Alibaba is China’s biggest commerce site on the internet. The Alibaba business-to business website connects exporters of goods , primarily Chinese companies with multinational businesses who want to buy items directly from the manufacturer.

Let’s concentrate on some basic, yet important things we often overlook or perhaps never took the time to contemplate here. The quote you received was comprised of three letters. I’ll almost bet you aren’t aware of the meaning behind them.

Are You Aware of The Terms of Trade Alibaba and other platforms on the internet?

A quote from a supplier usually has 3 sets of information, including that of the minimum order quantity, shipping conditions, and the price for each unit. Incoterms are referred to as shipping terms, and are listed after the quote in three letters. MOQ is the acronym for minimum order quantity.

Incoterms, also referred to as Trade Terms are in essence global contractual terms that are used in the process of making sales. The most commonly used terms are EXW as well as FOB.

As with all contract terms that are binding, Incoterms have two parties which include the buyer and seller. The seller could be a trading business or wholesaler, a manufacturer or factory. It is generally the person who is considered to be the source for the goods trading. The buyer is at the receiving end of products, and they must be delivered to them.

Definition of Incoterms The most recent

As we’ve already mentioned as we discussed earlier, FOB as well as EXW is the two most frequently used incotermsthat we will see more often. In the majority of cases when we’re requesting the first quotes for our Request for Quotations (Request for Quotes) generally, we request prices in EXW and FOB. The price we quote for EXW is the price of each item on its own.

The price that is quoted for FOB includes shipping charges as, typically the goods are shipped to through the port at which freight forwarders select the products from the vendor. The freight forwarders are accountable for shipping the item.

The basics of 10 Alibaba trade terms

EXW (Ex Works)

The EXW (Ex Works) is the easiest method of shipping to the vendor. The buyer pays for the EXW cost, including customs clearances and logistics costs.

Most of the obligations under the trade terms fall to the buyer. For example, goods retrieved from the warehouse of the seller and the insurance documentation.

In the meantime, it is only the seller who is responsible for ensuring that the items are delivered in a safe manner.

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FCA (Free Carrier)

In this Alibaba trade terms the seller is responsible for clearing the export at the port of departure. He is accountable for the delivery to the transporter at the destination specified in the contract.

If the seller’s address is the destination for delivery the seller is only required to unload the goods. (unless otherwise stipulated)

FAS (Free Alongside Ship)

This Alibaba trade name is utilized for shipping ocean freight and sea cargo. The seller is accountable to bring the goods free to the ship’s dock for the port.

The seller is responsible for the processing costs of customs at the time of the origin. He is also responsible for all costs associated with shipping and risk until the items are delivered to the port for export.

FOB (Free on Board)

In FOB the seller is accountable for only the time the goods are at the port of departure. Once that is done, the seller can declare the transaction complete.

Although not as expansive as EXW However, most obligations fall with the buyer under FOB (Free on Board).The buyer is responsible for all documentation once the merchandise leaves the port.

CFR (Cost as well as Freight)

In this Alibaba trade agreement the seller is responsible for the customs clearance process for exports. The seller covers cost of shipping to the port of destination and then ships the goods to the vessel. If the seller delivers the goods onto the vessel, the purchaser takes over the risk.

CIF (Cost CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight)

The term CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) CIF, the seller is responsible for all cargo till it is delivered to the port of import. The CIF shipping cost includes the cost of freight and insurance charges. “Beyond the rails of the ship” and through the port of import is generally thought of as a formal point.

CPT (Carriage Paid to)

In this Alibaba trade terms the seller is accountable for delivering the product to its transporter. The seller must finish an official customs declaration at the port for export. The seller’s role is to organize shipping costs. The cost of shipping will be factored into the price of sale.

For CPT, the CPT trading term, risk of FCA is transferred immediately to the buyer at the time that delivery occurs.

Why is Choosing the Right Trade Terms Important?

The obligations incurred by sellers and buyers will impact the price of the commodities. In the long-term, international trade specific trade terms closely linked to price have been gradually linked to prices, forming a variety of quotation models.

Every model defines the obligations of sellers and buyers with respect to certain trade terms. The word used to define this obligation is known as a trade term.

In short, the terms of trade are a reference to four things:

Transportation And Freight

Incoterms define who is responsible for transport and freight.

Delivery Point

Incoterms is the term used to describe the moment at which the responsibility shifts between the purchaser and the seller (delivery place).

Regulations for export and import: Incoterms stipulates which party is responsible for coordinating the import and export procedures.

Insurance Coverage

Incoterms defines who is accountable for the insurance cost. If this is the first time interacting with the trade term, don’t be afraid. We’ll clearly explain each trade term you should be aware of.

Once you have mastered these trade techniques Once you master these trade practices, you’ll be more secure when you export products to the entire world.

What are the reasons to care about Incoterms

Incoterms are utilized by shippers to define the process by which goods are moved through the chain of supply. This covers the kind of transporter, the place of delivery, and other logistics associated with the delivery. Each term outlines a set of prerequisites which must be fulfilled prior to a shipment being able to begin. Knowing these terms can aid you in communicating to your supplier.Incoterms refer to the method by which the goods are delivered.

Incoterms are employed by shippers to figure out the amount of risk each person is required to take when shipping international goods. For instance, if you are planning to ship an product to China into America, United States, the buyer is responsible for the cost of insurance and freight. The seller then delivers the product to the buyer who is responsible for the shipping. The seller isn’t required to pay money until the buyer gets the item.


Which one of the following terms should I use?

Machinery that is heavy and bulky must be shipped using FAS. The term “shipping” is frequently utilized to facilitate the export of these items overseas. FCA is a reference to Free Carrier Air (freight) and is a shipping term. FOB is a short form for Freight On Board and is a popular shipping term.

Although FCA is widely used by sellers from overseas but FOB is sometimes confused. The seller is accountable for the loading of products onto ships however, once the goods are loaded the seller is released from all further obligations.

Sell on Alibaba.Com connects businesses across the world with consumers who require high-quality products. allows businesses to sell their goods is an e-commerce site which sells a wide range of goods. They aid sellers by offering them a an easy-to-use platform and provide continuous customer support to sellers.

Alibaba And Incoterms

Alibaba is an e-commerce site located in China. It was created in the year 2000 by Jack Ma (CEO) and Ma is still chief executive officer today. Alibaba is among the largest corporations around the globe. It is often called China’s Amazon in China. Alibaba is a large business and is one of the most well-known companies.

The first number set (1000-1.75) indicates that you are looking for 1,000 units at 1.75 each unit. Another set (2000-1.65) indicates that you need 2500 units at 1,650 for each unit. The third number (10000-1.5) indicates that you need 10000 units, at 1500 per unit.

What is Ddp What Is Ddp Alibaba?

In a Delivered duty paid (DDP) arrangement in which the seller delivers the merchandise to the designated address inside the home country for the purchaser with the payment of import duties and inland transportation from the an import point to the location of the buyer.

What is the Fob acronym? What is the meaning of Fob on Alibaba?

Free On Board

Free on Board (FOB) is an Incoterm that defines the share of responsibility of the buyer and seller. A typical FOB arrangement stipulates that the liability for the product is with the seller so long as the port is selected to ship the goods.

How do I use Ddp on Alibaba?

In the DDP shipping contract, Alibaba suppliers are required to ship the items to the buyer’s country. The shipping services include inland transport from the port at which the goods are to be delivered to the location of the buyer. The seller is responsible for delivering to the country of import and covers all DDP shipping costs.

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What are trade terms on Alibaba?

Incoterms (also called trading terms, or the terms of shipping) clarify the roles of the company, its responsibilities, risk, and expenses involved in the shipment of goods within the international and domestic market


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