Raphael Vargas Real Ecom Automation Review Scam or Legit

Raphael Vargas is a scam. He claims he can make your Amazon business profitable within 30 days. But there is no guarantee that he will be successful. In fact, he has been banned by Google Adsense because he was found to be using fake reviews.

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Who Is Raphael Vargas

Raphael Vargas doesn’t have a college degree. At the beginning, he was a salesman. Later on, he became an investor in real estate. Then he taught others about real estate wholesaling. Finally, he promoted his automated Amazon service even though he’s not trustworthy.

What Is Real Ecom Automation

Real Ecom Automation is a service that sells products on Amazon. It’s a very simple service. You sign up for a free account, then you choose your product, add images, descriptions, keywords, etc., and finally you start selling. It’s a very easy service, but it doesn’t work well for everyone.

Step Product Research

Steven Mayer says he helps people choose profitable products to sell on Amazon. He offers a done-for-you service. He claims to make your life easier by helping you choose profitable products to sell. He also claims to be an expert in the field.

Real Ecom Amazon Automation Reviews

There are many reviews of products online. Most of them are fake. An algorithm can help identify which ones to trust by recognizing patterns that indicate they may be fake. This is one piece in a long list of developments that make it easier for businesses to scale their business online using automation and AI.

He’s just trying to make a quick buck off of other people’s hard work. He says, “A lot more individuals are investing in numerous diverse income sources like the stock market, real estate, obtaining between 5 and 7% returns.” And they haven’t put money into Amazon automation since they haven’t listened to it. 

Raphael, along with Dylan Baker, a much more ordinary-appearing business associate, wishes to change this. They wish to create for you an Amazon store that is fully automated and finished for you.

You won’t have to do anything and you’ll still get huge, tremendous results. The money will be deposited into your bank account, and you’ll just pay Raphael and Dylan’s share at the end of every month. Of course, this is in addition to their astronomical setup costs. 

People who invest in stocks or real estate make money because they’re buying shares in companies or houses. But if you put your money into Amazon, you’ll be making money off of other people’s work. You could lose money.

Raphael wants to automate Amazon stores so he doesn’t have to work there anymore. He wants to make money by selling products online without lifting a finger.

The money will go into your account, and you’ll simply pay Raphael and Dylan’s cut at the end of each month. That’s in addition to whatever the massive setup fee is, obviously. A Low Risk Amazon substitute

After clicking on Raph and Dylan’s advertisement, you’ve been redirected to a website where you are asked to sign up for a free case study explaining how they make six to seven figures using Amazon on autopilot.

You should use an automated method because it’s easy to learn, but hard to master.

You need to be careful when using the word “massive” because it could mean different things to different people. For example, if you use the word “massive” to describe something as big as a mountain, then you’re talking about something very large. 

But if you use the word massively to describe something as big or important as a mountain, then it means something much bigger than a mountain. In other words, you should avoid using the word massive unless you want to talk about something really big.

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Dylan Baker And Raphael Vargas Discuss Amazon Automation

Raphael and Dylan are trying to scam you by selling fake products from China. You should avoid them.

This is a very common scam. You get scammed by a company called Amazon Seller Central. Their team creates your own Amazon Seller Central account, uses their secret software to find popular items, posts them to your store at a high markup, and then, when people buy, they sell the item to a cheaper supplier, and you make money.

There are two things to take note of here. First, Amazon doesn’t pay you right away, but you’ll need a lot of money (or a lot of credits – to the tune of $50K or more) to pay off your purchases before the Amazon checks come in. Second, making money means you’re going to charge too much for your product. This makes me feel a little ill.

Consumers should always complain when they feel wronged by a company. Consumer complaints are an important part of any business. Companies should deal with these problems promptly. Customers shouldn’t expect quick results or immediate payouts. Complaints are often ignored, but companies should still try to resolve them.

Real eCommerce automation sets you back about $25,000, plus a monthly fee of $1,500. Your float is covered by up to $30,000 in credit. Real ecommerce automation gets 25% (or more) of what your store makes every month, while you retain 75% (or more).

Yes, they will fight you for it. You should spend tens of thousands of dollars and wait 3-4 months to see if it works.

You should always try to make sure you’re getting paid for your work. Don’t take any chances.

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Low Risk Amazon Alternative

So after you click on Raph and Dylan’s ad, you’re taken to a page that asks you to register to receive a FREE case study. Apparently, these guys are going to reveal exactly how they make 6 to 7 figures, on auto pilot, through Amazon.

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