Social sales rep is a legit company offering a service to help people make money online. You can get paid to do things you already enjoy. You can earn money by posting videos, writing articles, taking surveys, playing games, etc.

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How Does It Work?

The Social Sale Rep website is a website that provides you with the training you need to make money online. On top of that, it also connects product vendors with what it calls “social sales representatives” who can promote the products for the vendor.

Well, that’s how they do it anyway… claim. I’ll be honest though, some of the things you’re told through the Social Sale Representative website are pretty misleading .

 It is unlikely that you’ll make anywhere near as much as they say you will with this program. The truth is, you probably won’t actually earn anything at all.

The Social Sale Rep makes it seem like you can easily earn $100+ per day by following their simple steps. However, there is no real evidence that this method works. Their viral multiplier technology is really just a gimmick.

Yes, you can make money promoting products on social media. But it takes a lot of effort. The Social Sale Rep website provides you with some training, but it doesn’t consist of a lot of hard work. You’re led to think that this is easy when it isn’t.


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