Part-time occupations with advantages are those that demand fewer than forty hours of labor each week yet offer additional health, optical, or oral health coverage. However many organizations just provide incentives to full-time workers, thus these opportunities are uncommon.

15 Part Time Jobs That Offer Health Insurance

Several businesses, on the other hand, do offer advantages to part-time workers. Organizations that offer health insurance to part-time workers have a greater retention ratio, lower revenue ratios, and greater worker engagement.

When it comes to finding their new employment, health insurance coverage is a critical factor that many candidates will examine. 

If you’re looking for a part time jobs that offer health insurance, here are a few organizations to look into: 


Employing 430,000 people worldwide, headquartered in the US, United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the world’s major services corporations. It is one of the best companies allowing part time jobs that offer health insurance and other perks to their workers. 

It promotes full-time benefits for part-time workers and is one of the several organizations in the world which offer complete advantages to hourly workers. UPS staff members, along with warehousing and packaging operators, are insured by group negotiating contracts that include incentives for part-time workers who have completed a whole year. 

Fundamental health insurance, which covers prophylactic medical and dental services, is available if you spend at least one hour each week. Part-time workers would spend no other expenses for insurance under the joint negotiating deal.

UPS employees can take advantage of health, impairment, and death coverage, and guardianship support, and smoke quitting counseling, in addition to a competitive compensation program.


Headquartered in Seattle, this firm has a workforce of just above 12,000 workers. It has emerged as among the finest workplaces to operate in the US with a fixed salary structure. 

Part-time and full-time workers, as much as they spend at least 20 hours a week, are eligible for perks at REI. Workers are given information to enable them in navigating their health insurance policies.

Accident insurance, and health insurance policies, comprising oral, optical, and lengthy programs, are all included in their list of part time jobs that offer health insurance.

3) Starbucks

Starbucks has a variety of positions for part time employees like barista, administration work, and several other part time jobs that offer health insurance. If you work for at least 20 hours each week you will be eligible for benefits like health insurance, optical and oral coverage benefits, accident and disability insurance. 

Besides, they offer extra income to part-time employees as a bonus. In addition, they provide a 401(k) retirement program as well as a lower price firm supply. 

You can also enjoy a free cup of coffee once per week. In addition, you may be eligible for compensated time off, relocation support, school expense insurance, travel tickets, and economic support in a time of need. 

4) Costco

You can join Costco’s worker shares by the program as early as you are hired as a part-time worker. You must have served them for six months or 600 hrs to qualify for their attractive health plan. 

After you’ve completed so, your rewards will begin at the beginning of the next 30 days. Life insurance, medical coverage, an oral health care package, and pharmaceutical medicine reductions are all included in the package. 

They provide a 401(k) scheme that is centered on a proportion of your wages and spreads to your family. You are entitled to participate in a short-term impairment coverage program once you have finished your three-month assessment time and performed an average of 10 hours of employment every week. 

You can get opportunities for part time jobs that offer health insurance on their platform.

5) Allegis Group

Qualified Allegis Group workers are entitled to health, oral, and optical insurance on the beginning week of the month after their recruitment day which is compensated for via worker payroll payments.

Although the deal’s specifics are not made accessible there are additional individual insurance coverage packages for employees’ families.

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Temporary workers and contractors can register for insurance within 30 days of appointment or delay till the upcoming opportunities. Allegis also provides a Health Savings Account (HSA), with the business crediting donations at its judgment.

So you have a great chance to choose this platform as it provides part time jobs that offer health insurance.

6) Lowe’s

In Lowe’s organization, you can apply for part time jobs that offer health insurance. Lowe’s is also unusually open about its employee compensation, making extensive information such as medical, dental, optical, and other advantages accessible to the public via BenefitsPricing, a third-party website.

Health Care Coverage

Part-time Lowe’s employees are eligible for a very great health system that defines 100% of the price of all disease prevention and up to 4 primary healthcare visits per year after completing 89 days of continuous service.

Some coverage details differ by region, so consult BenefitsPricing to see what’s accessible in your region. Also, though there is no minimum number of hours completed to be eligible, workers must register within 31 days of hire or wait until the next enrollment period.

7) Staples

Hourly & full-time workers, both associates, and corporate campus workers have health care coverage and a variety of other perks at Staples.

Because of its healthcare plan, Staples requires hourly people to work an average of 30 hours more than a week throughout the plan’s measuring period.

Health Care Coverage

The features of Staples’ health care plan are particularly appealing for part-timers who qualify: complete coverage for in-network preventive medicine, low deductible and accept reimbursement for treatments not covered in full (the employee pays 20 percent of service costs).

Optical and dental insurance are available for part-time workers. Funds for health, vision, and dental care, on the other hand, are not made public by Staples.

8) Nike

Nike has dozens of employees in the United States, with its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Employees who work more than 30 hours a week on a part-time basis are eligible for full-time compensation.

A few, not all, benefits are provided to part-timers who work more than 20 hours each week. Nike provides a generous healthcare program to employees who have worked in the industry for at least 12 months, which provides preventive and critical services such as specialist appointments and medications.

Part-time workers with at least one year of experience will also be eligible for a company stock plan that offers a 15percentage discount on stock, and also a 401(k) schedule for part-time employees. Contributions of up to 5% of overall income were matched currency under Nike’s scheme.

Sickness, life, and death coverage, as well as overtime, pay off, long vacations, long-term insurance coverage, transport, fitness center discounts, and savings plans are all available through the corporation.

9) Macy’s

This store chain has about 130,000 workers working in its locations and corporate offices. Workers at this company have flexibility in terms, well-planned timetables. 

You can operate as a part-time employee in a variety of roles, depending on the needs. Employee discounts are offered in the Macy’s shop if you work a minimum of 20 hours each week. 

During the assessment, training is offered to workers, and they are eligible for advancement within their job role or even beyond. Healthcare and pension benefits are provided to part-time employees.

10) Trader Joe’s

When you work part-time at Trader Joe’s, you become a member of their “Crew” and are eligible for a 10% staff discount on retail purchases. You can also enroll in a retirement savings plan in which they will pay 10% of your yearly salary to your retirement fund. 

Companies also provide low-cost health, eyesight, and dental insurance policies. You’ll also get overtime pay off, in competition promotions, and assistance with professional growth.

11) Cost Plus World Market

You are qualified for a healthcare benefits package for prevention treatment after working at Cost Plus World Market for at least 20 hours each week. You can receive a dental services care plan if you’ve worked for the organization for six months.

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In-store sales can also be made with employee discounts. You can find several positions as part time jobs that offer health insurance.

12) The Home Depot

Although Home Depot no longer provides medical insurance to part-time workers, they do provide dentistry, optical, and insurance plans as part of their compensation package. A high deductible coverage and a hospitalization coverage plan are also included. 

Their weekly job requirement for health care, meanwhile, has increased to 30 hours. You should be ready to work up to 40 hours per week if you wish to profit from retirement funds.

13)  Chico’s FAS, Inc.

While other advantages, such as shop discounts, on your first day as a part-time Assistant at Chico’s FAS, Inc., you will be qualified for advancement after 2 months. You can choose the 401(k) plan after putting in 500 hours in 6 months. 

Healthcare, life, and disability insurance are also available, as well as paid vacation and sick days. Awards, retail discounts, and company stock are all part of the attractive severance package for part-time workers.

14) Land’s End

Land’s End has about 5,000 year-round workers, making it one of the smallest organizations on this listing. Furthermore, its retail company is primarily not permanent, many warehouses and customer service employees can work part-time during vacations.

They have several part time jobs that offer health insurance and other benefits.

Health Insurance Policy

Land’s End provides dental and optical coverage to all new employees, however, the specifics of the programs aren’t disclosed. All employees have access to the Land’s End executives’ on-site treatment center, which provides low-cost preventative medicine and basic treatments.

Part-time employees are not eligible for discounted health insurance, but full-time and returned seasonal employees can acquire group coverage at full price. Temporary employees who sign up for work over the upcoming holiday period keep their perks up for a longer time.

15) U-Haul

U-Haul, headquartered in Phoenix, has roughly 20,000 workers and millions of thousands of tractor-trailers, containers, and storage facilities making it the country’s leading auto transportation company. The organization’s staff is adaptable, with work-from-home client support representatives and plenty of temporary warehouse and marketing jobs.

According to Indeed, part-time customer service positions pay roughly $12 per hour, with managers receiving several dollars extra. Furthermore, the majority of part-timers are qualified for employee benefits.

On the U-Haul platform, you can find part time jobs that offer health insurance and dental coverage. 

Final words

Although some organizations have reduced incentives for part-time workers, many large organizations provide excellent healthcare perks to part-time workers. While these perks might not be as extensive as those provided to permanent employees, they may include limitations or constraints on insurance for part-time employees.

So we’ve discussed part time jobs that offer health insurance and I hope you will benefit from this article! 

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