Is it true that Squarespace is a blogger’s worst disaster? You might be surprised by the answer! 

WordPress could be the crown prince of the blogosphere, but I have nothing to do with anything; in fact, I think it’s a wonderful framework for any blog or website. 

After all, if you favor the Squarespace feel and look Yet still really want an active, productive, and Continuing to grow blog, you Might have to! I’ll confess that the supposed restrictions of the blog feature turned me off because I originally began using Squarespace. 

Squarespace made me feel a little shackled even Though I was getting used to WordPress. The more I studied about the platform and everything it has to provide, I realized that Squarespace blogging is pretty damn cool. 

Let’s have a look at why that is!


Squarespace is unique in that this is an all-encompassing connection to the network. There is no need for separate servers, purchasing a site elsewhere, or connecting a blog from another platform. 

All of this only adds to the confusion. It’s similar to Apple in the realm of internet platforms. Sure, you won’t be able to make any radical changes, but guess what? It DOES WORK.

Easily And Quickly

You have the option of building your website first then deciding whether or not to use a blog. When you wish to use it, simply add it to the menu bar and begin blogging. 

It was all rolled into one, so your website’s design and experience remain consistent, and your SEO improves as a result of the integration.

Drag And Drop 

A game in which you drag and drop objects around the screen. Among the reasons I consider Squarespace so consumer-pleasant is that writing on it is a snap. 

It was a “see”-as-you-build WYSIWYG tool.  You won’t have to decipher any sophisticated coding. 

There are no areas in which you may write, but when you view the display, it seems completely different than it did previously. You only construct the post, which appears to be alive. 

You can preview what your headings will appear, how your photos will appear, and any unique components you add, such as lines, graphs, movies, and so on? They all appear on the screen just as they will when the post is published.

True illustration: I just assisted a friend in transitioning his photographic website to Squarespace. He was apprehensive about the shift, and that he was concerned that he’ll never be able to pick up quickly enough.

I established the site and then taught him the fundamentals about how to write a blog post, but he had published over 20 blog articles in less than a week!!!  He had never blogged before, but now that he’s a blogging juggernaut!

Even though you consider yourself “technically challenged,” the Squarespace platform is straightforward, so you can write like the breeze!

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Sidebar For Blogs

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you already know how much I love the blog sidebar. One resource expands your ability to assist your visitors in finding the content they seek and to keep people on the website for longer. 

You can promote yourselves, your social accounts, a search tool, famous articles, you name it…pretty much anything goes, and it merely enhances the viewer’s experiences. The lack of useful widgets on blogs is my biggest pet hate. 

When you can’t find information on a blog or even in the blog’s archives, it’s time to click ahead and enjoy something to do that. While not all Squarespace layouts have a bar, a large number of them will do. 

Going To Freak Out Without Plugins

Since you’ve never used WordPress, you won’t understand what I’m speaking about, because I used to blog on it, I constantly felt as if something could break or wiggle out again. 

Because plugins are free software and are generated by a large number of people, they may not always work seamlessly with the WordPress platform. 

However, it is the plugins that personalize and improve the appearance of your website. With hormones, you just cannot function.

Nevertheless, because the majority of the plug-ins were third-party, they are prone to failure. They’re being upgraded, or there’s a glitch, or it just doesn’t function, and you’re always sending calls and syntax errors that, if you’re a tech genius or a WordPress specialist, aren’t easy to grasp. 

Whenever anything breaks, it can be upsetting and costly. All of it vanishes when you use Squarespace. 

Squarespace monitors the plugin marketplace and changes its platform based on more success. Because the upgrades are all done in-house, when something changes, this should help you rather than scare you into thinking your website would go down the drain and you won’t know how to solve it. 

Some individuals are accustomed to using plugins and despise the thought of not even being allowed to do so, but I’m still not one of those. I appreciate how versatile Squarespace’s options are, but if you ever do need anything special, custom CSS is available! 

That’s all there is to it! You shouldn’t have to be limited by Squarespace blogs. 

Even though Squarespace was also not designed with blogging in mind, they’ve put a lot of effort into improving the program’s blogging capabilities. I adore it, and I believe you will as well!!

Block With The Summary

Another one of my favorite features. There are plugins for WordPress which will show blog threads after your blog posts, but until I found the summary block, I believed Squarespace blogs had this limitation. 

My life was turned upside down when I found how simple it was to add a summary block to the conclusion of a blog and define which kinds of posts to display within this section. Now, immediately at the top of the assessment they just read, I could provide them with related information that they’ll be interested in reading.

I can make my archives page appear good by organizing it. Even while some may argue that now the summary block’s biggest restriction is that it wouldn’t present random choices (it pulls in the most frequently uploaded), I don’t mind. 

I’d prefer to use robust categorization and tag systems to provide some influence over what would be displayed.


Blogging will assist your website to be so much more optimized for search phrases overall, but to return to my original comment, as blogging is becoming more straightforward and much less of a pain, you would want to do it extra!

You may quickly add captions to your photographs and albums, create keyword-rich URLs that are distinct from your real title, use a structured approach in your text to ensure that your information is comprehensive and well-organized, etc.

WordPress Is The Best Option For Blogging

Still the finest site for you all to begin writing on is WordPress. It’s inexpensive, quick, SEO-friendly, and has a large range of aspects, and therefore more.

Those were just a few of the reasons why WordPress is preferred by 41% of web users.

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What Is The Best Way To Begin a WordPress Blog?

WordPress is the ideal time to conduct if you want to establish a blog. Namecheap allows you to begin for as little as $3 per month. 

They provide the cheapest WordPress host available on the web. I am using this service and therefore can confidently state that it is among the best available.

The very first step in starting a blog is to get an EasyWP host. A plan selection will be required of you. 

Choose the basic plan. To get started, all you’ll be prompted to create or log into your Namecheap registration.

Are You Concerned With Squarespace 7.1’s Performance And Blogging Capabilities?

Bloggers are affected by the fact that speed is a problem in Squarespace 7.1.  Simply because of the way Squarespace’s technology is established, velocity has always been an issue. 

Compressing photos as often as possible is among the few items we could do to accelerate our Squarespace sites. 

I use as well as suggest ShortPixel, a tool that allows you to put in photographs and have them miraculously optimized. You’ll probably notice a significant speed boost (as well as an SEO bump!).

What is the relationship between Squarespace 7.1 and Schema?

In Squarespace 7.1, the schema is indeed a problem, which has a negative influence on bloggers. Do you have any experience with the concept of schema? 

If you’re going to use blogging as a tool in your digital marketing armory, you need to comprehend this notion. 

To be honest, it’s a bunch to describe, so I’m still understanding the potential, but bloggers would’ve been negligent if they didn’t look at schema and how much they can use it—one this is because SM+Co’s business is so strong.

I’ve noticed that Squarespace sites require extra attention, such as inserting custom schema into articles so that Google can properly read them. It’s not a game-changer, but it can irritate you if you’re not very tech-savvy. That’s perfectly fine!

Which Strategies Can I Employ If I Utilise Squarespace 7.1 For My Blog?

If you’re using Squarespace 7.1 for your blog, I propose that you think about the following techniques:

  • Add a service like Missinglettr to enable redistribution of your material across social networks easily.
  • Unless you’re a food blogger, you’ll need to write your recipes correctly. Henry, one of my friends, found the Food Formatting Maker, which appears to be just what she was looking for. 
  • I haven’t got the opportunity to check its schema capabilities yet, and I’ll do so soon.

Unless you’re a transport or pic blogger, please ensure to use a tool such as ShortPixel to optimize each picture. This link will start giving you equity accounts. 

I cannot emphasize how critical this is. To try to get your photographs to turn up in Google search, write proper appropriate technique too though.

  • Maintain a basic layout and design for your postings while ensuring that the information is significant. I’d like to see more than 600 words in each post.
  • Use appropriate headings, and also don’t forget that header 1 is the article title, then don’t use it in your content!
  • Make careful to de-index your Squarespace blog sections and keywords, as they create sloppy fake pages that you can’t even control but are always full of mistakes.

What Else Does Squarespace New 7.1 System Do For Bloggers, On The Other Hand?

In a nutshell, you’ll have to choose whether the sacrifices are worthwhile. Yes, posting is simple, and there are certain constraints. That there’s no right and wrong there; it was an individual preference depending on your intended objectives.

What Exactly Do We Imply When We Say Squarespace 7.1 Allows You To Blog?

I’m not referring to corporate bloggers in this instance. This is a commercial blog, but I’m giving this advice to hobbyist bloggers like your knitting blog, a culinary blog, or what I call “publishing and press” bloggers.

Everything scientific, including a blog site or a review website, falls under this category. The reason I mentioned these websites in their category would be that their objectives differ from somebody who is blogging for his company, that’s a whole different circumstance. 

Infrastructure requirements vary. The weblog is an important component of such a website, but this is not the only one. It’s a slight but crucial distinction.

Will Squarespace 7.1 Work For You If The Major Aim Of Your Site Is Blogging?

“Maybe,” is indeed the short response.

In regards to blog design, Squarespace 7.1 has made some excellent advances. 

You’ll have been much happier without possibilities on 7.1 than the older Brine theme layouts offered in 7.0, except you require a customized, detailed layout, in which case WordPress is probably a good answer. 

They simply appear to be more polished and contemporary.

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Advantages Of Using Squarespace

Squarespace is a great place to start a blog. They do offer some qualities that may be beneficial to you.

1) Websites For Businesses

  • Squarespace is an excellent choice for those looking to launch a company website. 
  • It comes with an easy drag-and-drop web host that makes search engine optimization services a breeze.
  • Local companies, clubs, and other organizations can utilize this system to create fully responsive websites without the assistance of web specialists. 
  • Squarespace also has eCommerce capabilities, which is beneficial for individuals who want to sell things online.
  • You can also use the blogging function to get more users while creating similar websites.

2) A Good Number Of Plugins And Themes Are Available

  • You may install a good number of plugins and templates on your Squarespace site.
  • You will be unable to purchase the latest third-party themes since they’re not permitted. 
  • You can only choose from a set of authorized themes.
  • Squarespace plugins provide you the ability to extend the capabilities of your site. 
  • A few of the addons which are accessible are SEO tools, lead generation, and drop ship capabilities.

3) Websites For Portfolios

  • Companies employ portfolio sites to show off their works to prospective customers or to find work. 
  • They can also use Squarespace.
  • You might also start a blog regarding your profession to attract website traffic and gain more awareness in your field.

Disadvantages Of Using Squarespace

Squarespace is great for commercial and portfolio sites, but it does have a lot of limits when it comes to blogging. 

The following are a few of the drawbacks:

1) Pricey

  • The most significant disadvantage of beginning with Squarespace is the cost. 
  • The monthly fee is $12.
  • Compared to WordPress, it is an especially pricey option.
  • WordPress is free to use, but you’ll need to pay for a host program to keep your site up and running. 
  • WordPress hosting is inexpensive, costing roughly $3 per month. 
  • EasyWP from Namecheap is among the greatest locations for a newcomer to begin, in my opinion.

2) You Don’t Have Full Control Of Your Website

  • This is something you’d be concerned about the fewest, though it can be an issue as some.
  • Your site is currently hosted on Squarespace’s infrastructure if you begin with them. 
  • This implies that they now have the authority to remove or delete any from your website.
  • However, this must happen if you break one among their Appropriate Use policies. 
  • Take a look at this link excerpt from their terms and conditions.

3) Not Quick Enough

  • Pagespeed is a huge phenomenon in search engine optimization (SEO). 
  • I examined a few Squarespace-based websites. 
  • Discovered that most of the websites had a mobile google page speed score of under 20. 
  • The median page speed on the pc was roughly 50.
  • That’s also reason enough to avoid using Squarespace to build a weblog.

Final Words

Squarespace is a fine place to begin if you’re new to blogging. However, it will undoubtedly appear weaker when compared to its competitors such as WordPress.

It’s best when you just remain on Squarespace’s system if you’ve built a site and subscribed for a membership. However, if you haven’t yet begun using any one of the sites, WordPress seems to be the method to go.

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