Since moms are well aware, handling life’s duties on a routine sometimes require them to multi-task, especially in the case of this present Covid-19 epidemic. After pregnancy or maternity vacation ends, moms are typically faced with multiple decisions like quitting employment and raising children, returning to the previous profession, or searching for different employment.

You’ve just become a mother for the first time. You need work which can’t make you fatigued and uncomfortable much of the period, despite the fact that you’re giving it your everything.

You also wish to protect your meaningful connections and appreciate parenting your kids to avoid causing havoc at work or home. Here are some jobs for new moms

1) Designer of interiors

As a new mom if you are googling jobs for new moms I’ll recommend interior designing work. As per the BLS, self-employment is popular in interior design; most interior designers work with small organizations or on a contractual basis, which can give them more scheduling freedom. 

Since it is a creative industry, the job market is extremely competitive. From 2008 and 2018, the number of interior designers employed is predicted to rise by 19%. 

Take charge of your time while contributing to the beautification of the planet, or at the very least the beautification of wealthy people’s houses.

2) Doula/Consultant for Lactation

Lactation consultants and doulas work closely with mothers during and immediately after delivery to ensure that both mother and child receive the best care possible. Self-employment is the most typical arrangement because these roles are out of traditional medicine and are frequently not provided with health insurance. These are great jobs for new moms.

3) Life Counselor

The remarkable capacity to give counsel is one of the many abilities and interests that moms develop through their parental years. A benefit for ladies who believe their extensive life experience qualifies them to assist others in living their better future. 

A mom can better perform this job so if you are a new mom and searching jobs for new moms then go through sites that offer life coach jobs.

To consider yourself a life guide, you don’t need a license or accreditation right now. 

4) Preschool Teacher

A preschool teacher can expect to earn between $20,000 and $30,000 per year. Children between the ages of six and sixteen are required to attend school in most, maybe not all, regions.

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Several educational organizations offer preschool programs for children as young as 4 years old, where they start learning language and math abilities (numeracy). You’ll need to understand how to build a friendly relationship with children, but you’ll already be doing that at home. 

Hopefully, one of your children will be enrolled in the program, which will save you money on child care. Preschool teachings are good part-time jobs for new moms.

5) Bookkeeper’s Assistant

Strong arithmetic skills and a background in accountancy are required. You may need to persuade them to hire you on a short (paid) basis if you don’t have any prior expertise.

Tax season may be a stressful time. Work at home on your laptop if possible. Later on, you can improve your talents, earnings, and duties.

6) Court Reporter

A court reporter is a person who works in a courtroom. Court proceedings are taped and transcribed by court reporters. 

Court reporting jobs for new moms are a little bit difficult as they have to spend several hours while transcribing. You get compensated for taping them, as well as for typing an organized transcript. 

Of course, you’ll need a decent command of the English language, as well as the ability to type and spell correctly and follow the proper transcript style. Judiciary sit and rise at regular working hours, and transcription may be done from home, which is a significant benefit for a new mom. 

You don’t even have to go to court if you acquire your transcript via an organization or some other writer’s work. Although there are legal research courses available, the demand for transcripts is so tremendous that you should start looking for work and brushing up on your skills right away.

7) Blogger/writer

Blogging is one of the best jobs for new moms. Parenting is a topic that is covered in many literature and online sites. 

Make the most of your parenting experience by writing for a living. Contribute to a parent-oriented website, social media platform, or other publication. 

Alternatively, contribute based on your financial management experience or professional concentration. Profit from your ability to tell stories. The average salary is $48,732.

8) Travel Specialist

There are a lot of virtual travel jobs available. You’ll coordinate travel plans for a variety of clients in this area, including cruise lines, airlines, resorts, and excursion reservations. 

Many jobs have travel benefits, which could allow you and your families to travel. To say the very least, this is a stay-at-home career for moms with potential benefits for the whole family!

The average salary is $40,520.

9) Data Entry Technician

Data entry is one of the most popular jobs for new moms and experienced moms since it allows you to maintain your daily schedule with your kids when they sleep or go to school. Employers searching for data entry positions frequently need excellent mastery of the knowledge and meticulous attention to detail that most mommies already possess. 

The average salary is $35,833.

10) Manager of an Organic Farm

If you’ve become an obsessive label-reader as a result of being such a mother, you’re already aware of the advantages of going organically. A traditional farming career, however, will include some pre-baby professional skills instead of having your hands filthy in the field.

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Despite the fact that agriculture is diminishing in the United States as a whole, the BLS predicts a rise in salaried farm management positions over the next decades.

11) Landscape Designer

Landscape architecture, like interior decoration, is a form of expression. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, landscape architects are 3 times more likely than other professions to be self-employed. Because of increasing environmental issues, the agency predicts considerable employment developments in the area. Working as a landscape architect might be the perfect combination of green and motherly duties.

12) Medical Transcriptionist 

You can earn $23,000 to $38,000 per year. You will possess a high school diploma as well as excellent typing abilities. You type up everything including doctors’ notes and correspondence to recordings of acts taken during surgery. To guarantee that what people are saying, which is often done under duress, is recorded in a meaningful manner, you’ll need to have some judgment. You’re getting paid to study medical language as part of your job, which could come in handy if you want to continue a healthcare career later on.

13) Salesperson in the Hospitality Industry

(Earn between $45,000 and $88,000 each year) You’ll have graduated from high school. Operating for a hotel/conference center, this employment entails selling vacations, trips, meetings, or other special offers to potential customers. A conference might bring in up to 500 participants. If you’re on an up-to-date network, you can usually work at home with your schedule. As time permits, brush up on various Hospitality Jobs.

Final Words 

Hunting for jobs for new moms isn’t a difficult task if you have enough energy and strong will! Having skills and abilities you can do every job as a new mom. 

There are several platforms that offer you part-time as well as full-time jobs. You raise your income while raising your kid. 

You can find more jobs on different sites such as Flexjobs, Fiverr, ZipRecruiter, and besides them, you can also look for Survey jobs on Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and SurveySavvy

Good luck with your new career as a new mom! 

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