She asked, “should I go for Wix”? For a moment, I was in a flashback (5 years ago) where I saw myself starting my new site and how I used to comment below YouTube videos that “Is Wix Good For Blogging“.

It’s crucial to select the right platform for your blog as you will have to possibly stick to it forever so “handle it with care”.

The shortest answer is yes! Wix is good for blogging and you will have a seamless experience with Wix in your blogging journey. With 45k new sign-ups, Wix is a great place to host your blog. is a popular cloud-based application framework used by thousands of people across the world. Wix makes it simple for anyone to create a professional-looking website or a blog.

is wix good for blogging

Using Wix, you can promote your blog, show off your artwork, open an online store, or simply try out new ideas. 

Wix’s new website comes with just about everything you’ll need to make a fully customizable, elevated free blog.

5 Reasons Wix Is Good For Blogging

Wix is connected to a network that is both free and user-friendly. Wix’s user-friendly technologies and features allow users to create amazing websites on any screen with effort.

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Wix, on the other hand, offers much more than a web host. From dragging things on web pages to expanding your blogging business, they provide a comprehensive collection of tools to help you establish a fully customized blogging business.

Now, let’s talk about the reasons why Wix is good for blogging or is Wix good for blogging!

1- Wix Is Free

Normally, hiring a good developer to establish and operate a blogging site would cost thousands of dollars. Wix was founded to allow everyone with a computer to start a free blog.

Here comes their pricing list!

wix pricing table

Wix is available to be used for as much as you would like, and you may build as many blogs as you would like. Upgrade with one of their Paid Versions to add your domains, eliminate Wix advertisements, collect electronic purchases, and much more to your brand or business.

2- SEO Management Is Built-In for Blogging

SEO is the lifeblood of your website, while information seems to be the muscle. If you’d like to be discovered on Google.

  • SEO enables you to sell your blog even better, allowing you to appear up on the search results. Wix does this for you by default, and all you have to do is provide it with some instructions. 
  • For example, it can handle heavy work for you by allowing you to fill in word tags as well as other data.
  • When you use Wix to add these components to headings, photographs, and other components on your site, search examines them every moment its bots pass by. Your data will be better rated in search if it is more thorough and correct.
  • The URL (address) structure is another part of SEO that Google takes into account when determining relevance. Wix allows you to customize every page’s URL to match what you want Google to understand.
  • I understand that SEO is something most individuals are apprehensive about. Many people appear to believe that automatic SEO is limited in its capabilities or you can hire SEO professionals.
  • Depending on the individual ability, I believe that any technique has its advantages. In any case, the Wix SEO Wiz is certainly worth a look.

3- Use Email Marketing for Blogging

Wix Email marketing is one strategy that might generate leads that is more appropriate for blogging sites. Instead of waiting for clients to approach you, you may distribute material directly to your subscribers when you’ve established a list.

There seem to be a plethora of email marketing tools available, some of which are excellent and others which are not, but Wix’s addition of one is just a masterstroke.

The ability to coordinate this functionality into the platform used by small company sites is extremely beneficial. For email marketing, you need a lead magnet. Here is a software you can use to start creating books without writing a single word.

4- For Everyone’s Benefit

Wix’s editors let you design a site exactly any way you want it. The two most typical methods of creating a Wix blogging site are as follows:

  1. Begin with a fresh design or use the Wix Designer to edit any designer-created design.
  2. Then using slide technologies add pieces to your site such as photographs, messages, group chats, and so on.

Wix ADI Artificial Design Intelligence is an autonomous site builder. Wix ADI provides a completely created site with techies and graphics constructed about you after giving you a few details about your website and your preferred style.

wix is it good for blogging

5- Wix Caters To A Wide Range Of blogging Users

Wix has always had the custom designs and resources to allow you to create whatever it is you come to Wix to develop. From the blogs of online retailers to consultant companies, and from galleries to internet pages, you’ll find site designs for a variety of subjects and businesses.

5- Wix Caters To A Wide Range Of blogging Users

Each template is designed by Wix developers who conduct market research to include the most beneficial built-in functionality for the issue at hand, and also all the most current designs. The App Store, which provides over 250 holistic approaches to personalize your site, allows you to add whatever you need to your site. 

Find strong financial tools to assist you in gathering leads for your blog, analyzing website visitors, engaging with customers, and much more.

6. wix landing page builders

wix landing page builders for blogging and sale

Wix provides a highly convertible landing page builder which will take your blogging journey with Wix to the next level. You can also go through our best and affordable landing page builders list and see what works the best for your blog to get more conversions.

Final Words: Is Wix Good for Blogging?

Yes! Wix is a great platform for Blogging and you can take your blogging business to the next level after building your blog with Wix. Rest it depend on your expertise and hard work but as s CMS Wix works great for bloggers.

However, if you are still looking for some other option to start your blog then see a detailed comparison of WordPress and Blogger. Try things out with them and then decide how your business goes. Wix is a bit expensive, Blogger is free and WordPress is a bit less expensive than Wix when used for Bloggers.