NO Time Wastage!! Here are 7 People Per Hour Tips for having more clients on PeoplePerHour:

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People Per Hour Tips
People Per Hour Tips

PPH Tip 1. Offer low cost

If you are new to the PeoplePerHour website then you will find it difficult to get clients here. You can offer low prices with high-quality work to attract more customers. After sometime when your account grows up and when you have multiple positive reviews, you can increase the price according to requirements.

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PPH Tip 2. Satisfy your clients 

Positive feedback is very important for attracting clients. If there are multiple sellers with the same service and cost then clients will always prefer those sellers who have great feedback. 

So, always satisfy your clients and provide them the exact thing which they want. In this way, you will get positive feedback and more clients will come to you.

PPH Tip 3. Offer money-back guarantee

If a customer is not satisfied with your work then you should cancel the transaction or simply, you should provide a money-back guarantee. You should also add the money-back guarantee in your PeoplePerHour proposal. 

If you think that a particular client will give you negative feedback then offer him money-back. By doing so, the customer doesn’t need to pay. He/She will not be able to leave negative feedback because the transaction will be canceled due to the money-back policy.

PPH Tip 4. Make personal connections 

Make personal connections with your clients. The more clients you know, the more work you will get and the more profit you will make. Provide quality work to your clients and always prefer quality over quantity. 

PPH Tip 5. Make your profile good-looking 

Most of the clients judge freelancers by their feedback and profile looks. So, try to make your profile good-looking. Your profile picture should be professional and you should add proper details in your profile description. Also, add 4 to 5 samples of your work in your proposal template. 

PPH Tip 6. Advertise your profile off-site 

It is legal to advertise the PeoplePerHour profile off-site. You should add a link of your PeoplePerHour profile to your social media accounts for having more clients. For this purpose, you can also invest in cheap paid advertisements. You should know how to promote your online services as a freelancer or search more to know how to promote your freelance business with less investment.

PPH Tip 7. Follow the instructions

For me, this is the most important as most of the learners just keep on learning but never implement the knowledge.

Do I need to focus on it more?

Kindly follow all the instruction right away as you will attain success only when you experience the things yourself.

Final Words – People Per Hour Tips

PeoplePerHour proposal should not be too short nor too long. Don’t try to use proposals of other users because it might make your account disabled.

Always try to satisfy the customers by providing them work according to their demands and keep good relationships with them to get more clients. 

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