Transfer Wise was created to make sending money overseas easier, quicker and more affordable. Wise created its own payment network in order to eliminate inefficiencies and high costs associated with sending international payments.

There are no hidden fees or bundling. All costs that you will incur before funding your Wise payment are clearly displayed. The Wise multi currency account is also available for individuals who need to exchange, receive or hold currencies frequently.

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Is Transferwise Safe?

Yes. TransferWise has been used by more than 8,000,000 customers since 2011. Every month, more than $5 billion of our customers trust us with their money. We do everything we can to ensure that all of our customers’ money is safe.

How we keep your money safe

These agencies exist to protect you. They also ensure that we act honestly and fairly. We also have bank-level data security. We won’t sell your data. They are trained regularly and constantly review our processes.

We are at the forefront of financial security because of their hard work. You can be sure your money is safe. Use smart transfer options and methods

Wise has a few options for you to transfer your money.

Here are the limits and options available:

Delivery Options

Only bank account. Cash pickup locations are available at other providers that allow money to be sent to people who don’t own bank accounts.

Sending channels

Through Wise’s mobile app and website.

Payment Method

Bank account (ACH SWIFT, wire transfer or wire transfer), debit and credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Transfer Limits

The minimums can vary depending on the destination, but they can be as low as $1 for some countries. Maximums for Americans are $15,000 per Day using ACH and $1.6 Million per International Transfer when funded by a bank wire transfer.

Rates for Money Transfer

There are three rates that will determine the cost of your money transfer and how much money you will get back to your recipient.

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Midmarket Rate

The interbank rate, also known as the midmarket rate or interbank currency rate, is an exchange rate used by big banks to swap currencies.

Exchange Rate Markup

When pricing your transfer, most providers will use an exchange rate markup. To make a profit on the transfer, they give customers an exchange rate equal to the midmarket rate.

Exchange Rate

An exchange rate refers to the value of one currency relative to another. If you want to convert U.S. Dollars to Euros, you will need to find out how much one U.S. Dollar is worth in euros.

Delivery in minutesOnly a bank account can receive money.
Low feesBank transfer delivery times are slower than with other providers
There are no rate markupsU.S. phone service is not available.

Wise: The Key Points

  • 12 million customers sending more than $8 billion per month and saving approximately $4 million per month over using regular banks
  • Customers can apply for a Wise International Debit Card to withdraw and spend in over 200 countries.
  • Send money to over 80 countries with fast delivery times and market-leading rates
  • You can hold and spend 54 foreign currencies in your Wise multicurrency account. This account is available to individuals and businesses.
  • You can receive payments in 10 currencies like a local with your US routing number, UK account numbers, euro IBAN, and more

The Key Features

  • Modern approach to international money movement – Wise uses its own payment network, instead of the obsolete SWIFT network preferred by banks
  • Transparent pricing: There are no markups to the mid-market exchange rates and all costs are clearly displayed before you confirm any transaction
  • Send money overseas or open a multicurrency account to exchange and hold 50+ currencies

TransferWise Alternatives

There are many TransferWise options on the market. These markets are highly competitive for overseas remittance. This is good news for both individuals and businesses who need to send money internationally online.

The best options for TransferWise depend on where you live and how much you want to transfer. Below are four of the most popular.


OFX is the best option for residents of the USA. OFX was established in 1998. It was known as OzForex from 1998 to 2015. The Transferwise alternative, listed on the Australian ASX stock exchange, has offices in Sydney and San Francisco, Toronto as well as London and Hong Kong.

TransferWise is more expensive than OFX if you are looking to transfer large sums of money. You can negotiate a better rate and talk to an account manager about risk management tools that might be beneficial to you depending on your future transfers.

TransferWise is an online only company. This means that you cannot negotiate large money transfers or have access to currency risk management tools. When new customers sign up through iCompareFX, OFX charges a 0.4% margin fee in addition to the real exchange rate.


WorldRemit was founded in 2010. WorldRemit, a competitor to TransferWise, has its headquarters in the UK and offices in Australia, New Zealand (the U.S.), Canada, Japan, and the U.S. Since its inception, the company has processed more than a million transfers and transferred funds to more than 125 countries.


XE, a Canada-based TransferWise Alternative that also has offices in the U.S.A and UK, is XE. It was established in 1993 and merged in 2019 with HiFX, a UK-based exchange. XE offers personal transfers without fees. No fees are charged to business clients. The XE website can be accessed in several languages.


WorldFirst offers an alternative account to the TransferWise borderless account. The WorldFirst World account offers more details about currency local bank accounts than WorldFirst. It is unique in that it provides a CNH receiving account to Online Sellers, giving them access to the Chinese market.

Since 2004, WorldFirst has been providing international fund transfer services. It started as a small business in Stockwell (South London) and has continued to operate since. It has grown to be a top-rated alternative to TransferWise over the years. This company reached the PS5 Billion mark in transactions in 2011.

How much can I save with Wise?

International payments are almost always cheaper using specialist services than using a regular bank. However, it will depend on which provider you choose, what currencies they use and where you are sending the money.

Wise’s exchange rates are usually what determine the difference in costs between Wise and other providers. Wise provides the mid-market rate every time. Other providers charge a percentage markup. This means that Wise can offer greater savings for customers who send more money.

What is the average time Wise money transfers take?

Wise transfers can be made quickly. Wise transfers are often faster than banks. 40% of Wise’s international transfers can be done instantly (in less than 20 seconds) and 80% within 24 hours.

Some routes may take slightly longer to reach your destination if you make your transfer in rush hours or if you have a holiday in the country where you are sending money.

How to Get a Wise Card

If you have a borderless bank account, you can apply for a Wise card to the MasterCard network.

Wise Customer Support

Wise customer service can be reached via email, phone or live chat. Live chat is available 24 hours a day and can help you with any issue.

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Why is Wise better than a Bank?

Wise is not a replacement for banks, but they do excel at money transfers, multi-currency accounts, and prepaid debit card transactions, solving many of the problems that international businesses and individuals face.

What do Wise Customers Think (Including Negative Reviews).

You will find that the majority of wise reviews, regardless of which review site you visit, are extremely complimentary.

We have used them for years and are confident that their high score is real. We analyzed hundreds of reviews to help you learn. Negative reviews account for approximately 5% of all customer reviews. It is important that you keep this in mind.

Why is Wise so Cheap?

Wise can often be cheaper than banks, and depending on a few other factors, many of its peers. This is because Wise has a track record in passing on savings through efficiency and partnerships.

Can I use Wise without a card?

To get the Wise card, you will need to order a physical one. You don’t have to wait for your physical card before you can start spending on your Wise virtual card.

Can Transferwise offer a refund?

Wise will send the money out, and unfortunately we cannot refund it. If the details of the recipient are incorrect, Wise will normally reject the money and send it back to them.

Is Wise Like PayPal?

Wise allows you to pay or receive money through a bank transfer at a lower cost. Businesses have the option to use both. You can use PayPal to send money to customers who pay by credit card, and Wise for all other transactions.

TransferWise: Will my bank charge me?

Your bank won’t charge you any extra international transfer fees. TransferWise will send your money locally. Local people, just like you, send money in the opposite direction and fund your transfer to your recipient.

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Can I Use Wise As A Bank Account?

Wise, formerly TransferWise, is a digital bank that was established in 2011. It began by offering international bank transfers at low exchange rates. It now offers modern banking options with its multi-currency account.

What is the maximum amount that I can transfer to TransferWise

Transfers to a personal account are 50,000 USD and those to a business account are 250,000 USD. A personal account can be transferred for 250,000 USD per year, while a business account can transfer for 1,000,000 USD per year. 10,000 USD per day using bank debit (ACH)

Are Banks Required to Use Wise

You can sign up for a Wise card if you have an account with Wise. This debit card can be used in many countries but not all. There is a $9 USD one-time charge for the card. You can withdraw up to $100 from an ATM each month for free.

Which bank uses transferwise use?

Our first US partners are Novo and Stanford Federal Credit Union. Both Novo and Stanford FCU have integrated with TransferWise to make it possible for them to offer the TransferWise experience and price through their apps and websites.

Can I deposit cash into my TransferWise account?

Cash payments are not accepted. This includes cash payments made in cash at the bank branches or using third-party providers such as payment agencies.


Wise is a great way to send money from one country into another. It not only has the lowest prices but also transfers money quickly and securely. It can transfer money quickly and takes between a few hours and two business days to complete.

Business owners can use borderless accounts to send money to other countries and make currency transfers. Wise makes transactions easy, simple, and quick, with lower fees.

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