amount of money that you can earn from Clickbank depends on how well you can convert your Instagram traffic into sales.

In general, Instagram accounts having about 10k to 100k followers can get an average of $200 per post while accounts having about 100k to 1M followers can earn about $670 per post and you can earn even more on Instagram if you promote ClickBank products. 

How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank?

It’s not so easy for new marketers to make money on Instagram with ClickBank. If you want to be successful in this business then it will take time and effort. You can not get the results immediately. It will work only if you keep on growing your audience regularly. You will have to promote multiple products in a day and if you do it the right way, you will get results in a short time. 

Step-By-Step Guide 

For making money on Instagram by using ClickBank, you should follow these simple steps:

Grow your account

At the start, you will have to make a good-looking profile. Add proper bio and profile picture to your profile. Post videos and pictures regularly to get real followers. You should get real flowers and avoid getting fake followers. 

You can follow a maximum of 7500 accounts on Instagram. For getting more followers and likes, add hashtags and locations to your posts and also tag some accounts related to your niche. 

The follow-back policy helps a lot to gain followers in a low time. If your account is new and someone follows you then you should follow him back so that he keeps constantly following you and when your account grows up then you can unfollow such accounts.

Choose Niche-Specific Products 

After developing the account, find the products on ClickBank to promote. Visit the ClickBank site. There are a lot of items across numerous niches on it. You will find all types of niches there. Select the niche which you want to promote.  

Your Instagram account should be based on a niche. The top items in any of the niches sell quickly. You can choose a niche of your interest which you can easily promote. Choose a product that should have the following qualities:

• It should have a gravity of over 70. 

• The product should return a good average $/sale.

• Pick items or organizations which are here to stay. Take a look at their past deals record.

Create Promotional Content

After choosing a product, you will have to promote that one. Search the product-related images that you can post on your Instagram account. Products having good pictures and review videos should be preferred. If the product is trending but you don’t find an adequate amount of pictures related to it then you can take pictures by yourself also. 

Quick Tip 

Your style of promoting ClickBank products should be attractive. Visit other accounts that are working on the same thing and analyze their way of promoting the products. If you find their style attractive then copy that. 

You can create promotional content just on Instagram. There is no need to create a website for this purpose. A benefit of promoting products from Instagram is you can promote products without the help of any additional website. However, if you have other social media accounts then you can post on these accounts also to increase your audience on Instagram.

Your posting and promoting style should be according to your niche. For example, you should post motivational quotes especially if you are promoting health and fitness-related products. It works well to increase sales.

You should also focus on hashtags. Post the maximum number of hashtags with your posts. Your hashtags should be according to the niche. Use all the niche-related hashtags, you want to rank for. 

Start promoting the products

Now it’s time to promote ClickBank products. Make the product affiliate link short by using Bit.ly. Add that short link in your bio. Add product-related stories to your account and also add links to buy the products to your posts. 

People will use these links to visit product pages or to buy the products. You can notice the number of clicks of these links via Bit.ly. Furthermore, track the status of sales you get from these links. By doing this, you will be aware of the interest of your audience. Prefer promoting the products of your audience interest. 

By using Instagram stories, hashtags, or advertisements, instruct visitors to click the affiliate link. Try not to post the link excessively. If you are promoting a single product then paste its link in your bio. After that, add text like “Check the link in my bio” in every post related to that product.

Some Additional Suggestions

Here are some strategies to make money easily by this method:

Purchase Likes or Views

On Instagram, you can post as much as you need. A good number of likes and views are necessary for reaching more people and having their attention. Posts having low views or likes are useless and this matter is a mood killer for our purchasers. 

So if you have a few likes and views on your posts then you should think about paying for it. Do not be afraid of the price. Think about it as a benefit because, after some time, you will get much more money than your investment if you work hard. 

Never try to get fake followers or paid followers because such followers will not give you likes or views which is bad for your account’s engagement. 

For getting people’s attention initially, you can buy likes and views to your posts, subscribe to auto-likes, or promote your Instagram posts. You should get likes or views according to your followers count so that your Instagram engagement and profile look natural. Use relevant and trending hashtags on your posts as it brings more natural traffic to your posts. 

Generate Leads

To take your marketing to the next level, you can generate leads. For this purpose, replace the affiliate link with your website link. From your site, you can get customers’ messages easily. 

You can use Instagram stories, Instagram Live, or Instagram lead generation features to generate leads easily. Also, engage with your audience, create a personal connection with them, and provide them the exact content which they want. In this way, your audience will be interested in your account and it will help you a lot grow your business. 

Will This Method Work For Other Social Media Platforms?


You can implement it either for “How To Make Money On Instagram With ClickBank” or any other platform.

This method is also useful for making money on other social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. But there is a difference between making money through Instagram and through YouTube.

For Instagram, your main focus should be to post good niche-related images to promote a product while on YouTube, you will have to make unboxing and review videos about that product. 

Final Words

Instagram is a great platform for making money. If you think that you can not make money on Instagram then you are thinking wrong. You can make a lot of money on it but it will consume a lot of your time. The more effort you put into your Instagram business, the more money you will make with the passage of time. 

Moreover, ClickBank is a famous affiliate platform and its products are of a huge range. If you promote its products at a low time then your chances to make quick money will be increased. If you use Instagram and ClickBank together for making money then you will start earning more. 

Hope you liked the post.

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Authors: Jack John & Alexa Smith

Jack and Alexa have been working in the online earning space for 4 years and have interviewed multiple Upwork, Fiverr sellers to get the actual insights about these freelance platforms.

Chief Editor & SEO Auditor: Adila Z.

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