Best Private Cloud Computing Platforms

  1. BMC Software
  • It is the platform that not only brings digitalization but also provides service across cloud and traditional platforms. 
  • Moreover, it places services according to the needs and policies of traditional, public and private cloud.
  •  For changing the management, it offers a built-in integration.


  • It is one of the best options for the management of the heterogeneous, hybrid cloud.
  • It servers the two main IT initiatives
  • Streamlined and automated data centre applications
  • Infrastructure delivery automation

3. Microsoft Cloud

  • It uses Hybrid IT to manage your data and to secure it along with a common identity in any cloud or tool.
  •  It allows you to choose a method of your choice for building up applications. And later storing the data to a location of your choice,

4. IBM Bluemix Cloud

  • The main goal behind building this platform was to help different firms in motivating prevalent transformation and renovation.
  • Moreover, BLUEMIx Dedicated is designed in a way that makes you feel like another node on your system.
  • It is a secure platform that can easily be connected to your enterprise using a VPN.
  • Public Cloud Vs Private Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud Examples

5. SAP HANA Cloud Platform

  • It is a different kind of service that provides in-memory database and application services.
  • It provides SAP Agile data preparation which is a self-service data preparation application.
  • It has a fast processing system that converts data into easily consumable information And is built for all kinds of users.

6. Dell Cloud

  • It provides the users option of customizing cloud solutions with an end to end portfolio.
  • This includes cross-platform infrastructure services, private and hybrid cloud and expert guidance.
  • Due to these features, the company’s cost is much less than that of others

  • It provides amazing work stability
  • It is one of the fastest platforms for Drupal, Symfony and NodejS projects.
  • It is the official partner of Drupal  commerce and Symfony
  • It is powering SaaS to much open-source software through its amazing technology
  • It has  deals signed with various European autonomous cloud providers

8. Citrix Cloud

  • It is a kind of a control plane that is used for the management of all kinds of Citrix technologies.
  • It is best in providing the simplest possible ways for managing a company’s applications and data.
  • It has a very simple  one-click interface

9. Amazon Private Cloud

  • It provides an isolated section of Amazon Web Services (AWS) where the users can easily launch AWS resources in a virtual network.

10. Google Cloud Virtual Network

  • It allows its users to connect all the google cloud platforms at the same time keeping them completely independent and separate from each other in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

11.Wolfram Private Cloud

  • It allows the following to both the development and deployment users.
  • This allows the users to easily do computations
  • It enables the users to share data and store it.

12. ASG Cloud

  • It is a solution for building, managing and planning modern cloud management platforms which come in handy in use

13.CA Cloud

  • It offers the tools necessary for deploying a whole business setup through CA Server Automation, CAappLogic and many public clouds
  • The CA Applogic is designed in a way that Toformscanallows the fast decommission, deploying and creation of business services.

14. HP Helion

  • It is the Hewlett Packard Enterprise portfolio of the products and services of a cloud.
  •  A complete hybrid cloud is provided with a managed cloud environment.
  •  It controls all the services either from the public, private or managed cloud. 
  • It reduces the costs and simplifies many operations with a managed environment throughout the infrastructure.
  •  It also automates and orchestrates manual tasks. Its editor rating is 7.6.

15. Cisco Systems

  • Deployed on-premises, Cisco intercloud fabric allows the connection to a large cloud provider’s ecosystem for supporting the deployment of hybrid cloud for enterprises.
  •  It is an open, flexible and highly secure solution that gives freedom in the placement of workloads according to the business requirements.
  •  Its editor rating is 7.6 and its aggregated user rating is 7.8.

16. Red Hat Cloud

  • It is an open hybrid cloud infrastructure that causes the IT organization of a company to perform better in business and deliver agile solutions by protecting the assets of the business and future preparedness.
  •  Its infrastructure is made in such a way that combines the red hat technologies which are tightly integrated.
  •  It helps the businesses to build and manage an open or private IaaS i.e., infrastructure as a service cloud with a lower cost.

17.canToforms. Huawei Cloud

  • It helps in the optimization of the agility and efficiency of the data centres and maintains the security and control with a private Huawei cloud.
  •  By evolving the legacy enterprise architecture, the service transformation is easily managed.

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