The first step in your site’s journey to being live on the web is to choose a reputable web hosting service supplier. The next step frequently perplexes people: choose between Windows and Linux hosting.

The hosting you choose will have a big impact on things like speed, tech compatibility, operating costs, and management. As a result, making the best decision can be difficult.

You’ve come to the proper size if you’re seeking the right guide to help you make a final decision on this topic! Rather than opting solely based on the differences between Linux and Windows web hosting, you should first assess your needs. Each hosting solution has overlap as well as distinct advantages. 

But it’s more complicated than that because it also relies on your assets and how it interacts with your site. The correct attitude to settle which hosting fits you best is by choosing the greatest answers for issues like these.

Linux Vs Windows Hosting Advantages Disadvantages

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits and drawbacks of Linux vs. Windows web hosting.

Advantages Of Linux Hosting

  • Affordable shared hosting packages; Open source, which considerably decreases legal and operational costs.
  • Allows users to have more flexibility over their hosting configuration.
  • Low downtime since the majority of fixes may be applied without requiring a server reboot.
  • Perfectly suited for simple websites, such as CMSs, by allowing users to design and execute their safety measures.
  • Apps, MySQL, and PHP setup are all simple to manage with cPanel.

Disadvantages Of Linux Hosting

  • It has a rather quick learning curve.
  • A shared security approach tilts the balance toward the user, requiring more work to maintain security.
  • A simplified user interface, which may have a negative influence on UX for those looking for more interactive options.
  • In comparison to Linux hosting, it is more restrictive.

Advantages Of Windows Hosting

  • It’s built to work with Microsoft technologies like Visual Basic Scripts and MS Index Server.
  • Amazing managed server packages.
  • Licensing ensures that web hosting is deployed and managed in a consistent manner.
  • Security updates are performed automatically.
  • Less time and effort are required to configure and set up.

Disadvantages Of Windows Hosting

  • With hosting, you get a free domain.
  • Additional charges due to license fees.
  • There may be some downtime as updates are integrated.
  • Has multiple OS-level processes operating at the same time, using resources.

How To Check Hosting Server Is Linux Or Windows

Here are four techniques to determine whether your host is based on Linux or Windows:

1) FTP Access

FTP access is used to share data into or out of the server on both web browsers. Linux, on the other hand, allows you to view your files remotely using telnet or ssh. While Windows offers this functionality, it is rarely used on Windows hosts.

2) Back End

If you use Plesk to access your tail end, you’re probably on a Windows-based server. Linux hosting, but on the other hand, employs the most widely used back-end interface, cPanel.

3) Name Files

JavaScript and HTML are used to serve pages on both Windows and Linux. However, Linux servers terminate file names with.html, whereas Windows only uses.htm.

4) Database Management

If you’ve been using MySQL to handle your databases, then you’ve been utilizing a Linux-based host. Windows hosts, on the other hand, create and maintain databases using Access. 

MySQL can also be installed on a Windows host, although this usually necessitates some changes and isn’t always as straightforward.

Linux Or Windows Hosting For WordPress

When it comes to web hosting, one of the most important factors to consider is how well it works with WordPress, and with excellent purpose. WordPress is responsible for 35% of all websites and blogs, around 455,000,000. 

As a consequence, web hosting providers offer WordPress-specific plans. In most circumstances, when choosing between Linux and Windows hosting for WordPress, the former is favored. 

You might wonder why. The solution is fairly straightforward. MySQL and PHP,  which are expressly tuned for Linux servers, run WordPress. 

cPanel is also a comprehensive web hosting user interface that allows you to handle all of your servers from any one location. Since most WordPress pages are compact, they may be hosted on shared hosting that is a Linux server specialty. This cuts running costs greatly, providing it a cost-effective solution.

Difference Between Linux Hosting And Windows Hosting Quora

  • In many other cases, Windows hosting includes an IIS web server, MSSQL server software, and ASP dot NET browser scripts.
  • On the server-side, Linux web hosting makes use of the Apache web server, MySQL (or MariaDB), and PHP scripts. In other words, it’s largely LAMP or XAMPP.
  • In comparison to Linux hosting, Windows hosting is less dependable.

What Is Linux Crazy Domains?

Crazy Domains is a web hosting company that provides a variety of operations including hosting, advertising, and privacy. Consumers, entrepreneurs, and existing enterprises can all benefit from the services of this service. Crazy Domains offers a variety of add-ons and customized features that can be tailored to meet your requirements. 

It’s an amazing domain provider for Linux hosting servers:

  • Basic, Standard, and Ultimate are the three choices for Linux hosting.
  • Plans with a premium cost label provide faster bandwidth, additional space, and more adaptability.
  • There are solutions for both Linux and Windows.
  • A two-month cash refunded warranty is included.

Linux Vs Windows Server Security

Linux is designed to be secured. Incredibly, Linux is more reliable than Windows. From the beginning, Linux was intended to be a multi-purpose, network-running service.


So you have got all the info about Linux vs Windows web server. Both kinds of web hosting provide a similar degree of service. As a result, the sort of hosting provider you select is highly dependent on the technology your website requires. 

Most of the time Linux is much preferred by bloggers so you have to do more research on what is Linux web hosting? However, you can get the answer to this question in the introduction of this article.

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