I. What is Rackspace?

Rackspace provides managed cloud services and a number of services for businesses all over the world. They are famous because they support regulatory compliance and digital transformation efforts.

They have a goal to remove the cloud’s services stress and allow the businesses to pay heed to money-making.It is one of the best companies to deliver exceptional services all around the world.

It leads in public, private, and hybrid clouds which include VMware, Microsoft, and AWS. Its world-class infrastructure is endorsed by SLAs which include an uptime guarantee of 100%.

It is one of the world’s fastest-growing cloud hosting companies whose sole aim is to facilitate the users and businesses by letting them focus on their business and Rackspace itself handling the rest for them.

Its main headquarters are situated in San Antonio, however, since it has flourished quite considerably over the years and has more than 5900 employees. It has offices in many states/countries including the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia, India, and Mexico.

This company was established in 1998 but has grown over a period of time and now it is serving more than 300,000 customers in about 120 countries.

II. Core Product of Rackspace

It offers the finest cloud servers that run on high-performance SSD servers. Moreover, their customer support is available with each plan that too with 24/7 availability through email, phone, and chat.

III. A Managed Cloud Service Provider-rackspace

It is one of the biggest American companies in the whole industry with experience of more than 2 decades, specializing in numerous web hosting services whose goal is to maximize business output by facilitating the cloud service.

Rackspace offers you the best expertise in collaboration and emails, IT transformation, web content management, recovery from disaster, security, e-commerce, and visualization.

VI. Data management by Rackspace

It lets you access your data whenever or wherever you need it. Rackspace joins the data management system expertise and cloud platform along with the best leading industry technologies. It helps you move and manage your data easily and minimizes the risks and downtime.

V. Multi Cloud Strategy

  • It boosts the customers journey to multi cloud therefore its benefits can be realized fastly.
  • For your interconnected hybrid IT environment you should design and build a perfect infrastructure solution. Which means:
  • For the applications that require low latency, you can use the edge computing technologies.
  • A multicloud can be established for security for the data and applications.
  • You can take advantage of the public cloud for those applications with heavier and unpredictable traffic.
  • For the security purposes and control, business critical applications can be deployed on private clouds. This is all done in your connected multi cloud environment.

VI. Hosting Plans and Cloud Platforms offered by Rackspace

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Following options can be chosen for purchasing cloud hosting from Rackspace:

We have compiled a few scenarios when you may find it beneficial to use a specific cloud hosting option below:

Hosting TypePublic CloudPrivate CloudHybrid Cloud

SPA test i.e single page application testAvailability and convenience of resources for businessesOn public cloud resources, private cloud applications can be run
Cases Resources easy-to-access Platforms for e-commerceIn task splitting or traffic spikes, backups are available
scenariosA subsidiary resource for a better serviceHosting application resourcesResources can be deployed on one cloud while applications run on another

01. Public Cloud

It is built on an OpenStack platform so the clients can use it for a whole host of reasons. Virtual storage and digital databases are also included. It has the ability to spin the servers in less than 60 seconds and applications can be launched with a single click. Rackspace has one of the best public cloud facilities.

It is exceptional for e-commerce and websites of other types. Every feature of infrastructure and network facilities is at an excellent level because there is dedicated support along the way. It provides the businesses a great opportunity to focus on their operations.

02. Private Cloud

The facility of the private cloud gives an extra type of security for the protection and security of data so that the owners of businesses can relax. Rackspace monitors its private cloud spaces and provides a perfect environment for businesses to flourish.

Just like OpenStack, there are some other options available for hosting. The VMware vCloud or Microsoft cloud can power the private cloud. An ultimate level of personalization can be reached. When you are working with the IT experts of Rackspace, all businesses shall find a way to make this work.

03. Dedicated Servers

The dedicated servers of Rackspace are managed to an exceptional standard. Businesses can easily choose a quick solution or a customized option. In any way, the resources give the best results/outputs.

There are 10 variable options available for the dedicated servers with full customizability. Following are these variable options to b opted:

  • Database storage
  • GPUs
  • Local storage
  • Managed backup
  • Memory
  • Monitoring
  • Operating system
  • Processors
  • RAID Configuration
  • Virtualization

Eventually, the goal of dedicated servers is to lower overheads along with increasing performance and security. The flexibility is available which ensures that every company can do just this. Any business can easily reach its required outcomes by the use of these three features.

04. Hybrid Cloud

There is no doubt that the level of versatility is the greatest point for the selling of services of Rackspace. Since computers play a fundamental role in modern businesses, therefore, all operations require those services that are customized to their requirements. Rackspace provides a variety of such services.

The infrastructure enables a customer to combine and match the cloud of three types of computing (dedicated server, private cloud, and public cloud) in any form that is considered essential.

05. Multi-Cloud Hosting

You can choose Multi-Cloud Hosting in case you have a number of applications and you rely on numerous providers just like Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, and VMWare). The decision which application is hosted and where to be hosted is totally dependent on the requirements of your company.

VII. Features of Rackspace

Other than the availability of the Rackspace Cloud option, you can take the advantage of

01. Google Cloud

  • Solutions for government cloud (i.e it provides FedRAMP, FISMA, NIST, and DFARS-compliant cloud portfolio management)
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • OpenStack Cloud

02. Rackspace’s efficient support

Moreover, a number of other web hosting sellers build a package, and you can choose the package of your choice from that limited number available (often 3-4 options). On the other hand, Rackspace can build your package based on the requirements of your company so that no two companies would be having the same hosting.

03. Colocation Facilities

This facility hosts the servers of a company. It also provides a climate-controlled environment, an internet connection, and a power supply. The local providers usually own and operate the colocation facilities. 

04. Private Virtual Server

The website of a customer is hosted by a service provider on its own virtual server that is private. It is done by keeping the website physically isolated from the websites of other customers.

05. Customer Service and Technical Support

The support provided by Rackspace is considered “fanatical”. It provides a great level of assistance and support that is why it often leads. Their team offers help on a 24/7 basis, and getting in touch would be easier.

It saves the time, money, and issues of its customers i.e., managing their infrastructure of IT, as most of these tasks are fulfilled by the company. There is an option for the businesses to directly contact their regional base. 

Rackspace has Rackers i.e., its employees who are ready to support through the Live Chat facilities of the websites. Secondly, there is also an option of email available.

The dedicated hosting solutions of Rackspace include storage, databases, dedicated servers, and VMware environment. It can be optimized based on the requirements of the company.

06. Support through phone and Skype

A phone line is reserved only for those users with dedicated servers so they can easily call that phone line. There is a single phone line for the international clients but a number of phone lines for the clients from the US. 

On the other hand, there are some phone numbers available for users based on the technology they are using for example AWS, OpenStack, and legacy technologies. Email support is available through the system of ticketing.

Skype facilities are also offered by Rackspace for general inquiries and sales too. Furthermore, the website provides a number of different tips, guides, and FAQs, etc. The managed solutions provider is almost always available for your assistance at every step.

07. Community

Rackspace boasts an energetic and vigorous community for businesses to ask for the help of their fellow clients other than directly helping employees. No doubt it is a very helpful tool comprising such a large client base.

For making it easier to understand, the community is helped by a forum. It also provides an opportunity to develop better relationships with the Clients.

VIII. Benefits of Rackspace to a Variety of Industries

The qualities of Rackspace do not stop there, though. The IT solutions are focused on helping the companies from each industry and bring the outcomes in an extensive list of multiple ways.

  1. E-Commerce with Rackspace
  • E-commerce management is a great feature of Rackspace.
  •  Its versatile nature guarantees that the experience will remain customer-focused at every time.
  • The most famous and well recognized platforms like Magento and Oracle are also used. 
  • For gaining the best results and the satisfaction of their customers, the rackers always monitor the trends to eliminate the stress of customers.
  1. Rackspace E-Commerce
  • Regulatory compliance is a feature of Rackspace which attracts many customers to it.
  •  The uptime is crucial despite the type of website.
  •  Rackspace provides web hosting in a reliable way.
  •  It usually increases the chances of gaining profit.
  •  However, the regular and extended downtime can be a real weak point, and may affect bonding/relations with customers too.
  1. Innovation in App and Web Development
  • Rackspace is considered a leader in innovation and it understands the varying climate.
  •  This is the reason that development of mobile and web apps is a growing popular trend for businesses. 
  • However, the facilities of productivity and collaboration are much helpful in the growth of a company.

Much of the above information might be difficult for the owners of businesses to understand. This is the reason that the help of more than 3,000 cloud experts is always encouraged. Even when you are using the basic solutions for example management of email.

  1. Control panel of Rackspace Cloud

A simple and instinctive interface that helps you to manage everything related to the infrastructure and hosting is known as the Rackspace cloud control panel. You can do the following things:

  • Your resource usage can be viewed and managed easily
  • Your assets for example; servers, files, and load balancers are also view and manageable
  • You can easily access the control panels incase you have some other Rackspace hosting instances 

Unluckily, the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel is not available in other companies as they do not use it so it is a proprietary option, therefore the familiarity with control panels other than this might not be that advantageous.

IX. Pros and Cons of Rackspace

After covering the features and services of Rackspace Cloud at a high level, we shall look at the upsides and downsides of choosing this provider.

Pros of Rackspace

  • Rackspace is among one of the most experienced and managed cloud hosts.
  • Creation of backup for images is much easier.
  • Spinning up new cloud instances is much easier.
  • It is very flexible according to the requirements of the businesses.
  • It has a good uptime with almost zero occurrences of downtime on the website.
  • Everything can be customized, so you can get a package of hosting which will meet your requirements.
  • Use of interfaces is easier.
  • It is easy to use UI.

Cons of Rackspace

  • Rackspace is not good for the fearful. Indeed the company offers a lot of services but you will have to make a number of decisions before getting your site up and running.
  • It is not the cheapest.
  • Some users find it a bit unappealing that there exists homogeneity of the software.

X. Rackspace Cloud Plans & Prices

Rackspace offers you to choose from a variety of add-ons and configurations. Each of its Cloud plans comes with SSD i.e solid-state drives as standard.

Following are the plans that Rackspace offers:

A number of the plans of Rackspace are dealt with on the basis of job by job. It shows the versatility of its solutions that they are vast enough. It might seem a bit unattractive for some businesses, however, there is not even a little doubt that this route will offer value for money.

Other than providing the perfect deals, it is a great solution for businesses in search of efficiency and better performance. The plans are customized to the individual companies which implies that the businesses always get the offer that is suitable for them. It eliminates the huge stress of managing and organizing the IT solutions, at any cost.

XI. Is Rackspace Right for Your Business?

There are a number of reasons for Rackspace’s standing in the market. Their exceptional cloud management services are greatly beneficial. It might not be the perfect solution for all businesses. But if the avenue of managed cloud computing is worth taking, this server should be shortlisted. It is however necessary to keep in mind that every situation should be judged on individual merits.

XII. Best Rackspace Cloud Hosting Alternatives

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  • Vultr Review
  • DigitalOcean Review
  • Cloudways Review

People share their opinions about companies on Twitter each and every day. We monitor tweets about Rackspace and apply a sentiment analysis algorithm that classifies these tweets as positive or negative. Every review is in a real person’s opinion. We use this information and output an approval rating score, which is based on real people, positive and negative, opinions about Rackspace on Twitter.

I. What is Reseller or White Label Hosting?

It is also known as reseller hosting. In this, there is reselling of different bandwidths, hosting services, and servers of another hosting company as if it is your company. It can be used by anyone who wants to sell his web hosting services.

It is a bit of a time-consuming process to sell the hosting services. Business owners and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the growth of white label hosting. They are starting their own reseller hosting to generate income for their brands. 

II. Web Hosting Reseller Business: How White Label Hosting Works

It is a great option to choose for your business that already exists or the web hosting site can be built from scratch. The white label hosting is much diversified.

For web designers or developers, it is a good choice. As it enables them to host the sites of their clients with a separate cPanel and the extensive hosting packages are not required.

It helps you to expand your services and lets your customers have anything they need. It also helps in customer retention i.e you will not be selling them a single (one-time) service but serving them continuously. In this way, your customers will continually ask for your services.

III. Services in the White Label Hosting

The services that you are going to offer to your customers are usually decided by the hosting company that you are partnering with.

A Number of similar reseller hosting services are:

1- Bill Integration

Integration of billing means that many of the reseller plans consist of WHM software that helps you manage the payment plans of your customers and bill them.

2- Private Name Servers

It helps create a difference between the hosting company (servers of whom you are using) and your brand.

3- Scaling Up Server Resources

It is easily scalable which means that in case you have to manage a site with more server resources or your client base is flourishing, the reseller hosting will scale up the server resources.

4- Control Panel

It is crucial for the management of a website. With the access of the control panel, you can easily make the backend changes and allows you to give access to the clients if you want to.

5- Integration of Email and Domain

By using the reseller accounts you will be allowed to sell the domain names and email account add-ons. It would take your services to the next level if you add these offers of hosting. The white label hosting does not cause you to deal with the costly and difficult parts of the server’s running.

6- Hosting Plans

Reseller hosting enables you to create your hosting plans according to the needs of your customers or market.

IV. Best White Label Reseller Hosting

Several features must be taken into consideration when choosing the best reseller hosting. These are:

1. Customer Support

The customer support must be solid i.e., it has to be quick and helpful whether it is provided by you or the parent hosting company. In case you do not want to deal with customer support requests, you have to choose a parent hosting company that provides customer support. 

It is provided as a Server. However, it is often your responsibility to provide customer support because you are acting as a middleman between your customers and the parent hosting company.

2. Bandwidth of the Server

The amount of data to be transferred from and to your server is known as its Bandwidth. A larger/higher bandwidth is required if your site is receiving too much traffic i.e a large number of visitors. You just have to make sure that you are providing a server bandwidth of enough size for the site of your customers. 

3. RAM of the Server

The ability of a server to process the files is known as RAM. Taking the example of a computer, if the RAM is not enough, the computer will not function very well in case there are too many files opened. The same is the condition with the server. If the bandwidth is higher, it would process more files spontaneously. 

4. Server Storage

It is the space to store the files of websites. It includes all the things from HTML, CSS, and PHP to the audio, video files and images.

Being a reseller, you can limit the amount of disc space each customer will receive. Once the limit is reached, you have to upgrade to a greater plan. 

V. HostGator Reseller Hosting

The HostGator Reseller Hosting is considered one of the best reseller hosting. It is quite affordable and the features are unique which cannot be found in another reseller hosting. 

The most attractive feature of HostGator is its ability to uphold unlimited domains irrespective of the plan you are choosing. 

Some features that are included are:

  • SSL certificates are free of cost
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • MySQL databases are also unlimited
  • The tutorial library and client panel are brandable
  • Monitoring of web server
  • Backups regular creation of customer plan with bandwidth and disc space
  • Availability of both WHM and cPanel.

Plans of HostGator Reseller Hosting

Aluminum Plan

  • It provides a 60 GB disk space  and 600 GB of bandwidth 
  • Unlimited websites 
  • Control panel: WHM and cPanel
  • Free SSL certificate blue-glyph-icon blue-glyph-icon
  • Introductory Offer: $19.95/mo*

 Copper Plan

  • There is a 90 GB disk space and 900 GB of bandwidth 
  • Unlimited websites are offered
  • Control panel: WHM and cPanel
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Introductory offer: $24.95/mo*

 Silver Plan

  • It provides a 140 GB disk space and 1400 GB of bandwidth 
  • Unlimited websites are provided
  • Control panel: WHM and cPanel
  • Free SSL certificate blue-glyph-icon blue-glyph-icon
  • Introductory offer: $24.95/mo*

VI. Best Hosting Resellers in 2021

It depends upon your budget and needs which hosting reseller is suitable for you because each of them provides support and flexibility. Therefore some of the best reseller hostings are:

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • A2 hosting
  • SiteGround
  • InMotion Hosting
  • GoDaddy
  • GreenGeeks
  • LiquidWeb
  • Namecheap
  • Flywheel

VII. Reseller Web Hosting Checklist

Some resellers are struggling with reseller hosting because they have neglected its basics. Therefore to avoid the problems, there is a checklist with some important points that should be paid heed to.

  1. Identifying the goals of the business
  • It could include the customers base growth, sales targets and traffic goals etc. These would help you to be on track.
  1. Budget fixing
  • Before starting a business of any kind, it is better to set up a budget. It could be a monthly or yearly based budget.
  1. Identifying the range of price
  • If the prices are too high, fewer customers would be attracted and if it is too low, you would not earn enough profit.
  • Therefore a moderate range of prices should be set and some seasonal discounts and other offers should be provided.
  1. Knowing your host
  • Before choosing your web host, you must take into consideration the prices, terms and conditions, additional features, customer reviews, support services, uptime reliability and money-back policies.
  1. Learning the common terms
  • Before starting your reseller hosting business, you must know some common terms like Linux, bandwidth, VPS etc.
  1. Having a marketing plan
  • You should know how you want yourself to be marketed. And to whom you should be targeting. Will online marketing be included or not?

IX. Should You Get Into Web Hosting Reselling?

Reseller Hosting offers several benefits to the customers like free end-user support, SSL is available for the hosting domain, WHMCS, domain reseller accounts, client management, support solutions and whatnot.

X. Benefits of White Label Hosting

  • It has an easy setup
  • Provides fully managed services
  • It has lower expenses and cost
  • It has a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Multiple websites can be hosted
  • It provides a great redundancy
  • No troubles in maintenance
  • Access to control panel
  • A powerful infrastructure
  • Full control over the resources

XI. Unlimited Reseller Regularly Hosting

The unlimited reseller hosting plan is a good option to be chosen by the resellers who want to provide their exceptional services on the unlimited features happy hosting market. These packages often provide unlimited disk space and visitor traffic to the site every month, FTP accounts, databases, and unlimited host domains.

A bonus disk space, visitor traffic resources, and a free dedicated IP address for your reseller store are offered by the cPanel unlimited reseller hosting plans. For example, a Nano package offers unlimited disc space, unlimited host domains, 6 hosting accounts, unlimited traffic on monthly basis, and a dedicated IP address that is free of cost and a single free account transfer. All this costs $6.00 per month.

However, the MINI plan consists of unlimited disc space, unlimited host domains, 15 accounts of hosting, unlimited monthly traffic, free dedicated IP address, and 10 free accounts transfer. It costs $11.00 per month.

There are some other unlimited plans like unlimited 1, 2, 3, and 4. The unlimited 1 offers unlimited disc space, monthly traffic, and host domains along with 30 hosting accounts, 10 free account transfers, and free dedicated IP addresses. It costs $11.00 per month. 

The unlimited 2 offers unlimited disc space, monthly traffic, and host domains along with 45 hosting accounts, 10 free account transfers, and free dedicated IP addresses regularly. It costs $16.00 a month.

XII. How Does Reseller Hosting Differ From Affiliate Programs?

Reseller HostingAffiliate Programs
The user regularly creates his own brandUser promoting someone else brand
User sales products with his company nameUser sells a product and gets a commission
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