Are you looking for selling services on Fiverr? This online platform gives you the opportunity to earn money online.

You will find this article helpful about how to sell services on Fiverr. So let’s read!

How to start selling on Fiverr

There are many ways to start selling on Fiverr. For that, you will need some criteria to be filled in.

Let’s discuss one by one:

1- Fiverr Profile (Seller)

First of all, you will need a seller profile for your Fiverr account. When you set up your account and seller profile then you will be able to create a gig or gigs through which you can sell your services on Fiverr.

For your seller profile, you will be asked to provide personal information and professional information.

2- Gig Creating

The gig is a great way to offer your services on Fiverr. You can create many gigs if you can offer many services. For each service, you will create a separate Fiverr gig.

Don’t forget to choose the best gig image for your Fiverr gigs. The gig title must be attractive.

3- Selling/Buying On Fiverr Mobile App

It’s a fantastic method to sell and purchase on the Fiverr Mobile App.

Make sure your seller account is enabled on your desktop. Then, on your smartphone, open the app. In the bottom-hand corner of the window, you’ll find an account icon.

When you click upon the symbol, you’ll be given the option of being a vendor or a buyer. By toggling seller mode on/off, you can switch among buyers and sellers modes.

4- Requirements For Video

Including a video explaining your service is amongst the most effective strategies to attract buyers. Using video, make a great addition to the service you’re providing. Follow the video’s instructions.

5- Package Offers

Packages provide you with the option to sell 3 separate additional services on your Gig Page.

6- Monetizing/Upselling your Gig

Purchase additional Gigs utilizing Gig extras before, throughout, then after an order to increase your revenue.

7- Buyer requests/Custom offers  Sending

You can be active and promote your services tailored to possible customers by sending bespoke offers.

What Are Fiverr Gigs?

A “Gig” is a phrase used on Fiverr to describe the service you give and sell inside this marketplace.

Your Fiverr Gig is a chance for you both to show off your skills and give potential consumers all the data they with before order placement.

On Fiverr, what else should you sell?

Now let’s discuss what should be sold on Fiverr to get more orders. Because you’ll be earning $4 from each seller at first, and then you’ll be able to move on to higher-paying gigs!

You could perhaps begin with gigs that don’t necessitate much effort or time. This is true since Fiverr buyers expect their services to be delivered as fast as feasible.

You also won’t devote your entire day to a single gig. You will also run out of energy to perform other jobs if you do this.

It’s vital to understand that even in the Fiverr ecosystem, there seem to be three sorts of purchasers: personal buyers, fun purchasers, enterprises, firms, and organizations.

Let’s take a look at each of the Fiverr buyer kinds one by one.

Personal Buyers on Fiverr

Those are all ordinary folks who spend money on gigs that help them with their personal lives, businesses, or jobs. You can reach out to them by establishing gigs like:

“I will proofread your website’s books and articles.”

“I’ll create a logo for your company.”

“For your YouTube videos, I will produce the greatest transcripts.”

This type of gig sells well on Fiverr, but getting orders for that kind of goods is difficult due to the high level of competition in just this market.

Furthermore, consumers prefer to use the services of persons who have received positive evaluations or ratings.

But this is not the point at which you should be concerned.

Simply give it a try and you’ll get a response.

Gig Buyers from Organizations, Businesses, and Companies

These customers are comparable to individual consumers, but they are more likely to purchase for a long period.

According to a poll, buyers of companies, businesses, and organizations maintain long-term relationships with their vendors.

If your performance is ordered by a corporation or a professional team, you may be considered for future assignments. As a result, it’s critical to maintain strong communication with these buyers.

Not only that, but these customers can place large orders for your gig.

The nicest thing is that such groups have a large social circle. As a result, if they are pleased with your service, they may recommend it to their clients and others. You may receive more orders.

Once you’ve progressed with your Fiverr seller profile, it’s crucial to focus on attracting more business-oriented gig customers to expand and sell much more on the platform.

Buyers of Gigs for Pleasure

Typically, funny purchasers purchase gigs for entertainment or amusement. They are willing to spend $5 on a hilarious video gig for a pal or a bachelor party astrological gig.

For instance, consider the following types of amusing gigs:

“I’ll scribble your message inside the sand on a beach,” she says.

“If I’m dressed like Harry Potter, I’ll say anything.”

“I’ll show you how to bend a spoon.”

“I’ll calligraph your name for you.”

As there are so many various things that can do and sell on Fiverr, these gigs have just a good market.

Simply Google “fun and unusual jobs” and you’ll find a plethora of options for what you would are doing and earning.


Learn how to earn more than $5.

A five-dollar gig is only the start! Learn when to use Gig Packages to boost your revenue.

Post your gigs on social media platforms.

Make use of SEO to increase the visibility of your gig.

Fiverr SEO improvements can dramatically increase the number of people who see your Gig. Examine excellent methods for creating a Gig title that will pique consumers’ interest.

Make sure the delivery time for your gig is reasonable.

Check what delivery times you’ve specified for your Gig after you’ve finished setting it up. Choosing the right delivery time is crucial to ensuring your success on Fiverr.

Include a performance video.

According to Fiverr research, including a quick, elevated video within your Gig can boost orders by more than 200%. This is a terrific place to begin for a novice seller trying to make their first sale.

Make a statement with your profile.

Sellers gain from building a regular and recognizable self-image on either a large marketplace like Fiverr. To differentiate yourself and have your Gig stand out, learn about using a unique image or description on your Fiverr page.

Examine the most effective methods

To learn about the best practices for Fiverr sellers, visit the Help and Academic Institution and indeed the Forum. These pointers will assist you in getting back on track!

Join the discussion on the forum.

Dive through into Fiverr forum and get to know the people who live there. It’s an excellent source of advice but also a welcoming environment where you can connect with these other dealers.

Re-visit the Fiverr Help page.

For the most up-to-date information, go to the Fiverr Help and Academic Institution. It’s where they’ll put all of their tips to assist merchants to develop and grow their businesses in the future!

Best Services To Sell On Fiverr

Content Writing

Content Writing is my favorite service on my Fiverr. You can also make different gigs for your content writing services.

Sub Services

  • Creative content writing
  • Hindi content writing
  • Content SEO writer
  • Amazon content writing
  • Blog posts content writing
  • Real estate content writer
  • Digital marketing content writer


If you are good at editing and proofreading content, books, articles, or magazines, etc then you are having a great opportunity to sell your services on Fiverr!

Just create a proofreading gig and start selling. You can create multiple Fiverr gigs for offering proofreading services:

Sub Services

  • French Proofreading
  • Proofreading book
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Proofreading Chinese
  • Proofread essay
  • Proofreading German

Logo Design

Logo design or graphic design is also a good service to sell on Fiverr. Logo/graphic designers are gaining the attention of buyers nowadays. On Fiverr, you can offer multiple services.

Sub Services

  • Minimalist logo design
  • YouTube logo design
  • T-shirt logo design
  • Professional logo design
  • Mug logo design
  • 3d logo design
  • Custom 3d logo
  • 3d business logo
  • Digital marketing logo designer

Video Editing

If you’re a digital network member, you’ve probably seen that videos now make up about 80% of all information. Because of the high interest in videos, several possibilities for proficient video editing & filmmakers have arisen. You can make a lot of revenue on Fiverr simply by offering video production services if you have the necessary equipment and abilities.

As you start your Fiverr film editing profession, ensure you select a category to specialize in, like video marketing, entertainment clips, or films. Because the battle in this market is intense, the more you concentrate on your target, the more likely you are to draw additional customers.

Sub Services

  • Music Video Editing
  • YouTube video editing
  • Travel video editing
  • Funny video editing
  • Minecraft video editing

Virtual Assistant

Most company managers struggle to manage their schedules while juggling multiple duties. On Fiverr, you’ll encounter many businesses and people seeking virtual personal assistants to assist them to accomplish business goals & targets.

As a virtual assistant, the things that you will accomplish will differ from organization to organization yet they all concentrate around overseeing a firm’s operations.

You can also work as a voice assistant on Fiverr if you are proficient at managing time and also have strong interaction abilities. It’s also possible to do it as a side hustle.

Being a good virtual assistant on the platform of Fiverr, I recommend getting some instruction first so you understand the terminology, how tasks are completed, & how you are supposed to perform.

Sub Services

  • Virtual assistance Amazon
  • Virtual assistance on ebay
  • Virtual assistance social media
  • Virtual assistance Shopify
  • Daraz virtual assistance

Nutrition, Fitness & Health Expert

Clients are now engaging dietitians and health professionals to create personalized healthy meals and exercises via the internet. It reduces clients the trouble of setting a consultation and afterward physically meeting the subject.

If you operate in the fitness and health industry, you can build many Fiverr proposals centered on your skills and serve others from the convenience of your residence.

Because the fitness and health category on Fiverr has a lot of competitors, you’ll need to filter it considerably. It will make it easier for clients to contact you & make purchases on your gig.

Sub Services

  • Nutritionist
  • Nutrition plan
  • Health and fitness
  • Fitness model

Web Designing

Web design Fiverr gig is also a profitable gig.  If you are good in designing websites you can create multiple gigs on Fiverr. Here are some examples:

Sub Services

  • Web design WordPress
  • Web design HTML CSS
  • WordPress site web design
  • Elementor website design
  • Website UI UX design
  • Web designing


Copywriting is a well-paying job. You can compose blog articles & website home pages as a copywriter, or you can edit publications as a copy editor. On Fiverr, a copywriting job might cost up to $5,000.

Sub Services

  • Sales page copywriting
  • Social media page copywriting
  • Copywriter website
  • Copywriting email
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Unique logo with copywriting

Data Entry

Almost anyone on Fiverr can perform this task. Data entry is an excellent way to generate income if you’ve got a few free moments daytime.

On Fiverr, thousands are providing entering data services. Because of the high level of competitiveness, it may require considerable days to have your 1st order.

Sub Services

  • Data entry typing
  • Data entry typing work
  • Excel data entry

Product Descriptions

In general, content writing covers a wide range of niches. Individuals don’t need to be a specialist in all types of content writing to make money on Fiverr as a freelancer.

Composing product descriptions, for instance, needs a broad vocabulary, innovative abilities, as well as a particular style depending on the type of organization.

On Fiverr, a service and product descriptive writing is in high favor. Join Fiverr & begin offering your product description writing skills if you believe you do whatever it requires.

Sub Services

  • Etsy production description
  • Shopify production description
  • Product description writer

Final Words

So this was all about selling freelance services on Fiverr. Fiverr gives opportunities to sell gigs anytime and anywhere.

It’s good for both buyers and sellers because sellers can show their talent through their gigs and buyers can get the most perfect sellers on Fiverr.

Keeping in mind the above information about Fiverr you can sell your services easily.

However, if you have a new gig then getting the first order on Fiverr will take a bit of time.

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