Jim Harmer is a person who inspires me to be more productive and work harder. He documents everything he does without worrying if the task or project is failing or succeeding. He has been an inspiring source of motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs and his followers love the content he puts up on a regular basis.

With that said, in this blog post, I’m going to share with you some details about Jim Harmer’s net worth and along with those details, I’ll also share the top 6 things all internet marketers need to know from him.

Is Dropshipping Without Shopify Possible

Jim Harmer Net Worth

Jim and Ricky have made $1.6 million together. Their earnings come from their online marketing business. They share videos about their income reports every year.

Jim makes a lot of money by writing blogs about making money online. He earns over $500k per year blogging on the Income school official website. His blog has been viewed millions of times and has made him a millionaire.

Who Is Jim Harmer? How Does He Make Money?

Jim Harmer is an established and experienced author and internet marketer who runs a portfolio of popular blogs, a marketing company named Income School, sells informational goods, and creates video content for YouTube and other platforms.

He mostly makes money by selling his niche blogs, authority websites, project 24 courses, info products on Improve Photography, dividend stocks, affiliate marketing, content services, or selling books.

Building backlinks is an important part of SEO. But there are other factors that affect how well you rank in Google.

Google’s ranking factor is relevance and content. Jim has proven it over and over again. He built dozens and dozens of successful sites without building links to them! Some of the successful sites he started include: Camper Report, Fish Tanks, Setups, Dirt Bike Planet, etc.  These websites were created without any link building but quality content was published on a consistent basis. Today, these websites drive hundreds of thousands of visits to earn thousands in dollars and hence, if you create quality contents on a consistent basis by doing the right search analysis and Content Research, Google will eventually reward your efforts.

Updating Content Along With Writing New

Updating old content is very important because it helps search engines rank your blog higher and more often. You should also create new content pieces as much as possible.

There have been a lot of projects where I just focus on creating new content instead updating the old pieces and then when I implement this strategy, the numbers start to grow really really well hence, always update your content so that you can help users as well as google find and provide the rankings it deserves.

Millionaires Prove Passive Income Is Not A Myth 

Passive income is earned when you earn money without working hard. You can get rich by trading your time for money. But most people do not trade their time for money because they work too hard for their money.

Passive income is not a mythical thing. Wealthy people do make money by being patient, hardworking, skilled, dedicated and committed to their goals.

There are many rich people in the world who earned their money by working hard. Some of them started out as poor and became wealthy. Others were born into wealth or inherited it. Some of them gave back to society by donating money to charities.

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